What Are Some Reputable Legit Online Gambling Websites That Have Penny Slots

What are some good, preferably free, Massively ONLINE Multiplayer merchant/trade-oriented games for PC?

You should try a game called Entropia Universe. That game is 100% trade/property. It's unlike any game I've ever played... Honestly, it's not really even a game. It's a whole world. You can buy land, even. Charge people to hunt on it (Though land is very expensive, only a very few has it). There are thousands of clothing designs that you can acquire. You can specialize in tailoring, cosmetics, hunting (using guns or a myriad of melee weaponry to kill monsters for loot-- Extremely luck-oriented, as is in real life. Not everything drops something of value and you rarely even break even on ammo and repairs).
The most intriguing part of this game is that the ingame economy is directly correlated with the real world economy. $1USD = 10 PED. You can make deposits of real world cash for ingame PEDs, and vice versa. If you strike it rich ingame, you can withdraw PEDs into US Dollars.
The game itself is free to download and free to play, but without some kind of starting money (an initial deposit), your choices of activities are rather limited.


This is as close as you will get to a purely merchant/trade oriented game. Combat DOES exist in Entropia Universe, but it really takes a back seat from what I've seen.

Is lottoland . com a safe website?

The site is legit, but you should know how to look this up.

Obviously the point of your question was to "slam" the site. And that is OK, and nobody is faulting you for it.

However, the only person you "slammed" was yourself. You just told all the Y!A users that you you are part of the small segment of the population that does not have basic internet skills.

Here is a clue: http://www.scamadviser.com/check-website...

No i do not see the point behind the site either. I think they just want you to use thier service so you will see the ads.

Do penny-auction sites like QuiBids really work, and what is the catch associated with it and comparable sites?

I've been using Quibids for a few months now and really enjoy it.  At first, it seemed like gambling until I realized that Quibids is essentially a shopping site.  So long as I bid only on items for which I am willing to pay full price, there's no risk of losing money.When I enter an auction, each bid costs 60-cents.  As the auction progresses, the site clearly displays how much money I've spent in bids.   If / when I reach a point where I've spent as much on bids as the item is worth, I click on "Buy It" and purchase the item at full price less the amount I spent on bids.  Often (for less expensive items) and occasionally (for more expensive items), I win the auction and wind up spending far less than full price.In Evgeny Pogorelov's example the $2000 laptop sold for $75 -- there were 7,500 bids placed.  There would have been dozens of people bidding.  Some bid two or three times, hoping to get lucky; some bid a hundred times (spending $60 in hopes of winning the auction).  A few probably bid a thousand times ($600 in bids). But all the folks who came up short and were out-lasted by other, later bidders, could apply the money spent on bids towards the purchase of the laptop.  In the case of the bidder who spent $600 in bids, they could purchase the laptop for $1400 dollars.Having watched a hundred or more auctions, I'm very confident in saying that no one spends more on bids than the item is worth.  (And if they do, they shouldn't be using the internet in the first place!)  Folks will lose money if they bid, lose and walk away without buying the item -- but that's their choice, I guess.  Unlike slot machines, Quibids gives each participant the chance to get back the money they've spent towards winning the prize.I keep detailed records of my purchases (bids, items, shipping costs, etc.) and thus far I've managed to save $200 on $1000 worth of merchandise.The risk of using Quidbids, as I see it, is that the auction process itself is so engrossing, I must resist the urge to bid on things I'm not willing to purchase for full price, or to purchase things I don't really need.

Why do I always lose money at the casino? I feel like it's rigged.

It is rigged of course. In the most obvious and open way possible. There is no secret about it. The casino games offer payouts between 2-5% less than your chance of winning.Not enough that people never win and get discouraged. But enough to ensure that over thousands of games that are played each hour, there is a steady stream of winnings in the casino's favour.Take a look around you in the casino. See all that floorspace, all those machines, all the staff, all the facilities. How do you think that is all paid for? Like any business, the casino's revenue comes from its customers - you, the player. The casino's business is entertainment. You gamble and are thus entertained. The cost of that entertainment is the edge the casino has on all the games.