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What Are The Advantages Of Arvs

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ARV treatment?

Are you refering to antiretroviral therapy?
There is a lot of information out there and it should not be too difficult to find.
Start by looking at the side effects of these meds, that should give you the disadvantages.
Advantages should be obvious.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of 1st to 5th generations of computer?

In general, the later the generation, the faster and more compact and less expensive and more reliable are the computers.First Generation, vacuum tubes – tubes consume a lot of electricity and can quickly burn outSecond Generation, transistorsThird Generation, integrated circuitsFourth Generation, VLSI microprocessors – very fast and compact computersFifth Generation, ULSI microprocessors in conjunction with AI and parallel computing – not quite well-exploited yetThere are no disadvantages compared to earlier generations, unless you’re feeling nostalgic.

What are the advantages of using social media in politics?

Politics is all about making deals and communicating to convince so:It is one of the best Bully Pulpits[1] available.It is very timely, as in immediate.It allows the user to communicate to the electorate without the filter (read interference) of media editing and commentary.This is particularly useful in getting your message out and measuring how it is accepted.The demographic information gained is very useful (some might even say beyond priceless)Social Media Data Collection & Network Analysis (Go to slide 6 to start, 1–5 are intro)Social Media & Politics (32 slides; an okay to good slide show)The power of social media was understood before the internet and social media and was the subject of futurists and novels[2].The current POTUS uses it quite extensively and it is proving very effective. So far, for better or worse, he among the most communicative executives the country has had. He is, of course, criticized continually, as is proper. When has a POTUS ever personally used social media to get this message out, even if the message curls your toes?All politicians need skeptical scrutiny, theirs or our’s (whichever), because all government is untrustworthy, and has been for 240+ years. Heck, the government doesn’t trust itself, that’s why there are 3 parts to act as checks and balances and the citizens have unalienable rights.Small town politics on a national scale, all thanks to the internet, how cool is that?Regards[1] Bully pulpit comes from the 26th U.S. President, Theodore Roosevelt, who observed that the White House was a bully pulpit. For Roosevelt, bully was an adjective meaning "excellent" or "first-rate"—not the noun bully ("a blustering, browbeating person") that's so common today.[2] Political use of social media usage was previewed in the Orson Scott Card 1985 novel Ender’s Game when Ender’s older brother (with his sister’s help) begins to take over the world using social media to gain political power (of course that is just a side plot… The book is very good if you haven’t read it).

What are the advantages of vaginal fluid if a man sucks it during sex?

Normal vaginal fluid has clear/transparent to a milky white-ish color. It’s composed of carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP), glucose, fructose, and good bacteria (vaginal flora). That good bacteria has some benefits to human body. They can produce lactic acid to protect against infection by pathogenic species. Those lactic acid also can increase brain metabolism and normalize our blood pressure.As for carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, glucose, and fructose, they are essential nutrients for human body.As for prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP), there some studies that suggested that PAP could have potent pain suppression effects. It has antinociceptive, antihyperalgesic, and antiallodynic effects that last longer than morphine. One dose of PAP lasted for up to three days, much longer than the five hours gained with a single dose of morphine.That is the benefits of normal vaginal fluid if beeing consumed. On the contrary, the abnormal vaginal fluid, could be quite hazardous if beeing consumed. It has “hazard levels” based on their colors, so you better find out what color of her’s first before you suck it.Bottoms up! lol.

What would be the advantages and disadvantages of an electrically powered a light strike vehicle similar to the one below?

Advantages:QuietLower heat signatureDisadvantages:Lower range as relaint on batteriesSlow recharge of battries leading to long downtime compared to just adding fuelGreater cost per unitGreater supply chain issues as a recharging station is required to recharge not just adding fuel from a can.

What are some disadvantages and advantages of government regulations?

Governmental regulations establish uniformity in multiple ways:They set common standards for what levels of chemicals are toxic, making it easier for a company in Los Angeles to produce a produce to be used in New York.They establish uniform measurement systems, so that a metric bolt in Des Moines works with a nut in CanadaThey define the meaning of words and phrases so that engineer, lawyers, doctors, and others across the country can be sure they understand each other.They establish common goals that affect the whole country, such as removing lead from gasoline, thereby dramatically affecting how much of that neurotoxin we have in our blood.The fact that trains can go practically anywhere is a consequence of regulation of the distance between train rails.There are, of course, disadvantages:Each new regulation requires that people learn what they are, what they mean, and how they are enforcedBy standardizing things, companies lose potential produce differentiators.Regulations, as created in the USA, take a great deal of time and public discussion to enact, but it is always possible that they fail to meet their intent. Fortunately, we live in a democracy and have a chance, over a great deal of time and with public discussion, to fix them.Regulations can be used tactically by companies to enshrined as a standard the specific way they do business. For example, if one company makes one-inch widgets and all other companies make two-inch widget, yet the first company gets a regulation that only one-inch widgets must be used, they have given themselves quite a boost in the market place. This would be one reason why regulations take a great deal of time and public discussion to enact.If regulations are, or are viewed as, something unchangeable created in a back room by anonymous, ignorant, and/or underhanded people, you are going to be against them. If they are viewed as something created with good intentions in the light of public view by a mix of people, some of whom are experts and some of whom are ignorant and/or underhanded, but which can be fixed, you will have a more accurate view of the process. It is not perfect, but as a citizen in a democratic society, you have the option to participate in it. So, good or bad, it’s on the shoulders of all of us.

Can I buy a house without a real estate agent?

It is not "totally" free unless my real estate agent pulled a fast one on my husband and I. We were charged $200.00 to be payed at closing for her services. But the bulk of her compensation comes from the seller. Also, it is definitely worth it when it comes to negotiating contracts and putting in offers.

Is it not the norm to have to pay this $200.00 fee? Our agent works for ReMax is she trying to get over on us? She said that it would cover fees for gas etc.

Buying house - how can I get around a snippy real estate agent?


I'm really interested in foreclosures right now and this property is in a prime location and listed on the website for right smack in the middle of my price range...

However when I attempted to contact the real estate agent she was rather prude and really didn't want to tell me any information regarding the house. I set up an appointment to come and see if but 15 minutes before the appointment (she lives 45 minutes away...) she called to tell me it was simply out of my price range...

She says the house is listed on HER website for 129k

But it is listed on the companies website for less than half that...

Just wondering if there would be a way to get around her such as contacting the real estate company or the bank. any suggestions?

It almost seems like she is trying to hold on to the property or just get more cash for herself.

thanks in advance for the input!