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What Are The Advantages Of Realism

What are the disadvantages of a realistic person?

Reality,Realism has disadvantages ,People should learn and understand when to be real,creative, conscious and unconscious.Too much of everything is bad,same goes with reality.Potential disadvantages if reality/ realism is too much in life includes,1) Lack of focus on the impact of internal issues (e.g. unconscious conflicts, unresolved trauma) on a person’s current choices and behaviors. Addressing these issues,A realist may have trouble making desired changes and continue to struggle with some of the issues that brought them to reality in the first place .2) Emotions, feelings, and internal states are given little focus in reality other than being a consequence of ineffective or unhealthy choices. This can make reality a poor choice for those who want to focus on these. It can also be detrimental to oneself.3) Since there are things (e.g. the things mentioned just above) that do impact a person’s choices, thought processes, and behaviors in life that are not fully within his or her control, placing the onus of responsibility on the realist is potentiallya) unrealistic andb) counterproductive.Hence there is a possibility that,A realistic person may feel blamed for things over which they truly have limited to no control until they are adequately addressed and a realist may feel frustrated, resentful, and hopeless as a result.4)Along the same lines, regarding problems as merely a consequence of choices a realistic individual have made may instill a sense of failure and create or deepen self-esteem issues.5) Issues often stem from childhood events, past trauma, toxic past relationships, and other issues from the past rather than the present. Reality focus on the present, as well as the tendency to discourage discussion of underlying problems or complaints At the very least, its effectiveness will be minimal.6) Reality attributes problems to the consequence of choices, while appropriate in some situations,isn’t appropriate across the board.Many problems are due to a combination of factors, with choices being, at best, only one of them,may do a disservice to individuals with complex issues.

What are the advantages of pragmatism?

The comparison is always made between idealism and realism. Pragmatism is completely different.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being realistic and logical in types of situations?

When you be logical in all casesLet's say for example, when you’re friend or some relative cracks a joke.Being logical would't make you laughYou will think too logically, you will understand the joke but find no reason to laugh.But it has a great advantage,While writing exams, tests or teaching,You do it all with Perfection!You see a reason for why intelligent people have less friends but more money!Hope that's what you wantedP.S. Suggestions for edits can be done freely;)

What are the advantages of realism, idealism, and pragmatism?

Realism, as opposed to idealism, is the view that things exist independently of our perceiving or thinking of them. Suppose all humans suddenly disappear from the universe, for realism, this would not have changed anything non-human, for everything would continue to exist as before. The view that opposes this is idealism, which holds that if there were no humans, then there would be no things either because things depend for their being on their being perceived or thought of by us. It looks like a weird view, but if you look at the arguments behind idealism some are very hard to dismantle.Pragmatism, on the contrary, holds that questions such as whether things exist independently of us or not can only be answered by referring to what is expedient or what contributes best to the goals that we have. So in itself pragmatism does not say whether things do exist independently of us or not, but it says that things only do exist depending on whether they contribute to our goals or not. In other words, suppose that our goal is to survive by engaging with the outside world, pragmatism would say that in this case things exist because they are useful for us. On the contrary, if some things have no connect with us at all, then they in effect do not exist for us. This is just about another way of saying that they simply do not exist according to pragmatism.So what are the advantages of these views. Realism, on the one hand, is good in the sense that it gives us the certainly and perhaps the comfort that things will continue to exist whether we do or not. It provides us with metaphysical certainly, in other words. On the other hand, idealism is good if your focus is epistemological. Since things exist because of us, we are certain that they do exist because they are directly being perceived, or being thought of, or capable of being perceived or thought of, by us. This is a big advantage of idealism. Pragmatism has its own advantage because it ties its view with our goals and preferences. So things exist or do not exist simply by virtue of the face that they are connected with us and serve our purpose or not.

What are the advantages of Stylised drama?

Stylised drama is a very broad term associated with a number of non-naturalistic theatre practices including the work of Bertolt Brecht, Augusto Boal and Antonin Artaud.

But given your comment on conveying emotion physically I assume you're speaking more about Physical Theatre perhaps something akin to the work of Rudolph Laban?

In which case one of my favourite aspects of that particular genre is how it trancends language to communicate genuine, primal emotion in a way that can be understood by anyone regardless of their native tongue. In a sense you could call it universal communication.

But in general one of the most valuable aspects of all "stylised" theatre lies in the fact that for the most part it isn't realistic. In a world where we can see realism all day, every day in movies and TV from the comfort of our sofas, Stanislavskian "Realism" has become somewhat redundant in theatre. We need to give an audience something different if we are to lure them back into theatres.

What are the advantages of illusion and realism? Disadvantages ?

ILLUSION- not real. Advantages: in illusion you make reality or what you want it to be-good or bad; its an excuse to not facing reality.
Disadvantages: your mind can be fooled into believing illusion is reality whent it is not. Illusion is fake.
REALISM- real. Advantages: you see the black and white of a situation and its is easier to work with reality in moving toward a more correct answer that is real.
Disadvantages: It may be scary and bring about fear; you can't walk away from truth.

GENIUS IDEA - disadvantages and advantages (dream catcher with playbacks your dream)?

Advantages would have to include.. it must be a source of great entertainment because (I'm assuming) it would catch ALL of your dreams, not just the ones you remember. It would be a great help if you're finding ideas to write a story, since a lot of authors say that they get inspiration from dreams. Also you wouldn't have to keep a dream journal since you could just play them back.. less work.

Disadvantages would include... well, again, I'm assuming it would play back nightmares as well and that's never pleasant.

Hm.. interesting question *star*

Give one advantages of a joystick?

Allows easy and realistic movement for gaming.