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What Are The Bad Long Term Effects Of Weed

What are the bad effects of smoking weed?

Its actually good for you.

In California they give it to cancer patients to help with there pain when their going thru kemo therapy. Its only bad for you if you don't filter out the nicotine (the stuff in cigarettes).

if you use a water bong it will filter out all the bad chemicals and you will still get high. you cannot die from it and scientist prove that it does not kill brain cells.

its okay to smoke it every once in a while but not everyday because it well mess up your face and skin and when you laugh you will sound like your wheezing but that's only if you smoke it EVERYDAY.

i smoke weed. im 15 and in the 9th grade, i make straight A's, im on the volleyball team, i have tons of friends, i don't sit at home all the time and get high only every once in a while. and i only smoke small amounts. its not that bad :)


What are the long term effects of smoking weed everyday?

Studies have shown that marijuana has a detrimental affect on the lungs.  In one woman we know, asthma developed.  She quit after being told by her doctor that weed is more toxic to the lungs than tobacco. Her lungs have improved after two years of abstention, although they are not completely well yet.       As to the brain, the smoker's age has a lot to do with the long term effects on the brain.  A study showed that people in their teens who smoked weed and then quit in early adulthood have no permanent impairment of memory, although staying buzzed during those teen formative years left them years behind their peers in emotional maturity.  Once they quit, they began to gain emotional maturity over time.  In contrast, adults who smoked for a few years suffered no permanent loss of emotional maturity but did suffer real impairment to the memory.    The other effects that are obvious to most people (except the smoker himself) is the socio/economic downturn in a medium to heavy marijuana smoker.  This can be improved by quitting the drug, but it may have taken a toll that can have long term effects on family and career.

Can you overdose on Horny Goat Weed & bad long term effects?

Horny Goat Weed pills are made up of all natural ingredients, so there are no nasty side effects. You cant become dependant because none of the ingredients are addictive, and if you decide to stop taking them your functions will just go back to how they were before you started taking it.

Short term effects of weed?

It has what you are looking for, a more comprehensive list than anyone, me included, could give you from memory of a personal experience.

mood lift, euphoria
relaxation, stress reduction
creative, philosophical or deep thinking : ideas flow more easily
increased appreciation of music. More aware of, deeper connection to music.
increased awareness of senses. (eating, drinking, smell)
change in experience of muscle fatigue. Pleasant body feel. Increase in body/mind connection.
pain relief (headaches, cramps)
reduced nausea, increased appetite (used medically for this)
boring tasks or entertainment can become more interesting or funny

general change in consciousness (as with many psychoactives)
increased appetite, snacky-ness
slowness (slow driving, talking)
change in vision such as sharpened colors or lights
closed-eye visuals (somewhat uncommon)
tiredness, sleepiness, lethargy
stimulation, inability to sleep (less common)
blood shot eyes (more common with certain varieties of cannabis and inexperienced users)
mouth dryness, sticky-mouth (varies with strain)
interrupts linear memory. Difficulty following a train of thought.
cheek, jaw, facial tension / numbness (less commonly reported)
racing thoughts (especially at high doses)
increased emotional impact of music
Time sense altered: cars seem like they are moving too fast, time dilation and compression are common at higher doses

nausea, especially in combination with alcohol, some pharmaceuticals, or other psychoactives
coughing, asthma, upper respiratory problems
difficulty with short term memory during effects and during periods of frequent use (Ranganathan M, D'Souza DC, Psychopharmacology, 2006)
racing heart, agitation, feeling tense
mild to severe anxiety
panic attacks in sensitive users or with very high doses (oral use increases risk of getting too much)
dizziness, confusion
lightheadedness or fainting (in cases of lowered blood pressure)
paranoid & anxious thoughts more frequent
possible psychological dependence on cannabis
clumsiness, loss of coordination at high doses
can precipitate or exacerbate latent or existing mental disorders

What are the side effects of smoking weed long term?

Don't listen to the other guys, here are some actual scientific facts:

Besides the effects of THC, (Which doesn't do any harm at all) you'll have the effects of the tobacco in the blunt wrap, and the lung-damage that comes with smoking. If you're concerned about your health, buy a vaporizer. they remove all of the bad effects of smoking. They are expensive, but worth it. Or just start baking brownies.

Long Term Effects of Marijuana?

I would like to know most known effects and in depth details such as

If the effect will go away
Severity of the effect
How long you have to be doing marijuana to see the effect