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What Are The Benefits Of Never Having A Job

Can you apply for unemployment benefits if you never had a job?

Since this is tagged for Texas, I will answer that in Texas, no you cannot receive unemployment benefits unless you A) have prior employment in the state  B) were separated from employment for a reason that qualifies you to receive benefits and C) meet ongoing eligibility requirements.A) Since you never had a job you don't qualify under the first conditionB) Qualifying work separation includeslayoff reduction in hours or wages not related to misconductbeing fired for reasons other than misconduct, or quitting with good cause related to workC)Ongoing eligibility includes:Meet all work search requirements, unless we exempt you from work searchRequest payment for weeks of unemployment, when scheduledBe physically and mentally able to workBe available for full-time workParticipate in reemployment activities as requiredRespond to requests from TWC or a Workforce Solutions office as instructed

What are the benefits of having a military career?

you get to shoot people in the face - woohoooo

Also: Asymmetric warfare - but that depends on which side your on.

Also: You could be fighting for the evil empire - but that's subjective!

What are the benefits of having your own startup?

Few things are harder than being a CEO, once you have something. It’s so hard, it weighs on you all the time.But the benefits are also unique.My list:Always being engaged. This is a subtle but huge benefit of having your own startup. Yes, it will consume your thoughts. Not entirely at the beginning, but later almost 24x7365. But the flip side is you’ll never be bored when work is involved, and more importantly, you’ll never have the ennui of being in a meaningless job. You will always be engaged. Your mind will always be working, processesing, and innovating.Not having to work for a bad boss (but pick your VCs wisely). Another benefit I didn’t get at first, but not having to work for a bad boss is wonderfully liberating. But remember, your board and VCs are legally your bosses on many levels. So pick wisely, if you have choices here.Getting to pick who you work with. This is the best part. Recruiting is tough, tiring, and never ending. But the benefit is you get to pick who you work with. You never get this if you join an established company.The best memories. As the years go on, you’ll look back at your start-up struggles with your colleagues and see those as some of the best memories of your life. And the folks that really made it happen, you’ll be bonded to for years and maybe life.Ages you, but keeps you young. Yes, startups take their toll on you. But they are also a constant education. You are always learning, and this keeps you fresh and alive.Building something enduring. This is hard to pull off, but if you take it far enough, you can build something that at least last decades. Nothing will truly last forever. But it’s special to be part of something that endures for a decade or longer.Relevance. Another subtle but important benefit. Once you have customers, you are relevant. If not to TechCrunch at first, at least to your 10, 15, 100 customers. To your team. To your ecosystem. They care. A lot. This is a wonderful thing, to matter. Sell your company, no matter for how much, and you may find that in even 90 days, you’re no longer relevant.Some meta-thoughts.

What does full benefits mean when starting a new job?

I am sure HR will enlighten you if you enquire.

I'm 18 and I have never had a job before. Am I lazy?

Before I get a bunch of comments saying that I am a spoiled piece of SH**, let me tell you that I am not spoiled. I help out with everything around the house, mow the lawn, laundry, dishes, cook, etc. I don't go out shopping and whatnot everyday. In fact, I never do anything that costs money when I'm with my friends, becuase I don't have it. RIght now its summer and i'm going to school full time. I'm taking 12 hours, so i'm pretty busy. A lot of people look at me weird when I tell them I don't work. But the reason I don't work is because I want to do well in school since education is very important to me. I started taking classes at my community college my junior year of high school and should be done with my general education classes by my december. Sure I could work and get a job, but I would rather not get C's and D's just to make money. While all my friends are working this summer, I am taking classes instead. I just feel like everyone thinks i'm lazy and spoiled since I don't work. I know for a fact none of my other friends are taking classes, they are just purely working. So what do you think?

What are the benefits of being a breathtakingly beautiful girl?

Admiration, attention from others, being generally well-received by others, not having trouble finding a partner or seducing someone one`s in love, having more doors open when looking for a job...

For me, the worst disadvantage of being beautiful is not having a steady ground when you loose your beauty. My grandmother was a gorgeous women, and she based all of her self-esteem on her looks. Now her looks are gone, and I often notice how lost she is sometimes.

What are the benefits of never drinking a single drop of alcohol?

I've never had a sip of alcohol. I have always been the designated driver for my friends. I got to see how foolishly drunk people act under the influence of alcohol.  Since I was a leader among my peers, I could not put myself in a position where my judgment would be that compromised and people would make fun of me.  Therefore alcohol never interested me.  What are the benefits of not drinking alcohol? I do not depend on alcohol when I am sad or depressed.  Instead I jog,  watch something funny or spend quality time with loved ones. I have a healthy liver.  I know I will not die of liver cirrhosis. Steve Jobs died of Liver Cancer. Liver is the most vital organ of your body which ensures proper digestion.  It filters all the harmful toxins.  By adding alcohol, you are only making its job harder to do.  I will not ever get the DUI ticket and spend the night in the jail.  The record of DUI stays 7 years in your criminal record.  You will lose your license. You will not be allowed to drive.  You will not be able to work if your employers run a criminal background check on you.  Employers perceive DUI as a sign of being irresponsible. I go through background check at least 2 times a year even after my record is clean. My record has to be clean.  I don't get into a friend's car and vomit.  One of my friend's vomited once in my car which made me want to vomit too. I spent the next early morning at a car wash and spent lot of money on detailed cleaning. She did not pay for it. She does not even remember. She does not know this was the reason I never gave her a ride again.  People come to my dinners and have quality conversation because I do not serve alcohol. My relationships with others are better because I do not meet for happy hours but for a good lunch, coffee or dinner.  I do not drunk dial friends and spill secrets. I have learned so many secrets from these drunk calls.  Some still don't know I know.

Can you receive unemployment if you haven't had a job in a few years?

I would say no, and here’s why. In most states, you need to have been laid off or terminated without cause (as opposed to being fired or quitting) in order to be eligible for unemployment benefits. If you quit due to an unsafe job environment or long-term harassment, you can often appeal an unemployment benefits denial (I have a friend who did this). But again, the ability to obtain benefits, the amount of those benefits, and the time you have to file for them, will vary from state to state.Also, remember that unemployment benefits are fully taxable. They don’t withhold any taxes from unemployment checks, so be prepared to face a pretty stiff tax bill the next year.

Can I get unemployment if I've never had a job before?

So..I've been looking for a job now for like a little over a year..have had a few job interviews..didn't get the jobs..obviously..
so now, I've decided to file for unemployment.
Who knows how this works in California?
I'm 19 and have never had a job before..can I file unemployment and actually get it?
What if I decide I want to go to some trade school or something..can I still recieve unemployment?
Because I know in order to get it have to be actively looking for a job. But can I recieve it while doing a few month trade that will help me get a job??