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What Are The Best Ways To Tell Your Parents You Have A Boyfriend That Has A Child

How to tell my parents that my boyfriend has a child?

i just wouldnt. you guys might not even be serious so...i just wouldnt tell them

What is the best way to tell my parents about my boyfriend?

Edit: this was written as a one to one advice for an Indian situation. This may seem a little odd in a western context as the questions have been merged.I was in a similar situation before we got married.When my parents told me that they were planning to start searching for a groom, I decided to let them know about my boyfriend. I was 25 then and had just started my first job. So, just as I was starting for Bangalore, I told my mom. I asked her if they would be OK with me marrying him. My​ parents knew that we were close friends but this came out of blue. She was shocked but I escaped the sudden explosion.Ofcourse they didn't agree. They emotionally blackmailed me to even meet a few guys. And some were extremely good too. But who doesn't have a flaw? I would exaggerate the tiny negative and say no. Lots of guys said no to me too. But I still feel guilty for their ​wasted time. And wasted snacks and tea! My​ parents put in so much effort for something useless.Then one day, my dad relented. I suspect he found a love note from him and realised that my guy is very caring. I don't know. I never asked my dad.It's another saga about his family. Anyways we got married with my parents’ blessings and his parents'​ reluctant blessing.Now, my​ mom calls my husband if she needs something done. She says he teaches her recipes! It's a lie. I searched online​ and found it for her. She says he knows better than me and says he is her son and I am acting like a daughter in law (that too, mega serial kind)!Only thing I still regret is wasting people's time and effort for a groom when I already knew whom I would marry.Please ask your boyfriend to find a job and inform your parents. Then if he needs he can always try for government job after marriage as long as you can support him with your salary. And plan for a family only after few years.Otherwise, do talk to your parents and request to give you 2 years time before they start searching for a groom. They deserve to know your decisions.You know how your parents are, talk to them the way you know is best!Write a letter.Ask a relative to talk to them.Don't make them look foolish later.

How do I tell my parents that I have a boyfriend?

You: Mom. Dad.Them: ????You: I'm pregnant.Them: What!?!?!??!You: Yes. It's happening. I've met an amazing guy. He's the father. He's a tattoo artist. And he sings in an amazing band. I'm pretty sure the band is gonna make it.Mom: no……You: Yes. I've decided to name the child after him. And I got a tattoo already with his nameDad: Uhh what's his name?You: Satan.……….You: I'm kidding. The only part that’s true is the boyfriend part. Except he's an engineer. You'll love him. No babies till marriage — promise.

How to tell your strict parents you have a boyfriend?

I recently started dating this guy from another high school across town. Hes so nice and I feel like the luckiest girl ever. Every time Im with him we have a great time and I want to be with him for along time. The problem is my extreemly strict parents. They dont let me do anything. Im one of the most responsible kids they could ever have, ive never done anything they havent wanted me to do. I dont get to do what my friends do because of them. My parents dont let me hangout with guys alone, and I dont understand why? Im almost 18? Im scared that if I tell them about my boyfriend they wont allow me to be with him any longer and possibly get mad at me for lying to them or I guess not telling them the truth about whats really going on between him and I. Ive never told my parents about any of the boyfriends Ive had in the past but this time its different, im more serious about him and I want to be able to spend alot of time with him without going behind my parents back and lie about where I am, when im really with him. I need help!!! I dont know what I should do about this, with strict parents?!! Please help me!!

Telling my christian parents about my boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 6months now. He is a junior and I'm a sophomore. Before we started dating we were best friends for a long time. And he already consider me as his future wife. And honestly I can see it:) yes were really young and we agreed marriage after 24.
My parents have been Christian lOnger than I've been born. My parents got pregnant after 5 months of being together and now have been married for 16 years,berly.

I have a younger sister who is in 8th grade and is dating a guy in my class. She has my parents permission but is strictly under watch around him. So they have no privacy. Of course it is because she is 13 and he 16.

Well my sister has always been dating" kids and my parents always found out and made her break up with them. Of course there first question was "is he Christian"
Ive always been that daughter that never told them about my boyfriend. I never told them for two main reasons; A) they thought I was all goody, B) I've never been this serious about a relationship before.

Now that I know I'm sure about this relationship I want to tell my parents. And my boyfriend said he wants to do it all formally by coming to our house and asking for permission. Of course I have to give my parents the heads up first.

Any tips on how to let them know? They know he's my "best friend" which is true but that's all they know. For sure I want to tell my dad first since we are closer than me and my mom. My main concerns are; A) I'm not as Christian as I used to be as a child and they are still upset about that, B) they will decide I'm not allowed to date, or that they may put me on strict view as they have my sister, which is better than them completely disagreeing.

So again any suggestions on letting them know? Anything that may help me? Oh and by the way my boyfriends parent know about us and approve. They are catholic while I'm Christian. Thank you guys for the help and I tried to make this as neat since it's very long :)

How do I tell my parents I have a girlfriend who has a son?

Can you tell them you met a wonderful girl who is perfect for you but that she has a son and you want their input on whether or not to pursue something serious with her? Tell them you would never consider dating her normally, but that she is unusually honest and hard working.  Then, ask mom an dad sensible questions like, "Is it possible she would be interested in me only because she needs help raising her son?  How do I tell for sure she is genuinely interested in me?" You might also ask, "How can I have a normal dating relationship with someone whose son is always around?  What, mom and dad, is reasonable for me to expect from someone who must certainly be run ragged by all her responsibilities of raising a son on her own?" And, "Mom, dad, I don't see any red flags yet about this person, but what would YOU be concerned about?"This is the type of conversation where you have told them you have a girlfriend with a son without focusing on it and you are directing their mind to be engaged immediately with answering questions which sometimes serves to catch people of guard and direct take the easy way out. If they begin answering your questions with hardline statements, like, "You know we don't want you doing that?"  try to deflect by saying, "Yes, you are probably right, but I still would like your input.  Would you mind please slowing down and helping me understand what your experience tells you about this kind of situation?  What are the downsides?  Are there ANY possible upsides?" Then, my young suitor, take some time to consider that they might be right.  My mother married poorly when she was 19 and was saddled with two children by age 21; she met my dad when she was 24 and while they married, there was a man I met by happenstance much later who told me how he was in love with my mom.  He would have been a beautiful mate for her.  Hope this helps, and thanks for the A2A.

Im 17 and pregnant, My boyfriend is 23 and my parents hate him. How do i tell my parents?

My parents dont like him because of the age difference. My dad has already threatened him and me. They dont know we're together at all. My boyfriend has a very good job and will take care of me. I've known him for years and he isnt going anywhere. Abortion is NOT an option. We are keeping our baby and we are raising it together. I live in Arkansas. The baby (so far as i know) is due on my 18th birthday. Which is May 29. I am at the age of consent so he can not get into trouble for statutory rape. If you have anymore questions just ask.

How do I tell me my boyfriend, who has just moved in with me, that he is not qualified to comment on or make demands about the way I parent my 20-year-old son who lives with me? My boyfriend has no children of his own.

Your boyfriend and your son are both adults. If they want to be friends, encourage it. Let them discuss their lives, hope, dreams, whatever. You need not be in the middle of their relationship. Regarding your home--however you wish to run it, it's your home. If those living in it, don't like your rules, they are welcome to leave. Make sure you establish the rules for all concerned, including yourself. No one likes guesswork. Write down the rules and put them on the door to the refrigerator. Leave room for additions. It's a helpful starting place and the rules can be updated as necessary.Try not to judge others, especially the new boyfriend. It's all new to him, too, and he's just figuring out where he fits in. He may have some good suggestions. Encourage positive suggestions from all sides.Working together is much easier than pulling apart. Good luck.