What Are The Major Concerns Of Australia A New Zealand

Move to Canada, Australia, or New Zealand?

As an American, I'm tired of the quality in our country continuously dropping, and I'd like to plan on moving away before the imminent bombshells begin to hit. I was planning on starting to save up now, and then get the visa work done to move to either Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. My main concerns when moving are:

A. Cost of Living
B. Employment
C. View of locals towards American immigrants.
D. Government stability
E. Things to Do

If anyone can give me good explanations on what the places are like, I'd be more than happy. Pros and Cons strongly preferred. Thanks for reading!

Why aren't Australia and New Zealand one country?

Why aren't Australia and New Zealand one country?That used to be a good question. When I moved from Australia to NZ, it seemed to me that it would be a very good idea. The histories of the two countries are very closely interconnected, with many Australians prominent in early NZ history, and in the 1980s relationships across the Tasman were so close that I didn’t bother to get NZ citizenship. NZ would have benefited from the prosperity of the Australian economy, and at the time Australia was a more outward-looking and optimistic country.Since then, the two countries have diverged. Neo-Liberalism hit both, and it went further in NZ, because the Australian unions were better able to resist. But despite that, Australian politics seems to me to have got nastier, and Australia has got somewhat inward-looking and less open to the future. Whereas in NZ Neo-Liberalism has had some good effects—the country now is much more outward looking, and generally gung-ho, and less socially conservative. But because the economy has been so badly managed (chiefly by National politicians, starting with Muldoon), and because NZ has had no resource boom like Australia, living standards have diverged. Union would always have depended, in part, on Australia wanting it, but the treatment of Ardern by Turnbull, who is in many ways an improvement on Abbott, shows that there’s no enthusiasm there.Some answers rightly point to the different treatment of the indigenous peoples of Australia and New Zealand: systematic injustice is certainly better than genocide. But this has not prevented a very large number of Maori from going to live in Australia, where living standards are higher (and, dare one say it, they don’t have to be involved in Maori politics).

Continent is Oceania or Australia?

Australia is the continent, Oceania is the region.

Continents are just very large landmasses. Australia is the only country that is also a continent. Oceania is the larger region that contains Australia, New Zealand and the many island countries of the South Pacific. Australasia is what the Oceania region used to be called about 40 years ago.

Regions can contain continents and islands, but continents are single landmasses. The country of Australia for instance includes the Australian continent, Tasmania (which is an island) and various other islands in the Indian, Pacific and Southern oceans. The Asian continent would be just the mainland. The Asian region would also include Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan etc. for example.

How did New Zealand become a popular destination to film Hollywood movies?

In 1995, the producers of a TV show called Hercules: The Legendary Journeydecided to start filming their series in New Zealand because it provided a lot of different scenery locations and the economy meant the production could be made a lot less expensively (in part due to generous tax breaks provided by the NZ government). The same concerns took shows like The X-files to Canada where it was produced for the first five years and a similar line of thinking led producers to make movies like The Matrix and The Phantom Menace in Australia. It helped establish a thriving film industry in New Zealand with experienced local crew and actors. New Zealand received another good PR boost when Peter Jackson filmed the Lord of the Rings trilogy in his home country and deliberately included extensive visual tributes to New Zealand in the movie. The country looked fantastic and a lot of people sat up and took notice. The massive scale of the Lord of The Rings movies also established a huge home grown movie industry in New Zealand that other producers were able to benefit from.

Australia in a nutshell?

I've become increasingly fascinated by your country and it's culture, so much so that I wouldn't know where to begin in terms of my research. What I would like for you to do is, as the title says, give me 'Straya in a nutshell. What's the political situation like? What are the main concerns/hot topics? Which issues are the most polarizing? Do the indigenous people and the Europeans (for lack of a better word) get along that well? Etc. Etc.
Also Kangaroos. Do you ride them (joking), or are they the deer of the outback?