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What Are The Requirements For The

What are the requirements to be a stripper?

1. Have good looks, and take care of your looks, i.e, makeup,hair etc.
2. Know a little about how to dance
3. Know how to tease and make lots of money doing it
4. Pay attention and dont waste time if theyre not paying/tips
5.great costumes bikini's white glows well, so does great
bright colors attract more attention then more money!
6. Never tell ppl your business, if you have a boyfriend kids,pets
leave your personal life at home
7. Only tell costumers what they like to hear, even if you have to lie
8. Do not over drink! this causes silly behavior you lose focus on the income and may in the end do something you'll regret the next morning
9. Never do Drugs...especially cc
10. Never leave with anybody you do not know
11. Smell nice and fresh but not overly they have to go home not smelling like you
12. choose music to dance to that guys like to hear, not whats hip sometimes....big mistake from dancers just they dont hear the comments the men are making in the crowd
(Rock music...)
13. Always be happy, and smile....gravitate at all times around the bar....keep conversation to a minimum
14. Dont get caught up in Drama with other girls, the less they know you the less they can gossip about you. You are just friendly and quiet.....accept with the customers of course
15. Dont do Drugs!!!!!! i said it already ill say it again, drugs distort the thinking and you will forget the whole purpose of the job, not to mention doing unsafe things
16. Go to work with a $ money quota in mind, what you hope to make in a night focus, guaranteed you'll make it
17. Invest it---find out how, realestate is a winning choice, save
18. If you do have a Boyfriend, he could ruin it for you, you do not
visit him at work so he must not visit you at work, it destroys mental concentration on who to get the most money out of!!!!!
19. Always know who's coming and going, who's new in the bar to talk to and who's too drunk to think.....then you know who to get more tips from
20. Always get the doorman to walk you out to your car or cab
21. Dont drive drunk, hence dont over drink at work play smart
22. Workout at a gym top physical shape, drinking adds calories
23. Dont over drink, dont do drugs, dont leave with customers

Goodluck i hope you invest your fortune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are the requirements to be considered a milf?

MILFs are in the eyes of the beholder.

The female would, by technicality, have to be the mother of a child, even if not by blood relation.

It would also appear logical to assume that said female would have to be at least minimally pleasing on the eyes, let alone worthy of your sexual attention.

On the same token, it is possible for a MILF to also be a cougar, assuming she maintains her physical appearance.

By extension, a person's qualities can be those of the mental or emotional sort, as well.

Haha, I need to sleep...

What are the requirements for Catholic baptism?

Water;words “I baptise thee, NN, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost” or synonymous (the Greek version has “the servant of God, NN, is baptised in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost” which means the same);three either complete immersions or aspersions of the head. With the water.These are the outer requirements, the inner one being that the one baptising intends to baptise, and the one being baptised does not pose any contrary intention.Also, these are the requirements for being baptised, but if the one being baptised is already so, the baptism is not valid : he is baptised already even if not this time.In cases one is not sure whether a previous baptism was valid or took place, one can baptise someone “sub conditione” : “if thou art not already baptised, I baptise thee, NN, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost”.Baptism is usually performed by priests, but in cases of risk of death, laymen may baptise and if someone converts from a “Church” with no ordained priests, the fact one was baptised by a layman does not make the baptism invalid per se.

What are the requirements for joining the military police?

Things change constantly with requirements for certain military jobs. I checked out a website for military folks that specified a 95 ST score for Military Police (MP’s), which I believe is the standard / technical section. In my day, I recall they wanted about 110 for GT or general technical.Another thing they required for an US Army MP was related to height. Back then, a female had to be 5 feet and 4-5 inches tall. The height requirement for the men was 5 ft 9 in, if memory serves. But, wait!! There was an equal opportunity conflict, so toward the end of my enlistment, we had some men show up who were shorter than me!They really don’t want any prior drug usage; however, I was aware of people who got a waiver for smoking pot in the 1970’s. Often, recruiters simply aren’t interested in bothering with extra waivers, so try to keep your nose clean. If you really want to be an MP, then push for a waiver, if necessary.Back when I enlisted, a GED was fine for many jobs, but I think every MP working with me had a regular diploma. Again, this changes from time to time. Also, the Air Force (in general) requires higher scores than the Army. But with Security Forces, it is a general score of 33. I served in both branches, but requirements vary due to mission requirements.You’ll also have to meet certain weight requirements before you enlist. Take your time and work with recruiters from all service branches … they have the most up-to-date requirements. If you don’t get in on your first try, keep working on it![1]Footnotes[1] ASVAB and Air Force Jobs

What are the requirements for a male vasectomy in Virginia?

There are no requirements at all:all they tell you what the consequences are.