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What Are The Songs/scores In Those Sad Moments In Movies

When im in the car and a sad song comes on the radio...........?

ha ha me too, I have a lot of film scores on my MP3 player so I like to stare out the window and imagine I'm in a film lol

Best movie scores/themes for piano?

I'm also looking for movie themes/scores to play on piano. ^^

The Lonely Man (Hulk Theme) is a good one.

Here are my suggestions:

Carter Burwell - Bella's Lullaby (Twilight)
John Williams - Superman Theme (Superman)
John Williams - Schindler's List Theme (Schindler's List)
Jerry Goldsmith - Star Trek: Next Generation Theme (Star Trek: Next Generation)
Danny Elfman - Beetlejuice Theme (Beetlejuice) >>> fun, crazy piece to play!
John Morris - Transylvania Theme (Young Frankenstein)
Ron Wasserman - X-Men Theme (X-Men Animated Series)
Nino Rota - Speak Softly Love (Godfather Trilogy)
John Williams - Indiana Jones Theme (Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark)
Klaus Badelt - He's A Pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean)
John Carpenter - Halloween Theme (Halloween)
Alan Silvestri - Back to the Future Theme (Back to the Future)
Alan Silvestri - Forrest Gump Theme (Forrest Gump)
John Williams - Star Wars Theme (Star Wars Saga)
Mike Oldfield - Exorcist Theme (Exorcist)
Charlie Clouser - Dead Silence Theme (Dead Silence)
Danny Elfman - Edward Scissorhands Theme (Edward Scissorhands)
Dario Marianelli - The Cottage on the Beach (Atonement)
John Williams - Across the Stars/Love Theme (Star Wars: Ep II)
Yiruma - From the Beginning Until Now (Endless Love: Winter Sonata)
Jung Il-young - Reason (Endless Love: Autumn in My Heart)
Kim Bum Soo - Bo Go Ship Da (Stairway to Heaven)

Yiruma - River Flows in You (supposedly in Twilight as Bella's Lullaby but I think Yiruma didn't want the song to be used in the movie)

LOTR has good songs too but it's mostly in strings. Not sure how they would sound in piano.

That's about what I can think of now. Hope you enjoy playing them! ^^

Do you like songs with a great story like a movie or movie scenes with great matching background music?

I love it when the movie comes with matching background music’s than songs with a great story.When the movie scenes are given the perfect background scores, what more you need?The background scores that perfect, that you get pumped by thrill and enthusiasm. You literally dissolves yourself in the movie with the perfect background scores. When the scen goes happy, you will be happy. When the scene goes sad or grief, you will also cry along. Only the background scores can make you do this, not a song in between.This is the biggest reason of me disliking Indian movies. Disliking doesn't mean of hating Indian movies. I prefer Hollywood movies over Indian movies.For example, take Guardians of the galaxy the movie got us all by it’s awesome classic soundtracks. We just went along easily enjoying each and every moment of the movie. Another example is Pirates of the Caribbean, thats soundtrack comes to our mind when we hear pirates. The soundtracks made the movie so pumping and thrilling to watch.So soundtracks within thr movie is the best !!

What are the best songs for fight scenes?

I am not familiar, but only musical element I enjoyed was instrumental music we used to hear in jukebox ,of course in movie too,was and even today ringing in the ears is doing called Baby Elephant Walk, I Bridge on the river Kwai. In the theater audience used to stand Tao and clap and enjoy baby elephant carrying water. It's like a comic relief in tragedies of Shakespearean tragedies. In the serious and tense moments of the movie, that scene remain for some long time after leaving the theater. We used to hear that song from the juke b i for a 25Paise coin.

What are some saddest songs in Hollywood?

What are some saddest songs in Hollywood?I will answer this question with assumption that “Saddest songs in Hollywood” means musical scores from films and television shows. To keep my answer concise, I’ll only list ten films and the songs from those films:Titanic - My Heart Will Go On, Hymn to the Sea and Rose’s themeGladiator - Now We Are FreeSchindler’s List - Main ThemeLa La Land - Mia and Sebastian’s Theme and City of StarsHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows/ and the Half Blood Prince - Lilly’s theme and Dumbledore’s FarewellStar Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith - Padme’s DestinyFast and Furious 7 - See You AgainThe Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 - A Thousand YearsThe Hunger Games Mockingly Part 1 - The Hanging TreeEmpire - Good EnoughHope these songs answer your question.I.M.

What song did the Confederate Soldiers sing in the movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? ?

"The Story of a Soldier" was composed by Ennio Morricone for the film. Here are the lyrics, whcih could help with interpretation:

Bugles are calling from prairie to shore,
Sign up and fall in and march off to war;
Drums beating loudly, hearts beating proudly
March blue and gray and smile as you go.

Smoke hides the valleys and fire paints the plains,
Loud roar the cannons till ruin remains;
Blue grass and cotton burnt and forgotten
All hope seems gone so, soldier, march on to die.

Count all the crosses and count all the tears,
These are the losses and sad souvenirs;
This devastation once was a nation
So fall the dice, how high is the price.

There in the distance a flag I can see,
Scorched and in ribbons but whose can it be;
How ends the story, whose is the glory,
Ask if we dare our comrades out there who sleep.

Count all the crosses and count all the tears,
These are the losses and sad souvenirs;
This devastation once was a nation
So fall the dice, how high is the price we pay.
I doubt that this is much help. I wish that I could add more, but it has been too many years since I last watched the movie. I don't trust my hazy memory.

What is the name of that sad song from Arrival (2016)?

The song you mentioned isn’t a part of OST (Original Sound Track) of the movie which was composed by Johann Johannsson .It is “On the Nature of Daylight” by Max Richter from the 2004 album “The Blue Notebooks”.YouTube Link for the same:Max Richter - On the Nature of Daylight