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What Are Those Balloon Like Icons Next To Some Emails

Why can't they sue you for letting a bunch of balloons up into the sky?

It IS littering. Eventually they pop and come back down to the earth where they land in someone's yard or the ocean and kill a poor sea animal who tries eating the balloon. Sometimes people tie messages to hundreds of balloons and let them fly away so another person will find them. Sometimes they also let go of tons of balloons at graduations when everyone throws their hats up. Couldn't some organization sue them for releasing all those balloons in the air?

Paper with shapes icon is in place of image i emailed as an attachment what does this mean?

When Yahoo Mail needs to display thumbnails of image attachments it has to retrieve the image and create the thumbnail on the fly. The process that does this requests the image from an image server and only waits so long for the image to be returned from the image server.

If the image server is slow to respond (i.e. there are lots of people using Yahoo Mail and the image server has trouble keeping up) then the thumbnail generator gives up waiting and instead of showing you the thumbnail it just shows a generic icon of a piece of paper with the corner folded over.

If you wait a while (could be minutes but sometimes hours are needed) and try to view the message again you will quite often find that the image thumbnail shows just fine. Also if the message has several image attachments you will sometimes see some thumbnails ok and some paper icons.

The problem is at Yahoo's end, there is nothing you can do at your end to fix this problem. It is simply a matter of Yahoo being overloaded.

However, if you click on the paper icon to view the image then the full size image will usually show up just fine.

Why are "balloon" messages from icons in my system tray being hidden?

Whenever I hover over an icon in my system tray, the "balloon" popup message pops UNDER the task bar. So, I'm not able to see most of the message. For example, a disconnected ethernet connection gives the crossed-out icon in the system tray. When you normally hover over the icon, it reads "Local Area Connection A network cable is unplugged". In the case of this computer, I'm only able to read "Local Area Connection", and the second line ("A network cable...") is hidden behind the task bar.

I've tried hiding and unhiding the task bar, raising and lowering it, changing the resolution of my display adapter, and pretty much everything else I can think of. I'm running WinXP SP2 on a i815 chipset PC (1GHZ IBM Netvista) with built-in video.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any tips on how I can fix this?


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Icon in system tray?

Sounds like a Smitfraud infection.

Is the scam advertising trying to sell you, one (or more) of these useless products? If it is one of these, then it is likely an infection called Smitfraud that is causing the phony warnings. It is scam advertising trying to swindle you. And a link to a free removal tool is down at the bottom.

Antispyware Soldier,
Registry Cleaner,
Security iGuard,
Spyware Vanisher,
Spyware Soft Stop,
TitanShield Antispyware,
Trust Cleaner,,
Virtual Maid,

If so, then you most likely have a serious Smitfraud infection and a free removal tool called SmitFraudFix with the removal procedure is here:

More infomation and another free removal tool called RogueFix can be found here:

Most "All-Purpose" malware apps such as AVG, Norton, Spybot etc unfortunatly can not remove or even detect this vile pest called Smitfraud.

Good luck.

Why are there paper clip icons next to my sent text messages?

I know it means there's an attachment, but I never attached anything to any of the texts. No pictures, links, videos, nothing. It's also weird because those texts haven't been replied to yet, I started to think that those messages haven't been delivered yet or something? And it's not just one person.

Where did the Yahoo News Comments Notification Icon Go?

I know. Yahoo news really screwed that format up. I don't why they changed it, it is awful now. You can go to the news story's that you commented on, and click on ''my comments'', under the news article. It's in the left hand upper corner. You can see all of your comments like this. You might wanna keep some of the news story's book-marked. Sorry, I can't find the ''comments notifier'' anymore either.

Yahoo needs to stop trying to fix things that are not broken.

The status icons are explained here:

Where is the Address Card icon?

I have the same problem. I googled the heck outta the Internet and didn't find any answers, but I did find others that had the same problem (I'm not crazy....)

Sometimes the icons are there, sometimes they aren't. I started having this problem maybe about a month ago or so. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the frequency of my contact with the addressee, nor does it have anything to do with whether the addressee is a yahoo account holder or not.

Previously, when the icons were missing, I knew the sender was not in my address book and that I needed to add them. Now I can't do that.

Someone out there - please help.

In yahoo mail what does this symbol mean?

I was able to see it, if you are using the upgraded classic mail look for these words "What's New" and see if it is in there. Or click this link for more info: Or this one: http://new.mail/yahoo/com/classic I'm going to take a wild guess and say it probably means it's a unread email.