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What Are You Views On Abortion

What are your views on Abortion?

Abortion is murder plain and simple.

To quote the Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Apparently babies are not created equal and are not endowed with the unalienable right of life...

To quote the Constitution: "Amendment V

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation. "

Abortion deprives babies of their lives without due process of law...

What are your views on abortion?

I personally think it is wrong. You have to live with the mistakes. And if you dont want the kid give it up for adoption so someone who can't have kids will get their little miracle. You could give birth to the person who cures cancer, or makes the automatic dog walker or something, or cures world hunger. And people are like "Well what about rape?"
I still say adoption. It wasnt the kid's choice to be born so you should kill it for something it did. I would never get one, and for those of you that have said :You dont know how scary an unplanned pregnancy is: i actaully know i was raped at 14 and miscarried at 2 months.

What are you views on abortion?

Abortion is a very intriguing issue to discuss. The whole battle lasts not between pro-choice and pro-life but whether a fetus is really alive at the time of abortion. While the two fights may seem the same, the first is ethical while the second is scientific.

From the scientific battle, we really can't prove either way without the aid of evidence and research, so this battle will be left to wage.

From the ethical standpoint, one sides refuses to allow abortion while the other side sees it as a right. You asked for my views, so, of course, the following will be me. I, personally, do not accept abortion. I am Christian, and have a respect for God's work, but I believe that my nonacceptance of abortion extends well beyond that. I do not know exactly whether the fetus is alive or aware, but that's why the word "ethical" was created. While I may find a better way to explain it later, to me, it "feels wrong," rather, "unethical." I do, however, believe that it is well within one's own power and rights to get an abortion. I would say "A body is one's own to do with what they wish." Here's the fun part about abortion, though: interpretation. If I left that statement as it is, it could be used to justify suicide, usage of drugs, and/or prostitution. The real wrench in the abortion mechanics is the malleability of any given statement vulnerable to ethical interpretation.
Another reason for my pro-choice feelings toward others is modern abundance of unwanted children. What happens when a child is undesired? Assuming this child grows up in a home where he is less than welcome, will he be happy? Will he end up in San Quentin or on death row somewhere for doing something terrible due to an angry upbringing? What if a different unwanted child dies of starvation or of the cold because he is homeless?
Every fiber of my body screams that aborting a fetus is wrong, but at what cost, not to mention once again that it is not my body? Outlawing abortion won't stop people from wanting to get them. You have to teach people about abortion; teach them about sex and the implications involved; teach them to consider their decisions thoroughly before they make a choice that they will forever regret. It's the same as religion. The choice is yours, no matter what people do to you, and it always will be.

What are your views on abortion?

I feel that there are some cicumstances where an abortion is acceptable. But at the same time i feel that if you are going to have an abortion it should be done in the first weeks of pregnancy. As soon as possible after you find out your pregnant. Don't wait till your in your second trimester. I feel that the longer you wait the less acceptable it is. Once it is no longer an embryo I feel that abortion is murder.

I'm Pro birth control... if you don't want to get pregnant protect yourself against it. or don't have sex. If your not ready to be a parent why are you putting yourself in the position to be one?

Rape, insest and other circumstances to this effect are different and have to be viewed differently. But if you just don't like the way a condom feels and you continue to think "oh if i get pregnant I can just terminate it", i think that is sick.

I'm pregnant now, and I know that i do not have the right to decide whether this baby should live or die thats natures job, but as this childs parent it is my duty to protect it from any form of hurt/pain whether it is inside my body or not it is still a life form of its own. And until nature decides other wise it is for me to care for it the best way I possibly can.

And as far as men having an opinion, i think they should 100% have a voice in the matter. It is their child too, it is not thier fault that they cannot become pregnant, but without their sperm neither could you. And it really sucks that a woman who decides to have a baby can say "you helped make the child so you HAVE to help raise it by law" but then they have no say in whether it has a chance to be born at all? That is backwards and unfair for a man.

What Are Your Abortion Views?

I think its more complicated then most think.

I mean theres issue with where you draw the line. Is it instant after conception? We don't count birthdays from day of conception. Is that mean 4 cell embryo is equal to 10 year old boy? Is 1000 embryos in petri dish worth more then that just one 10 year old boy?

What if abortion results in saving lives. Look at it this way. People abort unwanted babies. Unwanted babies are more likely to grow to be criminal, harm society. Lets suppose outlawing abortion get more people killed, more crimes. This isn't that far from fiction. Big drop in violent crimes in 90s were credited to legalization of aboriton in 60s. When those unwanted babies from 60s were about to hit prime age for criminal activities, all the sudden violent crimes droped like a rock in late 90s.

Now, we go to wars knowing people will die for sure. But people think its worth the sacrifice of those lives for better world. No idiot in the world thinks war will not result in any deaths.

Looking at justification for war, what if someone argues abortion is worth "sacrifice" because it creates better world. Like they justify deaths of innocent lives during war?

Either way, pro life or pro choice, everyone can find hipocracy on both sides. I mean ethically both sides is neither winner or loser. If we out law abortion, then shouldn't we out law war also? Justifications for both can be essentially the same.

What're your views on abortion?

I hate abortion.
Most abortions take place when the pregnancy is 8 weeks gone. By this point, the baby has started to develop fingers and toes, has eyes forming, and flowing brain cells.
How can people say that they aren't killing a human?
I don't think rape should be an exception either. If a woman gets raped, and gets pregnant, if they abort the baby, do you really think it's going to make them forget the rape? That traumatic experience will be there with them long after they are pregnant. Of course, if you were raped you wouldn't want the baby. But, there are lists and lists of people who WOULD want that baby, but who cant have their own children.
I've had a miscarriage and it was horrible to think that an innocent little baby had died, inside of me. I wouldn't be able to voluntarily kill a child.
Some of the methods are so inhumane too, one is where they suck out seperate body parts of the baby through a tube, ripping it apart. Another is they take some of the fluid from your womb, and replace with salt solution, choking the baby, and filling its lungs with this, the baby then dies within a couple of hours.

This is why I hate abortion. It's not right. There are ALWAYS other options, and rape shouldn't be an excuse, just get an abortion because the baby will remind you of rape? Getting raped will be with you for a long time so put the baby up for adoption, don't abort it. Abortion should be illegal. It is MURDER, should be illegal like any other kind of murder.

TEENS: What Are Your Views on Abortion?

I am pro-choice, but I am not pro-abortion. I think that abortions should not be provided for people who repeatedly use them as a form of birth control.
But other than that I think they should be legal (except for sex-selective abortions and aborting foetuses that have physical deformation).
I agree with you, I think that sex should only be in marriage, but obviously the rest of the world is moving away from that ideal. I am religious and G-d told us that sex is a gift for marriage alone.
And if you are stupid enough to have unprotected sex in this day and age, and don't use condoms, birth control, etc then you do need to accept the consequences and either keep it or put it up for adoption. Neither are easy, but you made a dumb choice, you need to face it.
I believe that a foetus should be considered a living human only when it passes through the birth canal while living. It says that in the Torah, Exodus 21:22 : If two men are fighting and push a pregnant woman accidentally, and she miscarriages as a result, but the woman is fine, then the men must pay her husband an amount that is suitable to the loss of a potential heir. If the woman dies from the injury, then the men will be put to death (an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, etc).

I think that it is all up to the person to decide what is right for them. I do not want to have sex until I am happily married, and I think society would be better if this ideal were more present (but unlike before, having sex before marriage would not be demonized).

What are Catholic views on Abortion?

The RC CHURCH pretty much does sum it up well with no killing. however in the bible God makes mention of the end times and that even at that time he himself will not stop a womans pregnancy . it says in effect it would very dangerous and hard for a woman with child to be born during this time.
it indicates that God will not cause an abortion to free the woman from the of tribulation. every life is a gift from God. abortion is a sin agaist the Holy Ghost and may be considered by God to be as bad or worse then suicide. the church does however allow for thought and consideration of medical matters when the woman or child or both are in grave danger if the woman goes full term. this is a delicate matter and certainly is not one taken lightly . however they have been known to say ok remove the child or sometimes help the mother to see that going full term even at the cost of her life is for the best. all of this is very serious and certainly is not treated like some sort of birth control like certain parts of western society have come to see abortion. skip the pill and all else just have an the child killed some do this often . i shall leave it to you to figure out who the people are that are doing this but i will give you a clue the current president and his wife both spoke about this matter

I’m watching closely the debate through my Irish friends, however, my position on the subject is the same for Ireland and for any other country.Women who want to abort will abort. Anyway, they will. They will go abroad, they will buy abortive pills, they will make all kinds of unsafe move - including harming themselves.So the question is not whether you want them to have abortions or not.It is whether you want them to have safe abortions or not.Plus, countries who recently legalised abortion like Portugal[1] or decriminalised it like Uruguay[2] show smaller rates of abortion than before. And the deaths and health issues related to unsafe procedures were practically wiped out.Footnotes[1] Portugal's abortion law 10 years on - women are safe - far fewer operations[2] How Uruguay Made It Easier to Have a Safe Abortion