What Are Your Favorite Songs To Play On The Guitar

Which is your favourite song u play on guitar?

for some reason everytime i pick up my guitar i always start to play Lenny by Stevie Ray Vaughn. Its got some pretty chord work and great for warming up.

What are your favorite songs to play on a guitar?

Thanks for the A2A Petra. I wonder how you knew I played the guitar.My favorite song to play on Guitar would beVery Ape- NirvanaLithium - Nirvanaand last but not the least.Joker and the Thief - wolf mother.I like these songs because they are challenging to play when you start off but very rewarding since I like them. It is a good balance between challenge and reward and that gravitated me towards these songs.

What is your favorite guitar song/band to play on guitar?

There are many guitarists I like, but my most favourite one and the one I TRY HARD to follow on my guitar is - Susmit Sen (formerly part of Indian Ocean, an Indian fusion band).Just listen to his style of playing -

What are your favourite songs/solos to play on guitar?

I often develop my own songs / solos out of chord progressions borrowed from songs that I like. I have about a dozen that I work with. They are continuously changing as they evolve. Some of them are standards like Summertime or Misty Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out, A Change is Gonna Come, that are by now very different compared to the originals. I play George Harrison’s Something, Badge, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, That’s The Way it Goes, Beware of Darkness. The Beatles: Here There and Everywhere, You Can’t do that, Til There Was You, Do You Want To Know à Secret? mainly because of the melodies and chord progressions. Willie Nelson’s / Crazy, These Eyes by The Guess Who. I like playing Dylan’s Just Like a Woman for the chord progression which I changed somewhat and Clapton’s acoustic version of Layla. Most of those sound good on my Gretsch. Just in case you’re thinking it sounds like a snooze fest, on my strat I like: Johnny Be Good, Hey Joe, Deep Purple’s Mandrake Root, Clapton’s Guitar lines off the Bluesbreakers Album: Little Girl is one. I try some early Allman Brothers Solos. I’m trying to emulate the sound of Duane Allman’s slide guitar with my strat by bending and sliding notes. That’s a sample, sounds like a lot but I’ve been playing off and on most of my life, with a twenty year gap from age 20/40. I’m mostly self taught, learned to read but prefer to play by ear and chord charts. Some songs I’ve been beating to death since I was a teen. I’m A Man, the Stevie Winwood / Spencer Davis Group version is one of those. It’s a good jam song. Yes I do play some newer things, like the Dap Kings when they backed Amy Winehouse but mostly i’m Working on developing my own music, trying to write lyrics. I’m retired, Music is one of my favourite winter occupations.

Which is your favorite song that can be played on an acoustic guitar?

Well I am a big fan of oasis and I love to play these songs on my guitarWonderwall Champagne supernova Don't look back in angerStop crying your heart outOther of my favorites areEvery teardrop is a waterfall, by ColdplayBoulevard of broken dreams, by Green dayWake me up when September end,  by Green daySomebody that I used to know, by Gotye There are many more but these are a few which I like to play almost every time I pick up my guitar

What is your favorite song to play on ukulele or guitar and why?

I don’t really have favourite songs, I just have usually 1–3 that I’m working on a time, and when I finish them I move on to something more challenging usually forgetting how to play the old ones. right now I’m working on Bach cello suite #1 in D major, it’s pretty fun, I finished Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega and finished pachelbels’ canon in D. I’m aspiring to learn how to play Capricho arabe when my skill level gets higher, on ukulele I enjoyed playing river flows in you, I learned a finger style arrangement and it was very fun. I’d suggest looking at those songs I mentioned on youtube and look for guitar arrangements, you’ll start seeing what the guitar is full capable of

What are your favorite songs that you play on acoustic guitar?

Old 70's Rock:Stairway to Heaven - Led ZeppelinKnockin' on Heaven's Door - Bob DylanHotel California - The EaglesTequila Sunrise - The EaglesTake it Easy - The EaglesIf - Pink FloydWish you were here - Pink Floyd Brain Damage - Pink FloydHey You - Pink FloydLayla - Eric Clapton (Unplugged)Smells like teen spirit - NirvanaJulia - The Beatles ​​​​​Hindi songs:Aahatein - AgneeSenorita - ZNMDGulaabi Aankhey - The TrainPaani da rang - Vicky DonorYeh Dooriyan - Love aaj KalBin Tere (Reprise)Kabira - YJHDHar kisiko Nahi Milta - BossSunn raha hai - Aashiqui 2Chura Liya - Yaadon ki BaaraatTum hi toh - Rock OnKabhi Kabhi Aditi​​​​These are some of the songs I enjoy playing on the guitar. Most if the songs mentioned in the list are of Intermediate or Beginner level.The ones which are in italics are fairly simple and easy to play.Hope you found this helpful.Cheers.Happy Strumming

What is your favorite rhythm to play on the guitar?

If I’m singing……and playing electric, I would like it to be simple. Whole notes, or just block chords. If need be, just chunking through it maybe mirroring the bass. Not to much counterpoint, because the melody takes priority. Too much going on will take away from the vocal performance.When strictly playing rhythm, something staccato or uptempo. A mixture of chords and single notes. Even some vibrato. Again, supporting the melody but taking more chances. If I’m fingerpicking, I love when the notes “ring out” in sympathetic vibration. Like on a descending line with stationary notes that sing. Sonically speaking, they resonate!I close my eyes, and feel it in my bones.

What is your favorite song to play on a guitar whether it is on electric, acoustic, classical, or bass?

On guitar: Eulogy by Tool difficulty: intermediateIt starts with that “ bb dd cc ee bb dd aa cc bb gg aa “ and thereafter wonderful rhythm on the b, slowly building up to something bigger. Around the one-minute- mark you start playing power chords in rhythm with the claves , indicating that the beat will finally rise...But wait, there is no big turning point, you just keep playing those simple power chords like clockwork throughout the verse. As the bass plays spherical sounds the whole time, you steer the low frequencies.We are gonna miss himI miss him,We are gonna miss himThat's your signal! Just breath for a second and then kick off what might be the chorus !Then you do the same thing again with an alternate bassline.Then you reach the best part soon - your solo. Admittedly, it's just E5add9 and a D major chord, but tell me it doesn't sound great !A bit of palm-mute shredding of what the bass did for your solo and buildup for the actual solo- ladies and gentleman, I present to you:David Carey on the Drums!The rest is a blur, you have a two notes solo towards the end until you finish on an E in an unexpected yet great manner.Now you did it! 8:33 min of music at its best !