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What Are Your Opinions On These Names

Your opinion on these name???

i like isabel grace. Its soothing and well, graceful.

What's your opinion on these names?

We don't know anything about you, Anonymous!I think that most Asians and Orientals who rename themselves are going to regret it. This fad has two strongly negative connotations. They are are not always deserved - but they occur frequently enough to persist, nevertheless:1. Vanity. Your original name is good enough, so unless it's something like Fuk Yu, there is little reason to change it for western ears. And if it is an unfortunately phonetic embarrassment, change it slightly to retain some originality (like Frank Yew, although Frank Yu is still a fine name).2. Arrogance. "You westerners are unable to say my name properly". So what. This is globalisation. Make the most of your diversity.I know a couple of Chinese guys, one diminutive, slightly-built guy who named himself Rambo and the other named himself Future. Now they're stuck with these names that are the butt of concealed smirks .The third and most compelling reason not to choose such an obviously non-ethnic name is that you will sometimes be judged as being superficial for renaming yourself. Yes, it's wrong to judge you that way - but that's not going to stop it happening.Keep your first name as close as possible to the original form, if you feel that you must westernise it. Don't change your surname. Seriously.

Opinions on the name Melrose.?

A finalist on America's Next Top Model was named Melrose and the name grew on me. I like it. I agree that it is on the good side of uncommon. It is very American, just like my middle name Gracelyn, although it is special to me as my mom made it out of my great-Grandma's first name and my mom's middle name. I get lots of compliments on it and like that it is my middle name and not my first. What about:

Camille Melrose
Olivia Melrose
Arianna Melrose
Liana Melrose
Skylar Melrose
Daphne Melrose
Sydney Melrose
Claudia Melrose
Michaela Melrose
Jocelyn Melrose
Zoe Melrose
Vanessa Melrose

Vanessa Melrose is my favorite. I don't really like Lucy Melrose, sorry. I definitely think it is better off as a middle name. Good luck & God bless!

What is your opinion on the name Hannah???

Hannah Skye sounds very pretty.

Your opinion of the names Dean & Logan?

My grandfathers name is Dean. If I were to have another boy (which I won't)...I would name him Dean. My grandfather fought in WWII, is a family man, has a wicked sense of humor and kind and generous. He is 89yrs old and is the most amazing man I know!

I love both names, especially as siblings!!

Opinion of the name Crispin?

Ha for a little grounding in the real world beyond Crispin Glover, there's Saint Crispin. Saint Crispian or Crispin's day has great importance in Shakespeare's play Henry V. Yknow Battle of Agincourt, 'we band of brothers". so there ya go

Whats your opinion on these names?(for baby)?

i've made a list of some names i would possibly consider using on my baby.
boys: Osiris, Damian, Gabriel, Elias, Hadrian, Hayden, Aydon, Joshua
girls:Lilith(midname), Nyx(mid), Belladonna, Rain, Alexis, Faith, Hope, Destiny, Gabrielle, Celeste, Melody, Dahlia, Cherry

i'd appreciate it if anyone would tell me their honest opinion on these names .
& maybe suggest a name that i would possibly like.
thnx :P

What are your opinions on these two names.. Lorelei and Oliver?

I adore both they're on my name list =) They'd be great for twins, I think they sounds very well together. I'd give 10/10 for Lorelei and Oliver as well. Middle names... How about:

Oliver Jude
Oliver Jacob
Oliver Evan
Oliver Ben
Oliver Dan
Oliver Caleb
Oliver Milo

Lorelei Rose
Lorelei Ava
Lorelei Eden
Lorelei Hanna
Lorelei Isla
Lorelei Grace
Lorelei Belle
Lorelei Emma

Rory nad Ollie are gorgeous nicks =) Great name taste

What's your opinion the name Araceli?

Araceli is a gorgeous name! Traditional spanish. I love it!
I don't think you need to have a formal nickname for her. Sometimes long names just stick. I have friends named Elizabeth, Victoria, Magdalena, and we call them by their full names.

Ari (pronounced Ahh-ri) is a traditional Jewish male name. I don't think that would be a great nickname for a little girl (this is a girl's name, yes?)