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What Background Music Do Popular Youtubers Use

What is the sexy time song that most popular Youtubers use in their videos

If you find out tell me.

What songs do youtubers use in their videos

The best website I found for background music is:

You just have to credit the guy in your video info section. It's all explained on the website how to credit. But the music is completely free, and I know YouTubers like Troye Sivan and DanIsNotOnFire use this music.
My other other suggestion is to look at the bottom of the video information section. Sometime YouTubers will say where the music is from if they have to credit the producer.

Youtubers background music Question

Many of those folks actually have their videos ''produced" by such groups
as Maker Studios, the Collective, MightyFresh, BigFrame and Fullscreen

Furthermore, there are companies who make generic/corporate music for
advertising agencies, corporations, and agencies like those I listed above.

That's most likely where they get their background music from.

Speaking of 'Zoella' and 'Jim Chapman': Notice any familiar names here?
http :// www . gleamdigital . com / social - talent / introduction

YouTube background music Help

To help YouTubers get free music for their videos, YouTube has launched a new section called CREATION TOOLS which currently has two options Audio Library and Video Editor.
Audio Library -->
You can use any of the music listed here for free in your videos.
This is an effort done by YouTube to help creators get good and free music without using any copyrighted music.
You need not mention anything about music in video. Just download it and use it.

Where do youtubers get their background music

I use Sonicfire Pro, by Smartsound Software (

Whats good background music that you youtubers use

I use background music from audiomicro and sometimes machinimasound.