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What Body Measurements Do You Consider Perfect

Is 34-24-34 considered perfect measurements or is 36-24-36 considered perfect?

I hear different things. For a long time I had heard 34-24-34 was considered perfect but lately I hear people always saying 36-24-36 is considered perfect measurements. Which is it?

What body measurements are considered sexy on a woman?

I've heard of the old 36-24-36. But, it seems so unattainable.

My measurements are: Bust: 40, Waist: 31, Hips: 38

is this fat? i don't consider myself fat but compared to the "ideal" type, it seems so... ugh.

what do you think? what are the ideal measurements?

Perfect womanly body measurements?

Now before you freak out I just want to hear what everyone thinks. I could care less what people think about my body because I think it's perfect, but I just thought it would be interesting to ask. I understand everyone's beautiful and completely agree, but what are your mearuements and/or what you prefer ? I love my body and wouldn't have it any other way, I'm 5'8 and 36-26-36.5. My best friend is 5'7 and 38-29-38; both measurements fit our body types perfectly.

what are your thoughts on your own or your significant others measurements ?

Thanks for the answers !

What are the perfect measurements for a "thick" girl?

i didn't mean in anyway to call either girl fat because i know they're not fat! by thick i'm meaning, not a toothpick, but "well proportioned"! i hope i'm making myself more clear to you guys!

Is 32-24-34 within the ideal body measurements for women?

It’s not something that you need to worry about, as men don’t have any way of gauging a woman’s figure (but see below). Whilst the song stated 36–24–36, women’s bodies are the shape they are purely to attract men (sorry feminists, you were not around 100,000 years ago). Men are not overly bothered really, and will be grateful for any female that spares them a glance. If however you are one of the lucky girls whose hip/waist ratio is in the 70–80% mark, you will be blessed with more male attention than with any other part of you - men just can’t help it. No one knows why this is, though there are opinions that the atavistic tendency of the male subconscious is to favour this shape as it could signal her fertility and ease of conception and therefore birth. These were important way back when the survival of the tribe was paramount. Some screaming 32–24–34 wench who took 19 hours in labour and woke up every sabre-tooth tiger in the area only to die in the birth attempt, wasn’t preferable to the woman who could spit kids out like cherry pips. Think about that - it’s a good reason. That’s what a wildebeest does in “Great Migrations” (History Channel or Discovery or something, in between shows about fat Americans with a death wish).The bad news is that if you don’t have this magic ratio, there’s not a lot you can do about it, so big tits will usually work for most men. Especially Americans. And being a lard-arse judging by the Kardashians’ particularly grotesque forms.Many of our current day seemingly arbitrary actions can be traced back to a real reason if you dig far enough.

Measurements 36, 30, 38 - is that considered big or fat?

That's not big, I'm 5ft2 with 38 inch hips although I'm smaller on top (34-26-38). But you don't sound fat or overweight. Just as long as the waist doesn't go over 30 inches, you should be fine. Don't get caught up with this skinny crazy, just as long as you are fit and healthy is what matters. If you are still worried, you can get a body fat test done to see what percentage of your total body weight comes from fat.

What are the 'perfect' measurements for women?

98.6 deg F and 20/20.

What is considered the ideal body type for women in your country? And what do you find attractive?

I’ll name a few and then tell you about what I see as perfect body :)‘all images are from google’In China, the skinnier the better. A4 challenge is a ‘thing’, Iphone 6 challenge is also a ‘thing’. Is it unhealthy? Well, not for all, for many it’s healthy while for others it’s not.In France, combination between cute and elegant, usually small breasts and dark hair/eyebrows.In Norway, it’s quite hard to say but mostly not too skinny, girly frame and tall is desirable…In the US having small waist, big ass(?) and large breasts is desirableIn Syria… Tall, dark hair with dark eyes and a fir body is desirableFinally, this is what I consider as attractive… and also what I’m trying to achieve :)