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What can cause foot pain in young boy?

Ankle pain causes in teens?

hello. im a 14 year old growing boy. however, my pain is not, or i don't think, growing pains, as it is chronic. my ankles and some lower leg joints can begin to hurt a little when i start to exercise. im concerned. i have no clue what can cause chronic, mild ankle pain with exercise. Have any ideas? also- there is no morning stiffness, tenderness to touch, or swelling. thankyou.

Does daily masturbation cause leg pain?

The simplest Answer is “Depends”,as each and everyone of us have different bodies and we come from different areas of the world,we have different climates, culture, health, diet, and we can’t just group the whole thing together and just say it’s the “cause”,The simplest solution “Trial”,Try to reduce your masturbation runs to 50%,let’s say you masturbate 7 times / week,try reducing it to 3 times / week, go to bed early and eat earlier in the day instead of midnight snack,if the leg pains still persist, reduce it even further, 1 time / week,if it still persist then you may lack nutrition or need some medical advice from a real face to face meet up with a medical practitioner,But if the symptoms go away,stick with the plan and now you know your body’s limit,it all boils down to mindfulness of your body,know your body’s limit.Eastern medicine would suggest ejaculation control for people from ages of:20 to 30 YO only 2–3 times / week,30 to 40 YO only 1 time / week,40 to 50 YO only 1 time / 2 weeks,50 to 60 YO only 1 time / month (or going without),Be the judge of your own body know your limits.

What else besides "growing pains" could cause leg pain in a toddler?

I have restless leg syndrome and have had it since I was a baby. RLS does not always mean just itchy or legs moving uncontrollably. Mine feels like gnawing pain usually at night but can happen during the day if I am tired.

Can a childhood experience cause a foot fetish?

Up until I was 7, I never had any interest in feet at all. One day when I was 6, a year before I understood I liked feet, I was outside playing with the neibhorhood kids. A 12 year old boy, an 8 year old boy, a 5 year old girl, and a 16 year old girl. After everyone but the 16 year old went home, we started playing a game of catch in her back yard. We got bored and started to play around. When we were in a conversation, she stretched out across the grass and her feet just so happen to fall in my lap. I didn't care, and really, it wasn't effecting anything. She didn't even notice and I plopped back on back aswell. She stretched again after about 20 minutes of talking (To a SIX YEAR OLD Who can barely carry on a conversation), and her left foot landed by my face. Given she was in puberty and had been running around outside with her shoes until about 30 minutes ago, it was not a pleasant smell. I didn't want to be a jerk crap sack dude though, so I didn't go out and yell 'Your feet stink, leave now or I will forever puke guts of despair'. Instead, I tried to scoot over a bit, only to hit against a fence. Her foot was about 1 inch from my face and the top half was hanging over it. We continued the conversation and after about 5 minutes I couldn't take it anymore. I began to try to move, but I noticed that she had actually been doing it on purpose. She had been up, keeping herself up with he arms and looking at my face with a grin while she lightly swayed her foot in it. I didn't know what was going on, and then out of nowhere she put her foot on my face as if it was a foot mat and just kept it there. I tried to push it out of the way, but she moved over in the time I tried to move it and was now right behind my head. She grabbed my hands and put them down while she put her other foot on my face and began rubbing them in it. I wasn't enjoying this at all, It was torture given that I didn't have a fetish yet. She was chuckling sort of and then she moved her left foot over my mouth and put her right foots toes over my nose. Now it was total torture because they smell the worse... Anyway, that went on for 20 minutes straight until she left and I ran home almost crying from how bad it smelled. Anyway, now that I let out that embarassing story, can you answer the question? I assume it's possible, and I promise this story is true.

4 year old daughter with pain in legs...?

Growing Pains don't exist. That is a throw away answer and it won't necessarily go away when they grow up.

I've had pain in my legs since I'm a little girl and I still get them, no one was ever able to give me a good answer about it, either. I also was never very active when I was a child.

Recently I started to see a personal trainer and she noticed that my feet turned out slightly when I walked or ran or did anything, I told her about the pain, too. She has me do foam rolling, putting pressure on certain muscles in my legs to stretch them out and get my joints, muscles, and feet aligned before I exercise. This is done by applying pressure to certain areas of the legs against cylinder of dense foam. The pain has been less frequent because of the foam rolling. I don't know what an equivalent would be for a little girl, but I'd say talk to someone who knows about muscle tension and tightness and how these can effect the alignment of feet and legs.

Never ignore a child telling you about pain. Just because they are children doesn't mean they don't know what they're talking about. I also had headaches for years and years and didn't find out until about 4 years ago that it was because I had astigmatism.

Good luck!