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How often does Dollar General restock shelves?

I went to my local Dollar General on Wednesday and bought every one of a certain toy that they had on the shelf. I want to get more of them. How often do they re-stock the shelves?

Where can I buy CO2 cartridges?

I have a science project where we have to create a vehicle that can move according the newton's 3rd law. I have a car that i made in 6th grade that has a hole in the back for a CO2 cartridge. I think that's what I'm going to do for my project but I have a few questions...

1) Where can I buy a cartridge?
2) Do you think I would need a certain size?
3) How woulda CO2 cartridge work on a car like mine?

Buying condoms underage?

There is on specific age you have to be to buy condoms. They're not like cigarettes or alcohol. They keep them out on the store shelves for that reason, people who are sexually active should be using them no matter what age they are. Simply walk into the store and buy them yourself. If you feel awkward, you can always go to a grocery store with a self check-out that way you can minimize contact with other people

Why can't India manufacture cheaper products as compared to the Chinese?

A few months ago I was in the Liaoning province in northeastern China. We met the CEO of a smart city there who was offering us rent-free premises for 3 years, a low interest loan [2%] and cheap electricity if we choose to build our robots there.Chinese governments really believe that industrialization is crucial to mass employment and need to woo not just large companies but SMEs too.In contrast, Indian general public attitude towards industrialization is often poisonous. The bureaucrats are too slow to move, the politicians often careless and the common public think “industrialists” make a lot of profits, who just needs to be taxed high.It is far harder to start a factory in India and the interest rates are substantially high. Land prices near major cities are through the roof and the infrastructure abysmal. Thus, industrialists are not able to fully tap into India’s lower wages.Indians often moan about the low rate of innovation in India. We moan that very few things are made in India. To really make in India, the society has to put industrialization at the highest priority. It cannot be seen as lower priority compared to agriculture and other sectors.