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What Can I Buy My Dad For His Birthday

What should I get my dad for his birthday?

Time with his family. It's not the material things that matter in life, it's the relationships we have with one another.

I gave a letter to my dad and my brother for Christmas, and I think they appreciated it more than anything I could have bought them.

What should I get my dad for his Birthday?

My dad is turning 56 and he doesn't have any hobbies or interests that he has ever told me about. All he does is work all day almost everyday and on his days off he'll just sleep the entire day. I don't know a lot about him cause he has always puts his interests last and work first. I want to give him the best birthday present ever. Something that would be relaxing and all about him. No one has ever done anything special for him, and I feel that he deserves it especially cause he's worked so hard all his life. I don't live anywhere close to him, I live in Indiana and he lives in Florida, and I don't have a lot of money. Please help me think of something to get him. Thank you.

What should I buy for my dad for his 50th birthday?

My dad's birthday is coming up and I'm not sure what to get him. He's not into much just motorcycles and car races. My dad has money so if he really wanted something he could buy it himself. I'm looking for a gift that he wouldn't normally buy for himself. He is picky. He doesn't like golf or cheesey things. He does own his own business but he has everything known to man with his company logo on it.

Please help me find a cool gift for my dad's 50th birthday. Any ideas would be appreciated!

What to give my dad for his birthday?

What about a first edition (or as old as you can get/afford) of his favourite book? Or a print of his favourite picture or a good photo of his favourite place? Or your favourite photo of you and him when you were little in a really nice frame or blown up onto canvas that he can put on the wall? Or you could get a box or a basket and put his favourite things in it, like his fave coffee/tea/chocolate/wine, his guilty pleasure (whether that's Reece's Pieces or a jar of Sicilian salted anchovies or Cherry Coke in a glass bottle), a DVD of his fave film etc? If he's rich and just buys what he wants then that's good for you because it means value doesn't really matter but what he can't buy is personal thoughtfulness which is where you come in. If he's an animal lover then adopt whatever animal makes you think of him, or if he's humanitarian-minded you could make a donation to a charity or through some charities you can do things like buy a goat that will go to a family that's starving or a pile of schoolbooks for kids that live somewhere where education is difficult. Or tickets to see whoever he likes in concert or a show if he likes that kind of thing.

Gifts for dads birthday?

Does he like sports? If so, why don't you get him something with his favorite sports logo on it? If he's into fishing, try going to a tackle shop and get him a fishing pole with lures, bait, etc. If he's into cooking, get him something for the kitchen, like a new spatula, egg beater, etc. It all depends on what he's into. Hope this helps, and good luck!

What can I give as a gift to my dad on his 70th birthday?

Personalised gifts always make the best gifts as they are unique to that person and can be kept as special keepsakes. Try GiftsOnline4U for some great gift ideas. They even have a category for 70th Birthday Gifts >> 70th Birthday Gifts.