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What Can I Do About This Situation And Resolve It

How can I resolve a messy situation with a girl?

Straightforwardly, Honestly and don’t let it drag on. Guys constantly want to spare women. They act like jerks and get the woman to break up with them because they don’t want to be the bad guy. You are being a bad guy if you are letting someone off the hook and free to date somebody else. Honesty is always the best policy as corny as that line is. I don’t know what your messy situation is but being honorable is always the best way. You never know how life is going to play out and having enemies honestly and don’t let it drag on. Guys constantly want to spare women. They act like jerks and get the woman to break up with them because they don’t want to be the bad guy. You are being a bad guy if you are letting someone off the hook and free to date somebody else. Honesty is always the best policy as corny as that line is. I don’t know what your messy situation is but being honorable is always the best way. You never know how life is going to play out and having enemies is mostly avoidable.

How do you let go of situations you have not resolved or got closure to?

The past is the past, except when it’s the future.How the past becomes the future: when your mind needs it to define your identity.So it’s hard to let go of the past, if you’re relying on it to tell you who you are. This applies both to “negative” as well as “positive” events.If you feel guilty about something, for example, and you can’t let go of it, that would suggest that your mind is playing a tape that tells you who you are, in terms of the bad thing you did — “I am defined by my mistakes or misdeeds”.You can’t resolve that, because to resolve it would require giving up part of what you think is your identity. We’re all wired up to hold onto whatever defines us… even if it’s something bad.The same thing applies to “positive” events: the canonical example is the old soldier who sits in the nursing home every day, hoping the staff check on him so he can tell them about the day he saved all his buddies in battle. His identity is grounded in a story about the past, so he has to keep reliving it to know who he is.The past is never a good foundation for your identity. “Living in the moment” is nothing special, it just means that you’re not making this mistake of thinking that you’re defined by what happened in the past. Then each moment is a new opportunity to bring yourself forth in life, to engage with what is here and now authentically, and to face the future as an uncharted set of possibilities rather than just a place for the reruns to play out.

What can the US do to resolve the Nigerian Hostage situation?

I actually could see President Obama taking exception to this one.

How do you resolve a situation when you don't know what you've done wrong?

Sounds like a typical relationship issue, the one looks at the other with a disapproving look, the other asks what's wrong, no response... This is a serious lack of communication and if left alone it will create an ever larger communication gap, because someone either feels insecure in the relationship already or they will if they cannot talk to one another openly.A relationship that lasts is one that can be discussed in smallest detail, however in most cases it already has and at some point a mutual understanding occurs where the look alone will give the answer to the question that wasn't asked, this take years to reach in some relationships, others just seem to click.I suggest ask the question, tell them to stop trying to ruin what you have or let it be, resentment or guessing what the other thinks is like pouring water into a bucket at some point the water is going to overflow and when it does the water is gone, so will be the emotional bond in your relationship.

Moral dilemma time. How should this situation be resolved?

A pregnant woman leading a group of five people out of a cave on a coast is stuck in the mouth of that cave. In a short time high tide will be upon them, and unless she is unstuck, they will all be drowned except the woman, whose head is out of the cave. Fortunately, (or unfortunately,) someone has with him a stick of dynamite. The walls of the cave are too thick to be blown up by dynamite.And there seems no way to get the pregnant woman loose without using the dynamite which will inevitably kill her; but if they do not use it everyone will drown (except for the pregnant woman). What should they do?

Why do people say that crying won’t resolve any situation?

It is not accurate to say that crying doesn't resolve any situation. Even if crying only solve just an emotional problem that is still a problem solved. Crying can just be a way of letting it all out and sometimes that is the best solution to pent up emotions which is a problem. Crying may not change the world but a lot of times we are emotionally blocked and crying maybe the one thing to unblock us so we can move forward with our lives.I think people say that crying doesn't resolve any situation because they look at crying as meaningless but in reality, it is everything but meaningless. When a baby cry the baby is cared for. When a young child cry when they hurt their knee they are showing an expression of pain AND they get a hug and a kiss to make them feel better. When an adult cries it is perceived differently. It is perceived as sad and pathetic because what good will it do? When I see someone crying I give them a hug, I talk to them and let them know that everything is going to be alright. In many cases, I help them find a solution to their problem. So crying lead to brainstorming which eventually leads to a solution.I am talking from experience. After I was told that I am losing my eyesight I cried like a baby for days ok ok honestly for weeks. Afterward, I felt clear head. I got up, got a bowl of ice cream, found a solution to overcome my dilemma and I felt better. Like my sister told me in my darkest days sometimes all we need is a good cry to clear our heads. My problem was that I was emotionally blocked from seeing any solution and crying helped me let it all out so I can see clearly ^_^Even if crying only resolves an emotional issue it is still a problem solved.

What is the best way to solve love triangle situations?

I am not sure if it could be named “a love triangle” (as those that come from romantic literature). Yet I surely did experience a few situations where there was one woman and two or more men who did want her.In one of these, the woman in fact enjoyed the attention of all of them. And in fact would be able to have them all in the same time (not on one place together, but not needing to chose between them). She would be OK with them fighting each other for her, why not…Radical answer would be to say that “it can be easily solved by eliminating your rival”. And it can be done in a funny way or with violence. The more complex answer should be to ask if you need to waste your time with people who even consider having dual or multiple partners or even waiting to decide if you or that other one is the best for her/him. For me its a waste of time.And yeah, how does it feel? As a person who likes monogamy, seeing that your possible partner is into polygamy or simply teasing you by being with another, it stings. It sucks. But if you are ‘into the game too’, you can have fun. Its also fun to court her and to finally win over someone.Originally Answered: How does it feel being in a love triangle? How can it be solved?

How smart should one be to be able to solve every situation that may occur?

You need to be exactly as smart as God, to solve every problem that could possibly occur. God knows not only existing problems and their solutions but also past and future problems and their solutions. God also has infinite resources and is therefore able to implement all solutions.If you don’t want to use the word “God” then we could just say that you need infinite resources of every type to know, understand, solve, and resolve every possible problem that could exist in time throughout the universe.

What can be done to reduce the conflict situation between Christianity and Islam religions?

As I am answering this, 5–27–2018, 9:55am, there are 3 answers and 6 collapsed. I am dismayed at the content, except Kal Basin’s answer which speaks of Christianity AND Islam calling people to love.Both Christianity and Islam have adherents who preach love, and while I’m not sure of many things, I can state with utter confidence that those who speak divisively know too little about either or both religions.There can be no peace between any people who say “You have to become like me to be accepted (or holy, or saved, or correct).”Jesus said “Love others as you love yourself.” Christianity teaches”God is love” and that the one who does not love “does not know God”I will leave it to adherents of a tolerant, loving Islam to place quotes that echo this sentiment.It when when loving people rise up to compassionately face those who are divisive and hateful and demeaning, etc., that we can make progress.Rise up! and teach and speak and live love!

I am having a distressed situation with my family. how do I resolve it?

It would be easier if you could elaborate on your distressed situation.Assuming that your situation has something to do with your parents being oppressive about something you do and your defiance has led to the “distressed situation.”Firstly you need to realize that they love you and because of that they want to plan things out for you. They want to control you because they think it’ll help you in a certain way. What they don’t realize that its more important for you to follow your heart and do your thing.So here’s how you can deal with this oppression you’re facing and make them understand:TALK TO THEMMM!!!Staying quite in a situation like this will make it worse. Initially, when you’ll try to talk to them and make them understand, it may lead to a more stressful and oppressive conversation. But if you continue to stay calm in a situation like this, they will ease out and at least try listening to you.I hope this helps. Go talk to them!