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What Can I Do To Get My School Parking Ticket Dismissed

If a cop messes up on a parking ticket is it still valid?

There is no legal requirement to dismiss a ticket due to an error. The ticket is still valid.

Is there any way to get out of parking tickets?

First, yes, parking tickets are legal.You can contest SF parking tickets by mailing in the ticket and asking for administrative review. If they do not overturn the ticket, you can either mail in an additional request for review or go the to SFMTA office to contest a ticket. I'd recommend going to the office -- you're much more likely to be successful if you get to talk to the hearing officer.At the SFMTA they'll ask you to pay the ticket and wait for a hearing officer. They'll pull up your ticket & ask you questions about it. I've done this before and found the hearing officer was very reasonable. If you explain why the car wasn't there & present some evidence, they'll likely waive the ticket (and mail back your money in ~2 weeks).It sounds scary, but the hearing officers are reasonable people and will fix your problem if you act reasonably and have some evidence.

What is the best excuse to appeal a school parking ticket?

I recently gotten a ticket for having no visible permit from school because my brother took my parking pass and didn't put it back. the ticket is 40 dollars and my parents both lost their jobs. my brother dose not have any money and wont pay it. I feel so victimized. I wanna appeal it but don't know how

Parking ticket on college campus?

so i was fined 30 dollars on campus for parking without a permit displayed. i have a permit. it's just that my friend removed it and placed it in the glove compartment while she was dicking around the car the other day. then i forgot to place it back before rushing to class.

i'm not sure how strong of an appeal i'd be able to make with that story, but my parents are pushing me to complain.

but i wanna know if these campus parking tickets even go on your record. because if i can just pay them off without any repercussions (like skyrocketing insurance rates), 30 bucks really isn't a big deal compared to the time i'd be saving.

Best excuse for parking ticket?

So at my college we need a parking permit or else we get a parking ticket. And me being so dumb forgot to place mine today so they gave me a ticket. Its a whole $60 and im a college student so im broke. What should i do? I need an excuse... i mean i do have the permit it was even in my car :(

What is your worst parking ticket story?

I used to rent in Somerville, NJ where we used to have street parking + in house parking. In all the 500+ days I stayed there I parked on the street perhaps 10 times and I got ticketed 3 times on the same spot!! First time I got it for parking at a time where trash is to be picked up? It was snowing and I doubt it they really cameSecond time I re-read the signs to make sure that there are trash pickups on that day but parked in the wrong direction. i.e I came from right to the house on the left. I never thought that's a crimeThird time I came in the right direction and made sure I am the day/time was not same as 1 but still got ticketed because the trash timings have changed!Yeah, legally speaking there is my mistake in all the cases but it was still bad for me

I got a parking ticket while I was attending a college class. The car is on my parent’s name, so is the parking ticket, but my parent had nothing to do with it. What should I do? I found the ticket on the windshield of my car.

Well, as has been said, YOU incurred the parking ticket—it was YOUR act of negligence that resulted in the car registered to someone else to get a parking ticket assigned to it. Therefore, YOU pay the ticket. Similarly, should you rent a car and get a ticket, the rental agency will collect the money from you. It’s in the rental contract.Ignoring the ticket will only make things worse for the car’s owner, the fine will increase in time, they will be sent a Second Notice with a larger fine to pay. Let this go on long enough and they will not be able to register the car in a year or two. At that time they will have to pay many times the ticket fine, and probably more delay, paperwork and time to renew the registration.Suppose you owned a car, lent it to a friend who didn’t tell you about the ticket, then a month later got a notice of an unpaid parking ticket, originally $35, now $150? I, personally, would be looking for a better quality of friend.One thing you CAN do, is look carefully at the ticket. Is the licence plate number written on the ticket identical to the number on the car’s plate? If not, and the plate number is valid, some poor bastard will be getting a Second Notice in the mail. Then it’s up to the owner of that car to contest the ticket.This has happened to me twice, once in Somerville, once in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At neither time was my car parked at the place and time on the mailed notice. Cambridge’s notice stated the make and model of the car. The plate number on the ticket was mine, but the car described was not. I went to Cambridge to contest the ticket with my registration in hand clearly showing that my plate number was registered to a car not described on the ticket. Dismissed.In the case of Somerville, the mailed notice did not have a description of the vehicle, but had my plate number, that of my yellow 1971 Triumph TR6, the ticket issued on 31 December, a day I did not drive the convertible. The clerk dug into the files to find the original ticket, compared the ticket to my registration, asked me if I own a white Jeep, did I ever owned a white Jeep?, and the ticket was dismissed.

Is this a good reason to appeal a college parking ticket?

My boyfriend came to visit me this weekend at my college dorm, we were gone most of the day and he intended to leave for home that evening (home is about 2 hours away). He decided to go home later than we had planned, and when he tried to start his car it wouldn't start up. We decided to try to get a jump from someone in the morning since it was already getting late hoping that it would be okay for the night but in the morning we found that he had a $100 fine... I don't drive a car myself so I don't have a parking pass. I had some temporary visitor ones but they were used up when my parents came to visit me (often...) and it was obviously too late to go to the parking garage to get more.

I'm not sure if this reason will be accepted when we try to appeal this. Neither of us really has the money to pay this right now, I don't know that we will in 2 weeks time and of course we know that isn't an excuse.

Also, if I do submit this, I'll try to write it a bit more polished, but for this I'm just getting my story out there to see if anyone has any advice. :/

I got a ticket for checking my phone. Is there any way to win this in court or have them reduce the fine?

Presumably, as a responsible driver you knew that checking your phone while driving was illegal. Yet, for some reason, you knowing chose to ignore this and got caught. Part of being a responsible driver is to accept the penalties when you get caught breaking the law.Pay the fine and learn from the experience. Do not waste the court’s time contesting something you knowingly did.