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What Can I Do To Improve The Way I Look

How can I improve my looks?

So i want to tell u few important things about your looksAs people says looks are not that much important So i want to tell you that how you look represts your pleasant personality.The 2nd point is u must be well dressed and ur dress should b clean and fresh and also use deodarands which smells good n light.Another point is always wear a matching cloths and colour of cloth should suit your skin colour.Make hairstyle which suits you by knowing your your hair type, Your hairs must be well groomed.Dont use face powder its time to use face wash and to make oil free skin.Exafoliate your skin by using scrub atleast one time within a month .Do some exercise that your body posture should be good .Always use comformtable cloths that they should not too much tight or loose.And last but not the least must bring self confidence with you coz how you look, what type cloths you wear, if you are not confidant enough to face something which comes in front of you all these things are wastage.

How can I improve how I look in pictures?

Here are some simple checklist of tips and examples that will maximize your appearance by choosing a pose to get the best portrait possible. Here are the pictures with illustrations and more detailed description for each of these poses - Posing Tips and Tricks for Improved PortraitsBy using these simpls posing tricks you will be able to make your look on photos more dynamic, interesting, and flattering in any situation:Lean InCross Those ArmsMove Weight to One SideStrike a BalanceMove Forward to the Edge, and Keep the Back Straight While Taking a Seat

What can I do to improve my look and appearance? What rating out of 10 shall I get?

As i already said, in other answers, there are serveral things one can do to improve its appearence.First, you have things you should do in a daily basis:Skincare routine, morning and before bed. Wash your face with cleanser, put serum, moisturizer, and eye cream (sunscream in the morning). This will give a more clean and beautiful skin;Exfoliate your body and face once a week;Aply hidratante cream in your body every day, after bath;Brush your teeth twice a day, and use a dental elixir;Use shampoo on hair, every 2 days (one day, and the following day no).Use conditioner one, twice a week, on hair;Use perfume and deodorante that fit you, not the most popular. You have do find the right one;Use acessories, watch, sunglasses, whatever gives you confidence;There are also things that improve your look, in a more drastic way:Modern and clean haircut;Exercise 2/3 times a week;Work on your posture;Search about men style, so that you can apper in the crowd, but with good style;A beard adjusted to your facial structure.These are some of the things you can do. But you should also pursue your interests, take trips, go to new places. You will learn, you will feel new experiences, and find more things that you like. It will be good for you mental health, and it will give a more clear perspective about what you want in life.Right now, i think you look good, in that picture. Maybe 6-6,5 out of 10. Although it wasnt a good one, bad lightning, and you seemed sad so work on that.Gook luck!

I am getting bored of my look, any way i could improve?

I think you're quite skinny-looking, in a good way. umm you could buy some daring/different clothes to what you would usually go for. Thats what i do :) you could also experiment with not sure whether you wear dark eye makeup all the time but you should mix it up a bit..go natural or add colour or lip colour etc. i think your fringe suits you, but you could dye it a darker brown if you wanted to change your hair or put the fringe up into a quiff for a different style...

hope this helps!

I was wondering what i could do to improve the way i look?

I think you're cute already. It's hard to see your hair, but you should style it more. That's about it really.

How can I improve in my looks such as makeup,hair ? pics inside.?

I would like to have a makeup routine
and I dont know if I like my hair the way it is right now, Ill keep the colour but I would maybe like to change the bangs and style, will full across bangs suit me or no ?



to number 6.
thats my natural hair style
its curly
so a hair style that would look good with curly hair to please

How can I improve my body image :(?

I really don't like the way I look. My mom offered once to take me to a physiologist and she hates them! (So you have to know that the way I view my self is THAT BAD!!) mainly it's my legs, I was born with very chubby legs, I've been gong to gym but that only builds muscle and I'm worried that they look bigger :/ please help me how can I loose weight abducted feel better about myself. Thanks :)