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What Can I Do To Speed Up My Recovery

How to speed up recovery between sprints?

Normally the recovery for this type of work out would be to walk back.
If you are not recovering then you need work, and as you continue to do the training you will get better.
It is a matter of conditioning your body to have better sprint endurance.
There is nothing short of the work that will help you recover.
If you are doing intervals, they are always a percentage of your maximum speed, so when you can not meet the target time regardless of your effort, then you should stop the work out.
Do not continue to run when your best effort is not meeting the target times.

How do I speed up my recovery time from the flu?

Start up with bedrest, but then get out into the fresh air, (rug up in the cold) and go for a walk in nature. I also get a packet of Sodium Ascorbate which is the non-acidic form of Vitamin C and have a teaspoonful (1 g) morning and night. I make a lemon and honey drink with the juice from two lemons daily. You can also purchase a strong antioxidant from a health shop, that helps your immune system. I used to take Pycnoace, the Herbs of Gold brand which had Maritime Pine bark and grape seeds twice daily, but have been unable to find that any more, which is a pity because Maritime Pine bark, (also known as Pycnogenol) is great for curing the flu.

How do I speed up my recovery after effort?

I assume you mean how do I recover quicker after physical activity or injury?Rest, Stretch, Hydrate, Nutrition. Treatment. LearnRest on a good bed, in a quiet and dark room, with a slightly cool temperature for 8 hours per night. Sometimes moreStretch your muscles everydayHydrate. Your body needs clean water. Drink one gallon of water per dayNutrition. Lean protein, lots of veggies and some bread/riceTreatment. When you are hurt/sore/injured use heat, ice, mild pain meds, etcLearn what works better for your recovery

How can I speed up recovery of my broken toe?

When I broke the exact same toe that you broke, I did the following things to help it heal:

-ice baths: I filled up a bucket of water and sat there, soaking my toe in freezing cold water. Make sure you don't soak for more than ten minutes at a time, though, because longer than ten minutes on ice can actually reverse the anti-inflammatory effects of icing.

-elevation: when you're not soaking it in ice water, rest it higher than your heart on a pile of pillows.

-shoe selection. Don't wear shoes that push on that toe or aggravate it in any way. I wore sandals and gimped along on the inside of my foot.

-taping: pay attention to your doctor and keep it taped any time you're moving around. The last thing you want to do is rebreak it (trust me, I've done it).

-anti-inflammatories: the drugs your doctor gave you will also help bring down the swelling and promote healing.

-keep doing ankle and leg strengthening as you can -- you don't want to lose muscle tone in your leg. I recommend Thera-Bands to keep those muscles strong.

Speed up wrist sprain recovery?

I think i sprained my wrist, i was bouncing on my hands on a trampoline and i hurt it a bit. It was nothing at the time, and i treated it as nothing, its just frustrating now as i cant out weigth on it! I still have full mobility but I cant climb walls etc. How long will it take to heal, and when will i have full strength back? Are there any excercises i can do?

What can I do to speed up stomach flu recovery?

Like with any virus it's important to get enough rest and with a stomach infection, it's important to let your digestive tract relax a lot too.

Don't eat as much. Digesting food uses a lot of energy and will slow down the healing process.

Move from solid foods to looser foods to help the stomach muscles relax.

Drink lots of water, and if you a throwing up, Ginger Ale is a good option.

Eat absorbent foods like rice, bread, or vegetable soup to help you digestion.

Supplement your diet with pro-biotics (small bacteria that line your stomach). These come in powders or pills at the store and do a good job of replacing the damaged bacteria in your stomach giving a stronger defense against infection and virus in the future.

What are some ways I can speed up my recovery process for a sprained ankle?

Applying ice for 10–15 minutes to reduce swelling, ankle stretching exercises like ankle rolls, and using customised foot orthotics to reduce excessive foot movements are some of the ways to speed up recovery.That said, visit a foot specialist so that you can get the best treatment plan based on your specific conditions.Customised foot orthotics such as MASS4D® can be beneficial in a number of ways, especially if you have foot posture issues that cause frequent ankle sprains. For example, flat feet can cause excessive movements in the feet which can increase the risk of ankle sprains.So if you have a foot posture problem, the recovery process may take longer than expected. MASS4D® supports the feet in their best posture and removes excessive stress from the ankle. This allows the ankle to heal properly.Find out more about ankle sprains here.

Any way to speed up my vasectomy recovery time?

Vasectomy recovery time ranges anywhere from two days to a week, though you can expect to return to work and daily activities shortly after the procedure. You've only had a day and a half of recovery time so your swelling and bruising are very expected. It also depends which procedure you had. One involves pulling the vas deferens out a small incision and then severing it (longer recovery), the other uses little hemostats and kind of pinches off/severs the vas deferens (shorter recovery). So, depending upon which you had you can expect to wait a few days (I'd say 3-4) and up to a full week. If you have an office job you can return to work immediately. No lifting yet!
Also know that sperm can hang out for a few months so have your levels tested. Mind you, you can't get your lady pregnant again if she already is. Disregard that comment, then.
Vicodin is NOT an anti-inflammatory drug. It's a combination of hydrocodone, an opiate pain killer, and acetaminophen (Tylenol) which is a pain killer and a fever reducer. You may have reduced swelling if you take an NSAID such as ibuprofen, or get a prescription for Vicoprofen instead (hydrocodone with ibuprofen instead of acetaminophen).
That said, you'll be fine and dandy in a few days.

What are things I can do to speed up my recovery after getting circumcised?

Unless there is some compelling medical or religious reason to give up your foreskin, don't do it. You'll always regret it.