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What Can I Do To Stop My Period Pain

How can i stop period pain?

I have no idea what panadol is, but have you tried some ibuprofen or midol? Those might help. It's worth a try, at least.

Other than that, you can always lay there with a heating pad over your lower abdomen. That could help. Or take a long, hot bath (or shower if you can stand up).

I know you don't feel like moving, but exercise really can help sometimes as well.

And when you're on your period, and about a week leading up to it, try not to drink any (or at least not very much) caffeine. Caffeine will make your cramps worse. But I've heard citrus things like orange juice and pineapple can sometimes help them, so try to eat/drink some of that.

And if that stuff still doesn't work, maybe it's time you visit a gynecologist. You can always get on birth control. They usually make cramps more manageable. But at least seeing a gynecologist can maybe give you a reason as to why your cramps are so bad lately, so it's worth the visit.

How do i stop Period Pain?

Pain relievers like Advil, Tylenol, Midol, Pamprin. If you can't get them from her get them from another trusted adult.
Might be able to squeeze a prescription for Motrin 600 out of your doctor.
Take a really hot bath. Soak for a long time. At least 30 mins.
Try a heating pad if you have one..or a hot water bottle.
Ask somebody to buy you some Thermacare heat wraps. You can get them almost anywhere now-a-days.
Natural ways to ease your pain away are:
Have a Cup of Chamomile-Honey Tea.
Omega 3 Fatty Acids.
Exercise..even if you don't feel like it take a little walk.
Watch your favorite movie.. it helps you lounge around and get your mind off things.
Cuddle a teddy bear or favorite blanket. I'm 18 and this still helps me.
As far as diet:
*Avoid salty foods and alcohol, these can increase bloating by retaining water, and so make you feel generally sluggish as well as making the cramping worse.
*Drink lots of water, this can aid in avoiding bloating. This will also help with headaches or migraines brought on by menstruation. Also adding lemon juice, a natural diuretic can decrease bloating.
*Eat your greens, and a healthy diet can make you feel a lot better at the best of times, but during menstruation it can be a good pick up and help avoid that sluggish feeling.
*Avoid foods like dairy and caffeine, generally these can cause problems for people, during menstruation this can be particularly true, many find these increase period pains.
*Avoid soy as soy products are notorious for affecting woman's hormones.
*Reduce food intake before your period, this will help prevent bloating and so in turn help reduce cramps and general nasty feelings around your period.
**You might want to put a hold on those tampons.
Tampons can increase risk of infection, which can effect menstruation. There are certain brands that should be avoided, such as Tampax, these expand length ways rather than width ways, and as such they can expand into the delicate cervix increasing pain and crampy feelings.
Good luck..
Hope you feel better <3

How can i stop period pain?

If the period is really THAT bad - go to you doctor.

Periods can be painful but they dont HAVE to be and like i said above, if the pain is worse than you imagine is should be.. see your GP. There may be an underlying issue.

Otherwise if it is just normal everyday period pain..

Eat lots of green veg
Exercise - run jog walk swim stretch yoga anything to keep moving
Remember to breath regularly expecially when u are cramping
Ibuprofen/paracetamol - anything like that
Heat - apply heat to the area..

How to stop period pain!!?

If you are experiencing symptoms of menstrual cramps, it's important to see your doctor to be properly diagnosed.

Although certain natural remedies show some promise, there hasn't been enough research at this point to conclude they're effective. Here are some of the more popular natural remedies for menstrual cramps.

Magnesium, acupressure, omega-3 fatty acids, low-fat diet, vitamin E, vitamin B1, heat (such as a heat pack, warm bath/shower), aromatherapy, massage, calcium, chiropractic exercise or you could go to the chemist and ask them for something for the pain if none of the above-mentioned helps.

I would recommend that if painful cramps during your period is so bad that it interferes with your daily activities or causes you to miss work/school because of it, that you definitely see your doctor/gynaecologist for further evaluation as painful periods can sometimes be caused by conditions such as endometriosis which can sometimes cause severe pain from an early age (although the pain typically gets worse as the disease does more damage with each monthly cycle). Other causes can include fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease and sometimes a narrowing of the cervix (using all these conditions as examples only).

Hope this helps. Good luck :)

How to get my period to stop forever??

ok i am 17 in 3 weeks, and i no im pretty young but i can not handle my period any longer, i only get it around every 5 or so weeks, but when i do its soooooo frigen heavy all i can do all day is sit for an hour then have to change then sit for an hour etc etc, and for the first 3 days of it i have the most painful back in the world its usually the lower right side i can not take it anymore i get depressed when i get it and i just want to die,i am supposed to be going to 2 pool parties that are my close friends this week and now i cant even go and i have to come up with an excuse , please dont tell me that i can go because i cant, ive tried differant tipes of the pill and none have worked one just made me gain weight wich made me even more angry and my mum and doctor took me off them for good he just gave me somthing for my back pain but it doesnt do anything, i dont want birthcontrol pills anyway im not haveing sex , so what can i do i dont care if it means i cant have kids in the future ive never wanted them anyway, i just never want to get my period ever again its ruining my life

Why did my period stop after taking pain killers?

check this linkHeres all you need to know about taking painkillers on y...Nigeria News today & Breaking news ▷ Read Nigerian newspapers 24/7 › ✔ Health and beautyRead this before popping a painkiller for menstrual painWebMD - Better information. Better health. › Women's Health › ReferenceSteadyHealth | Ask. Share. Contribute | › ... › Therapies & Treatments › Drugs & Medications › Your Period › Stop or Postpone

What are the best ways to stop your period?

First of all, what is your age?If you are nearing menopause,i.e, beyond 50 years, it is okay to think or act in that direction because the body is on the way to natural menopause, but not at all suggested if you are lesser than 50.Moreover, even if beyond 50, nothing like getting a natural menopause than trying artificially.Artificially or forcibly menstruation can be stopped by following methods :- continued (daily without any break) intake of higher dose oral contraceptive pills-higher dose of daily intake of oral progesterone-Progesterone depot injection-progesterone subcutaneous implant-progesterone intra uterine contraceptive device-GnRH analogue depot preparation etc.None of the above methods are guaranteed as they are all temporary. They may give rise to irregular cycles or spotting for a long period in which case, result would be more troublesome than the cause.-surgical removal of either ovaries, uterus or both is a guaranteed permanent method of stopping menstruation. Also, when radiation is applied in indicated cases, stops menstruation.But, I will never advise any of the above methods, be it a temporary or permanent, until and unless there is a strong indication.Disadvantages of stopping the periods are many.GnRH or progesterone make the bones weak. Removal of ovaries or uterus gives crash menopause.Removal of ovaries, also uterus, reduces bone strength to a very great extent.Other disadvantages are increased blood cholesterol, increased risk of heart attack and faster aging process of the body.Therefore, until strongly indicated, one should never think of stopping their periods.-Dr.Rekha Rajendrakumar ,Infertility specialist and Gynecolologist.

How can i stop my period pains?

There are a few different things that you can do to help prevent or ease period pains. Some of these are;

Heat, such as a hot water bottle or a heat pad, relax your muscles and therefore help ease cramps. I would suggest using pads when you are out and about or in school and not when you are at home because then you can use a hot water bottle.

Chocolate stimulates your brain to make a chemical, called endorphine, to be made. Endorphine in your bodies natural pain killer and helps to supress pain and make you feel better

Relase gas
Sit in positions like flat on your back or on all fours to help relase gas and relieve pressure

Distract yourself
Watch a really good film or read your favourite book to disract yourself

Do some stretches or go for a jog around the block

Relieve stress
Relieve stress by doing activities such as yoga and massage the sore areas

Spend a day sitting in bed and sleeping

Take painkillers such as Ibruprofen or Paracetamol or painkillers specifically designed to target period pain such as Feminax

See the doctor
If your period pains are really bad and frequent, think about seeing your doctor about going on the pill. The pill gives you an extra dose or progsterone and tricks your body into thinking you are pregnant. These will stop your periods altogether, though

How to stop diarrhea during period?

I have had the same symptoms before but not consistantly. I just got a pelvic ultrasound done and they said it could be endometrial hyperplasia or endometrial polyps. I've also heard from other people that fibroids could cause it as well. I'm 32 and this has been a more recent thing, probably about the past few years it's been this bad. I take a prescribed dose of 500 mg of naproxen which somewhat helps, and I need to take it before the pain starts other wise I throw it up and get the chills sweating and diarrhea symptoms. I've been on top of taking it and it works well enough. My cramps are still a bit immobilizing, but I was told(at least in my case) that the sweats, chills vomiting and diarrhea were a result of the severe pain and cramping and the naproxen(anti-inflammatory to decrease pain and cramping) if it's taken before the cramps start, prevents the other symptoms. Since the whole abdominal area can be effected by the pain and cramping from the pelvic area. I also found out that the anti-inflammatory drugs work better than the painkillers. For the initial nausea you may get even with the early dose of naproxen, something like Dramamine or a medicine for the nausea may help before the whole other bunch of symptoms start. I don't have children and supposedly not having children increases the risk factors for some of these diagnosises. It's also supposed to be more common in very young women and women who are peri or post menopausal. At least for the endometrial hyperplasia and polyps. The only symptoms I don't have that's confusing is abnormal bleeding. I've found this post very helpful and informative. I've had doctors act like I was just being dramatic or something.

Can Ibuprofen stop your period?

Ibuprofen is an over the counter NSAID, often used to reduce the pain and discomfort of menstrual cramps. However, some people also experience a decrease in menstrual flow after consuming this.How does this happen?Ibuprofen works by disrupting the chemical chain of reactions that create various inflammatory mediators. This is the reason why it can reduce inflammation and hence reduce pain. However, the same chain of reactions is also necessary for the secretion of Prostaglandins.Prostaglandins are chemical mediators responsible for a number of things in the body. Prostaglandin E and F specifically are responsible for contracting the muscles of the uterus. Hence by decreasing the amount of prostaglandins secreted, Ibuprofen can reduce the amount (volume) of menstrual blood flow.This usually requires a large dose of Ibuprofen, usually around 800mg thrice a day. However, this should not be done for more than 3 days. Some individuals may be more sensitive to the drug and may feel this effect at lower doses.Either way, Ibuprofen is a good over the counter remedy to heavy menstrual bleeding and pain.Hope this helps :D