What Can I Do With A Degree In Media Study

What can I do with a bachelor's degree in Media Art?

A variety of career paths exist for bachelor’s degree-holding candidates. With this level of education, students might pursue work in the communication industry that intersects with film, including advertising, public relations, educational media, or freelance film work. Other students may choose to pursue an advanced degree in film or related disciplines, including film studies, American studies, library studies, and broadcasting/public communications. There also exists hundreds of options in between! Regardless of career goals, media arts students develop a wide range of skills that can be applied in a number of different industries and employment settings.Media arts involves the study and practice of film and video as art. “In the hope of understanding and enhancing the immense role of film and video in the modern world, the program offers the student a broad foundation in the purposes of art and culture...The Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts provides a liberal arts background which will enable the student to pursue further education and professional training” (from UNM’s Department of Media Arts website). The focus of the program is both international and interdisciplinary.

What can you do with a Master of Digital Media degree?

It really depends on a number of factors, ceratinly including: what you are good at and what you like doing. I got a Masters from NYU's ITP program in the late 1990s after working as a journalist for 15 years. So I brought that experience to my graduate studies and built on it.  While at NYU I experimented with digital design, software development, built numerous prototypes and learned a lot about collaborating. I studied with several amazing teachers and took a business course in NYUs business school. All of these experiences have served me very well; since I got my degree I have held senior digital media positions in cable TV, public radio and at two global non-profits.I had a successful first career and wanted to explore new directions.  I looked at my time in graduate school as a "sabbatical," a chance to push myself and learn new skills.  I worked much harder those 2 years than I ever worked as an undergrad and made great relationships with my schoolmates. Your mileage may vary, but I'm really glad I went to ITP, and quite a few of the people I studied with have been similarly successful.

Is a degree in media studies ultimately worthless?

I'm pretty sure it could help employ you. I've read that students who have graduated with major in media studies have gone on to be screen writers, film directors, and all that.

In my opinion though and from what people have told me (you know how I'm into film and all that) is that you should put all the fun stuff on the side. Like anything that may be an unsure thing in the future. Like do I know if I'll end up being a film director in the future? Hell no, I have no idea. I want to though, really bad. What I'd do is pick the path that you know you're sure has a career behind it. And I'm not saying pick something boring, obviously pick something related to this that you know that in the future you'll have a career in. That you'll have a job when you're out of school. Then while you're doing your job you can try out the stuff that had an uncertain future before and see how that turns out. And if it's better then you can leave your current job to do that. You know what I'm trying to get at here? I might contradict myself and I apologize. I've just lost the way to express myself. I think with the whole media studies thing, you'll be good though. You told me you'd like to work with television or film right? Will if that's what you like then I say go for it. Because production seems to focus on only one thing and I might be wrong here because I know nothing about it or what it offers, but it seems like it only focuses on production. Whereas media studies focuses on many things from what I've read. And with that on your resume you could apply for a job to do screen writing, producing, directing, or a radio/talk show host. There are just so many things to choose from. The only thing is, you have to know where to apply. You know?

Also, if money ever comes to be a problem. You should apply for a grant.

It's free money lol

Why is "media studies" not considered a real university degree?

So I come from a very technical family and my two older brothers are both in the field of science. One is studying chemical engineering and the other physics. Yet I chose to do my B.A. degree in "media and communication studies" and although I have better grades then my brothers, my parents don't take my studies seriously. My dad wanted me to study medicine which doesn't interest me, but now he seems disappointed and I can't even talk to him much about university.

So even though I'm happy with my decision, its still very annoying that my parents don't really take my university studies seriously and they seem much prouder of my brothers :(

Why is media studies seen as a "soft" degree? And what can I do for my family to accept and respect my decision?

Please give me some advise! This is really getting me down =(

Second degree in film studies - Bachelor or Master?

I can't answer the question as it relates to your specific discipline. I can, however, answer in the context of other social science and business disciplines - and you can extrapolate from there.

I graduated with a BA in Sociology and went on to law school. Both sub-disciplines are considered social sciences. But, with my Soc degree I was still eligible to get an MBA or Masters in Humanities.

Also, you have no idea how confused you are "by how things work afterward." Unless you're extremely independently wealthy, any "film studies" Masters isn't worth the paper it's written on. Either get a "real" degree or hit the work world - learn what you want about film theory online and read plenty of the works of the field's leading authors.

A "real degree"? Yea, like law, medicine, business, accounting, MPA, MSW - something that's marketable. (I don't mean to sound harsh, and if you're a trust fund baby, live the dream man - take the Film Masters...but if not...)

Is media studies a useless major? What can I do with it?

You can become more socially, politically, and culturally aware. You can learn some of the most interesting and important things you will ever learn, as well as create an appetite for knowledge on all things related to your chosen topics (you will zone in on areas you are most interested in) that won't stop (as far as I know). Seriously though media studies (or media, society, and the arts as my program was called) was pretty bad ass. What can you do after? A lot of jobs just require a four year degree, plus you studied media. Media is a pretty expansive word; wouldn't that give an expansive area for you to work in? This is no promise you'll find a great job right away, but I say give it a try, you can ways switch majors later.