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What Can I Get A Guy For Secret Santa

Secret Santa gift for a guy?

I think knitting him a scarf would be a really cool gift! The only other things I can thing of in this instance is gift card to Starbucks; a CD you think he might enjoy.......Mmmm, no. I'd get some of the really cool yarn they have out now and knit him a scarf. I think that is a wonderful gift!

Secret santa max $20 for a guy? ?

Get him a nice article of clothing. Whether it be a sweater, tie, or tee-shirt. If all else fails, ask his friends what his team or favorite show is and build off of that. Don't buy a gift card, they're terrible gifts.

What to get a guy for secret Santa?

axe or oldspice bodywash, cologne, deoderant
new wallet
new watch
dvd of his favorite tv show
cd of his favorite band or songs
poster of his favorite sports player, nascar driver, wrestler, etc
pair of sleep pants with his favorite team on it
gas card
gift card to his favorite resturant
gift card to Best Buy, Radio Shack, Sporting goods store, or Game Stop (its a video game store)
or if he's into his truck or car (if he has one) a gift card to Napa, Auto Zone, Advanced Auto
gift card to wal-mart or mall sohe can buy clothes
subcription to a magazine he reads (fishing, hunting, dirt biking, camping, racing, gaming, etc)
socket wrench/tool kit
ipod or mp3 player
itunes card (if he has a ipod)
subcription to X-box live (if he has an X-box and has internet connection)

What do you get a guy for a secret santa present?

get him a gift card. any type. like to target. or the mall. or like an american express one that works for every store (get these at walgreens, etc). depending on how much you wanna spend, thats up to you. hope i helped!

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What can i get my co-worker for secret santa?

Here's a funny one that someone did to me last year. Take a new role of toilet paper, buy $20 worth of scratcher lotto tickets and put them inside the cardboard roller part. Wrap it up and give it to him. At first when he opens it up, he'll he'll see the lotto tickets and think this is a cool gift and creative. And he'll have a laugh with his freinds about getting a "role of toilet paper" for a secret santa gift. Lotto tickets are a cool gift especially when you don't have to buy them yourself but have a chance to win more money.

Secret santa gift for a gay guy, any ideas!?

Here's what he likes:
Egypt, Archaeology, China, Japan, Tibet, Buddhism, Southeast Asia, Acting, Singing, World Religions, India, and wakeboarding
Favorite Music:
Techno, Coldplay, Incubus, Queen, Panic! at the Disco, Spamalot Soundtrack, Most Movie Soundtracks, Regina Spektor, DMB, The Beatles, Christina Aguilera, FAB, Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, U2, Greenday, Beyonce, Ben Folds, Thursday, Rise Against, Black Eyed Peas, Daddy Yankee, Shakira, Likin Park, Jay-Z, Sigur Ros, T.A.T.U., Beethoven, Imogen Heap, The Police, Tenacious D, Jefferson Airplane, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Evanescence, Boys Like Girls,
Favorite Movies:
V for Vendetta, Scoop, Black Dahlia, All Lord of the Rings, All Harry Potters, Red Eye, Flightplan, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Anything Monty Python, Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, Hero, House of the Flying Daggers, Ku
He loves asian culture (china india japan) & is buddist

Secret Santa! What is a good gift worth $5-$10 for a guy?

So.. we're playing secret santa in our advisory and i got this guy. i don't really talk to him bc we don't have any classes together, but i don't want to start talking to him bc it'll be really obvious that im his secret santa. What should i get him? 5-10 bucks. i also dont want to ask a friend to ask him bc he'll just say get watever.

$10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas (for a guy)?

I don't think you are cool with his weight because you kept talking about it. The postre above is right. It's ok if he makes jokes about being obeses, but it's not cool if you do it. So just buy him a gift with no regard to his weight. Buy him a gift card for itunes, or best buy. Or buy him something that has nothing to do with food or size. He may be trying to hide his insecurity through fat jokes.

Secret Santa-Gift for a guy?? please help D:?

SO, it's that time of year again. I'm a senior in high school and secret Santa is our tradition..i'm known as the Grinch, so that basically explains how desperate i am to finally give a present that at least isn't a mockery. (having hid caricatures in the gift bags more than once).

I have this problem where I go shopping for gifts with expectations that i will find something awesome,but always running out of time,i have to settle for cheesy christmas gifts, not very interesting.

The other problem is that i got a guy that i barely know, he's really quiet, and he's a musician (saxophonist,actually). I've searched the web for cool ideas but most of them where in the generic category. I'm not saying the gift can't be christmasy, i just wish it was something more..unexpected or unconventional.
The budget is $20. What are your experiences with gifts that you know had success to guys and so on?

What to get my 17 year old guy friend for secret santa. The maximum amout we can spend is 15 dollars?

hm, you can get him tons of things for 15 dollars such as:

card to starbucks or gift card or to his favorite stores
games at gamestop under 20 dollars
you could also give him the fifteen bucks to let him pick his own gift
a sweater