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What Can I Say On A Email To A Bank Manager To Increase My Chances Of Employment

If a HCL employee is being harassed, how would they complain?

You can raise an incident ith the HCL portal under Self Service Desk. I would say, send an warning email and keep cc your manager, the person's manager and if you want HR. If you raise SSD, they will take action against the person if it's proved that he/she commited intentionally. It will lead to some strict disciplinary actions against the person. I would say, don't ruin anyone career at the first instance but if it's been repeated intentionally post the email/manager/HR warning then go for SSD. HCL is very strict when it comes to disciplinary violations.

How do I complain if bank manager is denying for mudra loan?

You can complain to higher authority of the bank but sanction of mudra or any loan to some one is complete discretion of branch manager based on you credit hiatory, feasibility of your project your past experience . MUDRA loans are granted without collateral but still it is based on manager's judgement and he remain responsible for performance of that loan.Still if you think your proposal has strength and manager had rejected it without any consideration you can complain.

What is the procedure of repayment of a educational loan in India, when to start repay?

I recently started repaying my education loan after 1 year of graduation. I got no calls from bank side until more than a year since i graduated. One day bolt from blue, I got call from manager and he told me that i had the overdue since last 7 months but then i fought for no gerting any intimation or remainder from bank side. He accepted the bank mistake and agreed to reschedule the repayment 5 month later which is exact after twelve month of my graduation. I wrote an application for reschedule and sent him a scanned copy of application over email. I couldn't go to bank branch as i was working in other city.Generally, you can start repaying the education loan after 1 year of your graduation or 6 month after getting job, whichever is early.Procedure of loan repayment:There is nothing much to worry about repayment. Bank manager will take your account detail and will put it on auto deduction on a particular date. The EMI amount will be deducted from your account automatically on monthly basis.Extra note: Be in regular touch with bank if you are not hearing anything from bank side regarding your loan repayment. There are strong chances that they people started your repayment but didn't inform you(mostly happens in govt bank).EDIT: I have been receiving many pings regarding reschedule. I am reiterating it that it all depends on your bank manager and how you deal the situation.If you had missed the payment then you are liable to pay the fine even if bank didn't notify you. It is well written in your loan agreement docs.It is always advisable to deal such scenarios professionally.Thanks

Someone sent me a check for buying software and office equipment for a job?

They wanted me to deposit the check in my account(I did) and then send money to a vendor for the software. Sounds fishy so I am not going to touch the funds until the check clears. Am I in trouble? I think this is a scam.

Are resume writing services worth the money? Anyone try service?

I'm in a situation that is prompting me to look for another job (before I get laid off). I'm wondering if getting my resume re-worked by a service would be worth the money. I had review my resume and they ripped it to shreads. Of course, for a modest fee of $645, the will make it all better. Anyone has experience with this? Please help!

Tips for Bank Teller Interview?

So I have an interview at a bank tomorrow for a Bank Teller position, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on what I should do/say at the interview. Yes, I already know how to dress and act confident, but what kinds of questions will I be asked? What kinds of qualities is the interviewer seeking? What can I say or do that will make me look very convincing and irresistible to the recruiter? Any advice of any kind is great and highly appreciated.

Help with sales/marketing resume?

What should I put for my skills? I have 2 years cashier and customer service experience. It's a sales/marketing job and I have an interview later today are there any special skills I should include? I have my current resume set-up for a bank teller position I want to spice it up and make a few changes to suit the sales/marketing job. Thanks in advanced best answer will receive 10 points.

this is my current resume-

David Cho
6363 Beadnell Way Apt 137
San Diego, CA 92117
Telephone: (858) 357 5537



• Over 2 years of cashier and customer interaction experience
• Highly organized and detail oriented
• Superb customer service skills
• Able to multi-task
• Familiar with MS Word, Excel, and additional computer programs/software
• Able to type an average of 40 wpm.
• Familiar with bank and data transaction reconciliation


High School Diploma, Garfield High School,
San Diego, CA
Currently: Major-Business-Mesa College,
San Diego, CA
Computer Skills: MS Word, Excel


Zion Market, San Diego, CA 09/2005-11/2007
• Provide excellent customer service by assisting and tending to customers
• Process customer purchases
• Maintain and balance cash drawer
• Process monetary transactions


Leader in the youth group of See World Baptist Church

Over 3 years of volunteer work at local recreation centers

I am 28, Married working as PO in Indian public sector bank. My job kills me. Does quitting make sense?

At first i was engineer.i have 0 interest in coding.Mine was computer science..the day I got degree from college I left the town..I was placed in a company..I didn’t join..why?because I thought if I didn’t enjoyed studying computer science for 4 years how will I enjoy working as a software engineer for the rest of my life..I quit..then what to do..I was always interested in Gov job..I prepared for 3 month..and I got to crack many exams but final selection was in 2 bank..SBI and IDBI..I joined SBI..after working for 3 years at SBI I realised that I can influence people to do better ..people will listen to me ..when every staff in my bank refuse to do some legitimate work people looks at me as last resort..I like helping people..then I realise why not make profession of helping people to get out of their misery..i start looking for the option and then I find becoming IAS,IPS is the best thing that can directly help people..this was the best shot..I took risk age of 29 I resigned from SBI and now preparing for take risk in your life..if you succeed then you can lead the people,if fail you can guide the people…you get life for once whatever you want, so that you never get a chance for compunction that what would have my life been if I had done that one thing..