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What Can I Wear With These Shoes

What can I wear with these shoes?

a cute pair of flair jeans, and a top like some of these......
Hope this helps. Also try some funky bangles or a chunky bracelet.

What can I wear with these shoes?

Things that are simply or elegantly cut - it is best if they are both. Like shorts, very short skirts, certain types of flowing boho dresses (for example the bell-sleeved). You can even wear a stylish blazer with shorts with the shoes. The dress you want to go for should be either body-tight or rather flowing, but not too much. (No long trousers - not even skinny jeans! But if you desperately want to go with them, usue only skinny trousers and never flare. With the skinny trousers, use a boho, bell-sleeved shirt).These sandals REQUIRE beautiful, slender, long, shaven legs, because they are going to accentuate every imperfection on your legs, and also make it shorter. They look bad on really fat people, so make sure you are not very overweight or even obese. Also, do not wear these with tutu skirts - you would look like a clown. And now the last and the most important thing - if you choose these sandals, never over-decorate your body or clothes. You may go with stripes or florals, but then again, the rest of your dress must be without any other print (two prints at the same time, if you want to look more wild). Wear simple jewelery, clean cut hairstyles (pixie and bobs look great with these, but also long, flowing hair, or clean, sleek ponytails) and overally "clean", simple look. How do I know? I used to work in two showbiz magazines and sometimes had to collaborate with fashion stylists.These are the dresses that go with it - but notice the messy hair and how they give the girls a rather "bed" look, especially when they chose to wear these sandals. They can make you look like a hobo with a badly chosen dress.

What can I wear these shoes with?

HeyRed is indeed a loud colour. You have to be very picky with where you wear it! Consider a few outfits it goes with, very well-White shirt and printed bottoms.Full length white dress or jumpsuitBlack dress!or a more casual outfit!A White dress.Hope it helps!

What do I wear with these shoes?

Light blue jeans with a shirt/sweater/tee in any color. It will look great.Another option is a tricolor scheme.

Should I wear socks with these shoes?

They remind me a little bit of water shoes, but I definitely saw someone’s comment about slip ons and I agree.Honestly, I think it depends on your comfortability. And yes, I made up that word just now. If they feel uncomfortable without socks, wear socks. Especially when first wearing them so you can help prevent blistering until you get the shoes worn in. But I’d say like a running sock or footies or whatever you want to call them. Athletic socks.I will say it’s totally cool to not wear socks though. I’ve never worn socks with my classic Vans and really the only time I was uncomfortable was when I first broke them in because of the rubbing on the back of my heels. I will say if they get wet while you’re wearing them or you sweat in them, they are going to smell. Nothing a good throw in the washer can’t fix or let them air out outside for a day or two.

Should we say 'put on your shoes' or 'wear your shoes'?

“Put on your shoes” assumes that you aren’t wearing any at the time and should start to do so. You slip your foot into the shoe, tie the laces, snap the buckles, or whatever may be involved.“Wear your shoes” can be taken in two senses, both of them imply a certain amount of continuity. (1) It is appropriate when you already have shoes on and for some reason aren’t sure whether you should take them off. (2) Also, a common use for the expression is in describing proper attire for some future event. E.g., “Wear your shoes when you visit the king’s palace!”

What can I wear with these shoes that would look great?

Those are Nike Air Max Pluses, first introduced in 1998, with the Tuned Air midsole. When they first came out I thought they were the most beautiful athletic shoes I had ever seen. My first pair was in the Hyper Blue colorway (this picture doesn't really do them justice).They're very comfortable; I walked a marathon in that model and the support was terrific. You'll enjoy wearing them. I think they need to be worn with jeans and crew socks or with shorts and ankle socks. Experiment. And enjoy!

Hey, what do i wear with these "oxford" shoes?

you can wear them with anything like skinny jeans, skirts and dresses

What shoes are these people wearing?

The name of these shoe is “NIKE VAPOR SPEED TURF SOLAR FLARE”.These are sports/training shoes.