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What Can You Wear With Black Attire Does It Only Have To Be Black Or Can You Wear Other Colours

What does "black and white affair" in an invitation mean? is it to wear black and white or anything formal?

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Anymore the standard "dress comments" on an invite fall on deaf ears so to speak. There is always one guest who is clueless or simply does not care and dresses otherwise. "Black Tie", "Business dress", "Casual", and "Cocktail" all speak to the level of formality. A "Black and White Affair" would be something to which you wear black and white. That I have heard these are formal, however, the time of the event will be indicative, normally a 4 pm barbeque would not imply formal attire, catch my drift? If the person whom sent you the invite is someone you know well, just ask their intentions, as far as dress code. They will appreciate that you are making the effort to "play the part." Many hosts/hostesses set dress codes to see people out of their everydayness and make there soiree an "event."

What color tie to wear with a black suit to a "black tie optional" event?

"Black tie optional" means that black tie is appreciated but not required. Whatever is required in absence of a tuxedo or dinner jacket, is a very formal lounge suit, that could be black, but could also be dark navy, midnight blue or charcoal. Unless you need to attend funerals regularly there is no point in buying a black suit and I don't think a black suit is the next best choice to a tuxedo or dinner suit under that circumstances, it is however of course acceptable.When wearing a dark and formal lounge suit, I would always stay away from trying to dress it up tuxedo/dinner suit style, that always gives the impression that you just couldn't afford the tuxedo/dinner suit and try to get away with a black suit as a stand in.If you're wearing a dark lounge suit to "black tie optional", just wear a normal white shirt (no other color acceptable here) and please don't wear a black bow tie. Just wear a normal unpatterned tie (very small near uni patterns or very subtle weave structures would be okay) in a muted color, dark red, dark green or something silverish/greyish will work usually. Wear a white pocket square with that and nicely polished Captoe Oxford shoes and while the guys in tuxedo/dinner suit may still look sharper, you will at least look sharper than anyone putting up the "wannabe tuxedo" look.

What does a formal attire look like?

Hi There,In a sense, dressing for formal events makes the decision making the process easier than more casual events. Because the option of garment type has been decided at formal events, the remaining details are few. The whole purpose of the black-tie format is to give an almost militaristic, rank-and-file tone to the important occasion.When men's formal clothes is worn knowledgeable, the black-and-white tuxedo or suit appears as a foil to an accompanying woman's bright dress. Please note that some of these terms are only for North America, as the English and Europeans have their own terminology. The same word does not always have the same meaning.

Is it ok to wear a black tie to work?

If it is just whether to wear a simple black color tie to work - sure you can - as long as it is work appropriate.I mean if you are in a field that allows the wear of a necktie, then a black necktie is totally fine to wear to work.But, if your question alludes to ‘black tie formal’ meaning a tuxedo or such like - then unless you are working as a butler or something, it is definitely not appropriate attire for work.thanks.Richard - Senior Sartorial Advisor at -Member of The Association of Sewing and Design Professionals of America.Licensed Manufacturers for Lions Club International.Licensed Manufacturers for Rotary International.*We are proud to be an Equal Opportunities Employer.*Meet our travelling tailors for a free one on one consultation at

Can I wear a black knee length dress to a black tie wedding?

Long dress or a formal knee-length. If your dress is black and made of a luxurious fabric, or you have great jewellery, that is fine. As long as it isn't a sweater dress or some casual cotton knit from the Gap that you'd wear to college! The couple have indicated that they are having an elegant, dressy affair and they don't want people turning up in jeans. This is a great time to be able to wear the same glittery jewellery that you'll be wearing at the Christmas or New Years' party. Add some patent black strappy stilletos or silver stilletos and you're set!

Can i wear a black tuxedo to a funeral?

No. However it does not seem that there is such a strict dress code as there used to be for funerals. It used to be only acceptable for mourners to wear dark colours such as navy or black, but it would appear that grays and khakis have been thrown into that mix. If you are a man, a blue blazer and khakis are acceptable, just make sure you wear a sombre tie (very conservative) . The key here is to show respect both for the deceased and the surviving family.
It also depends on the person who has passed. If he was a biker, it would seem silly to wear a suit, right? Sometimes, it is a good thing to reflect the likes and dislikes of the person who has passed.
Just let common sense rule your judgement when it comes to clothes.

Can you wear black to a wedding?

I wear black to weddings all the time. I'm not sure where you are from, but that might have a lot to do with it. I'm from the northeast and I've never even heard this subject debated about. If you say you're wearing black to the wedding, no one bats an eyelash.

I were black to most of the weddings I attend, and I'm never alone in my color choice. There are always a lot of other women wearing black as well. They look very tasteful and elegant.

A black cocktail dress can't be in the same family as a black outfit you'd wear to a funeral. They are too completely different types of dress. I love that store you're talking about and I've gone in there many, many times. I know what type of dresses they sell and they aren't the type of garments you'd be wearing to a funeral. They have very elegant, tasteful, stylish and sophisticated dresses. I'm sure your selection is 110% aappropriate

So, I disagree with your mom. Black isn't taboo anymore. The only taboo colors at a wedding now are white or anything in that color family (like champagne, ivory)

Why do some people wear all black clothes?

(PRETTY & SEXY WOMEN IN ALL BLACK CLOTHING, HOSIERY, SHOES & LINGERIE)BLACK is a very powerful, dark colour that symbolizes classy, luxury, elegance & wealth. It can be seriousness, professional, modern & formality. Black colour can also represent sexy, glamour, mysterious & sophisticated.Stylish clothing is often designed in black colour overall, such as the women's sexy dresses, hosiery & lingerie, men’s suits & formal tie outfits. Sexy black lingerie creates a sense of mystery & intrigue, making the black colour as a safe choice of underwear for women.BLACK is a colour that fits in almost any designs & combined it with other colours which can have a very strong impact. It will adds contrast & makes other colours stand out more. Black colour is also the absorption of all colours & the complete absence of all lights.We all use black colour at different times in our daily life. Some of us using it to hide our weight, while others using it to hide emotions, fear, depression & insecurity.BLACK is a visually slimming colour for any clothing. Just like other dark colours, in interior designs, black can make a room appear to shrink in size.Men often choose the black colour clothing, due to it gives an impression of elegance, power & confidence while women often linked it with something sexy, sophisticated & seductive.Teenagers often have a psychological need to wear black clothing at the stage of their life, where they go from childhood innocence to the sophisticated adulthood. It means the end of a part of their life & the beginning of something new.It allows them to hide from the world, while they discover their own unique identity. It is important for them to go through this stage, but there is reason for concern if they continue into adulthood, keep wearing only black clothing & excluding all other colours as well.Too much of the black colour can cause depression & mood swings, & will creates a negative environment. If you use other colours together with black colour, which is recommend, they will add positive energy.Therefore, black colour should not stand alone.

Can you wear black to a wedding? If not, why?

Along with white, black is another colour that is best avoided at an Indian wedding because the colour is considered very inauspicious in an Indian context. Even though it is a basic colour that many women prefer for its sensuous appeal, it is advisable to stay away from it while picking your outfits. It will not just attract undue attention, but will also make you stick out in a crowd that is dressed in vibrant festive colours. Since the idea is to gel with the crowd while also setting yourself apart through your sense of style, we’d suggest you to stay off black.Among colours, black and white are the only ones that come into our mind when you ask us what colours not to wear to an Indian wedding owing to traditional beliefs around the colours. But aside from these colours, we would also suggest that you try not to wear red. The colour is traditionally associated with bridal wear and it is most likely that the bride will wear an ensemble with lots of red in it. On the day of her wedding, it is best to allow her to bask in the limelight. Therefore, we suggest that you choose a different colour while picking out your ensemble for the wedding.You can also Purchase Online for Black Sarees Online Unnati silks,largest ethnic online Indian shop offers exquisite sarees with matching blouse for sale. The Online shopping store has the widest range of ethnic Indian Sarees and Salwar Kameez. At Unnati Silks, you can buy online unique, fancy, exclusive collection of Traditional, Wedding, bridal attire, stylish, party, trendy fashion, formal, corporate, office, daily casual saris in silk, cotton, sico, art silk, georgette, chiffon, dupion, tussar, organza, crepe, gicha, jute and other fabric varieties at attractive prices.Black Sarees:You can purchase online at Unnati silks and the products will be dispatched within 24 working hours of placing the order.For more Beautiful sarees Online Visit:Pure Silk And Cotton Saris from India @Unnati Silks

Can I wear a black dress to a wedding (an afternoon wedding)?

black is traditionally frowned upon for female wedding guests' attire. Not only is it normally connected with mourning, there is a traditional idea that wearing black to a wedding is either a statement of disapproval and/or a source of bad luck for the couple.

However, in the past 10-15 years, the practical application of this tradition has become much less-followed. The "little black dress" is almost a uniform of sorts for semi- and formal occasions in some social circles-- and especially for the more and more popular evening weddings, some brides actually approve of this sort of attire.

Since it was the bride, originally, that was likely to be offended by a female guest wearing black, certainly if the bride doesn't mind (or even encourages black attire, which is not as uncommon as one might think) , it's less important to follow the "no black" tradition.

Regional and social circle differences in what's considered "gauche" (as well as the feelings of the couple) DO play a part in this sort of decision. Whenever there's any doubt, I recommend people choose a color other than black-- and that they ALWAYS avoid white and off-white. And personally, I never wear black to weddings, even if the bride doesn't mind-- that's just my preference.

However, I think one can no longer say, definitively, that black is ALWAYS wrong for a wedding guest's attire.

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