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What Causes My Automatic Door Locks To Lock Repeatedly While I

Automatic door lock and unlock module?

my automatic door lock and unlock module locks my doors and unlocks then at any giving time while im on the road or stoped..the module clicks like crazy and think it was the reason my bat was gettin drained..its a 1994 oldmobile royale why is this goin on and how can i fix it i cant jus unplug the mod eather wires run straight in....thx

Why do the auto door locks on my 04 ford focus keep cycling while moving?

there;s ur sign...relay is broke,,,replace it,,,

My car door keeps locking and unlocking itself repeatedly power locks)?

i had the driver side door handle replaced the door opened and closed just fine. then when i locked it it wouldn't open so i went in through the passenger side and hit the lock. my locks kept locking and unlocking itself repeatedly with the key in switch in the on position. when i take key out it stops. when i put back in and hit the lock repeats itself.. Help please. car is a 97 nissan maxima.

typically the what's the transmission is put into drive and the vehicle is exceeding 12 km an hour or more it will automatically lock the doors.this helps protect people opening the doors at low speeds. ( kids /grandparents etc.)okay if the vehicle gets into an accident and accelerometer registers enough impact to open the airbags the locks will automatically unlock.alternatively I believe alternatively I believe the mechanics can go into the car sensors a computer program and change that for you. In the Honda Civics for example there's an i-mid system. that you can enter and customize the vehicle to your liking.You can just make one door unlock or all euther at those speeds of when you shift into park or drive depending on your preference

My dodge, durango has auto locks that keep locking and unlocking on there own. How do I stop them?

Power door locks lock and unlock constantly.
Tests/Procedures: 1. Try disconnecting the battery, hold the cables together, reconnect the battery.

2. If the problem comes back, check the grounds for the Central Timer Module (CTM).

3. If the grounds are OK, replace the CTM.

There is also a TSB for intermittent lock operation.
It involves water getting into door lock switches.
Need to replace all door lock switches
Good luck

Why don't my power door locks unlock? They lock just fine.?

Just got back from a nice day trip today, on our second stop I was able to unlock all the doors fine, however, when we returned to the car I hit the unlock button (interior switch), and only my door (drivers) unlocked. All the other doors remained locked.

Then when I unlocked all the doors manually and hit the lock button the doors all locked, but once again all the doors except for the drivers door refused to unlock when I hit the unlock button.

My first thought was the door lock actuators, but then I was wondering what the odds were that 3 door lock actuators died at exactly the same time without any warning. Perhaps this could be my warning sign that they are all dying since the door locks will lock when the button is pressed?

Someone mentioned a fuse, but if it were a fuse then wouldn't the power door locks just cease to function altogether.

Then my dad suspected a bad ground somewhere. But what are the odds of the ground for each actuator dying at the same time? Unless they are all connected to a common ground.

I don't know, electrical is one of my weak areas when it comes to working on cars. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. The vehicle is a 95 Suburban, so having to unlock all 4 doors manually is a real hassle because the truck is so

There are a lot of really dubious if not dangerous answers here.First off - anything you install should be easy to remove from the secure side and not prevent someone locked in from getting out - in case of a fire you don’t want to be trapped. Coins or a door stop around the door may not be something you want to get more stuck in an emergency situation.If you’re going to be in the room when you want it secured, there are a variety of door bars that brace the door knob against the floor and are pretty simple to remove. There are some products like the “Door Jammer” that wedge the door in a manner that makes it easy to remove in an emergency. The “Bully brake” will secure some offset hinges. There are other products such as “Addalock” or the a variety of “travel lock” that will secure a door closer to the knob.For securing the door when you’re not in the room, there are a variety of door knob/lever “lockout cover”s that you place over the knob and secure with a key. There are also a few ”temporary construction locks” that are designed to secure doors without drilling into the frame or door.For securing the door when you’re not in the room, make certain that the device used can be removed when you’re IN the room, so that it can’t inadvertently lock you or someone else in the room, be that as a joke, intentionally or by accident.

An actual locksmith can make a key to a standard lock. Some locks are higher security and not every locksmith may be equipped to work on these more complex models. To ensure that you are calling the right locksmith out, take a look at the lock and find out what the name of the company is, who made your particular lock. The name should be on the lock cylinder or on the latch (side of the door). When you call tell the person on the phone the manufacturer’s name and be sure they can indeed make your key, that way there should be no problems later.There are currently many companies operating in the locksmith trade who are not actual locksmiths. I call these people scammers— they will advertise a price that is significantly lower than a real locksmith and they will have little to no knowledge or parts. They like to answer their telephone with ‘Call Center’ — if you hear this when you call, simply hang up the phone and call a real locksmith. These locksmith scammers will sometimes repeatedly call you back. attempting to bully you into using their service. If you allow a lock scammer to work for you, don’t be surprised when the low prices you were quoted on the telephone are doubled, tripled or even raised higher, by the time your job is finished. Last time I saw a lock scammer install a deadbolt lock, the charge wound up being $1,300— In the same place, my fee would have been $175. I am continually shocked when I hear a client complain to me about these type events & I always wonder, why even pay someone who overcharges so much?

How do I fix my power door locks?

Sounds like its the switch. Should be a relatively simple fix. Take it to a shop or Ford dealership or pull the master lock switch from the driver's door panel. Test the harness to make sure that it is providing power to the switch (should be, being that the rear door lock functions). It is a popular issue with 97+ ford trucks to need window or door switches. No worries, the entire master switch shouldn't be more than 120 bucks, and with enough patients you can repair it yourself in the comfort of your own driveway. Good luck..