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What Celebrity Has People Told You That You Look Like

What celebrity would you say people say you look like?

We never see it in ourselves. Sometimes, (probably most of the time) these similarities are based on subtle angles, and it’s hard to find photos that show precisely what people are reacting to.When I was younger, people said I looked like Sigourney Weaver.. similar jaw, small features, large eyes. See below.As an older person, I’ve been told I look like Annette Bening. Maybe our chins are similar— I think it depends on the hairdo too..!This is me in black and white, and below, Annette in color.Me here, and Annette below.Sigourney Weaver below, then me in black and white, around 1976–77. We don’t really look alike but you can see why someone might have thought so.

Have you been told by someone that you look like a celebrity? Which celebrity do you look like?

People always tell me that I look like Aubrey Plaza/April from Parks & Recreation.Here’s a still of April:Aubrey PlazaAnd here’s me

What celebrity has someone told you that you looked like?

When someone told me for the fourth time that I looked like Sheri Moon, I decided to Google the name. Turns out her last name is Zombie. She is Rob Zombies very beautiful wife. I took it as a HUGE compliment. Not only is she beautiful but she is also a successful actress and business woman. She and Rob are super cute and cool together. She acts in his movies. She also has a successful clothing line called Total Skull. Of which I own quite a few pieces.Years have gone by and I don't so much look like her like I used to. I used to be able to trick people using her as my Dopplegager, they would insist her picture was me. One Halloween my ex and I decided to dress like Sheri and Rob for Halloween while we were in Vegas. People actually thought we were them! One girl was walking by us on her cellphone, she gets closer and closer to us then says on her way by to the person on the other end of the phone, “ no, it's not them.” I had fun that night.

How should I react when people tell me that I look like a XYZ celebrity?

Dear friend,It is great that you are conscious about words coming from others.Have a look on some blogs of Shri Prashant Tripathi. How beautifully he described!I got his answers very helpful and to the point. It helped me in various situations. It might help you also. I fetch some excerpts here for you.When some one appreciate you or make you feel bad about yourself what exactly has been happening?Ear hears a particular word. Mind interprets the meaning of those words and ego decides whether the word is pleasing or not.In this whole scenario, the actually Player is the ego.It always try to attache with other objects. That's why, you want to react in any situation.But the pity ego does not aware of the game of salvation. When it praised by the appraisal of external situation or object, it gives the right of getting hurt by the external situation as well.When someone denotes you as XYZ celebrity, what exactly he/she trying to say?They make you feel, that something is missing in you. You are not good enough with what You are.They try to convey the message that you should be like something which is good in their eyes.They try to fit on a frame which suits them.By doing this, they make you feel unworthy about yourself, and they try to change you according to their own will.This makes you a slave of society. You try to become like that and you forget about your own real nature.See, you are wonderful and beautiful as you are. Why should you be change?This is all about the intention behind the game of Appraisal and deprecation.What about your reaction?Now have a look, what should you do, when someone appraise or deprecat You.Just be the observer of the moment. don't react eagerly. See that, if the fellow can make you feel good about yourself, he can easily make you feel unworthy and dissatisfied about yourself.Realize the salvation behind your own reaction.It is really great fun to observer our own actions. Thanks to Shri Prashant Tripathi and his wonderful blog:  Words Into Silence.Who taught me observation and to be attentive and aware in the most crucial moments of influence.

What celebrity do you look most like?

I'd say Brad Pitt, but many disagree. So screw them.

Rebecca Demornay, eh? She's hot. As Joey Tribiyani would say "How you doin'?"

If someone said you look like a celebrity...?

Yes! They are all very beautiful people. Gemma Ward is actually considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. These three people are gorgeous in a non-slutty way, so I think it is a compliment if someone says you look like them.

What celebrity do you look like?

i don't look like a celebrity. but a lot of people tell me i look like someone they know.

Are you often told you look like a celebrity? Can you post side by side pics?

I've had a lot of people tell me that I look like Janis Joplin, but I just don't see it.The only thing we may have in common is our hair, and possibly the lip shape as well. Otherwise, I can't really see the resemblance.