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What Color Ipod Should I Get

What color iPod Touch 5 should I get?

I'm a guy

I was trying to decide whether to get a red or black iPod touch 5. I like the back or the red, but not the white front. Also I don't really care about the black one (I don't like or hate it). But those are the only 2 colors Im deciding between.

I was thinking that I should get the black cause cases would look cool on it, but not on the red one. But then I thought I should get the red since red is my favorite color and the back is AWESOME in red.

Should I even get a case? I heard its made of annodized aluminum, which is practically indestructible. If I do get a case, it'll probably be a otterbox when they make one. The iPhone 5 otterbox is cool and since the new iPod is the same shape now as the iPhone, it would look like the iPhones.


Which color of an iPod touch should I get?

I am planning on buying an iPod touch 5th generation later this month but im still debating which color i should get... Its either black or white, they both look really cool, but im wondering if the white one is too girly, also are there any pros and cons to each color? All help is appriciated!!!

What color of iPod Touch would you get?


What color iPod touch 5 should I get?

I'm a guy of 17 & I already own an iPod touch 2. I'm upgrading to 5 but now I'm confused with colors.
Black has always been my favourite, but I wan't a White one this time >> White - Silver looks awesome but too common... & Many friends & relatives told me about Blue...but still black is my favourite...
Please solve this confusion...

What color ipod touch 5 should i get? Pink or silver?

Get the one in your favorite color.

If you get the one in the color that you don't like, no problem. Just get a case for it in the color that you like,

What color case goes best with blue IPod touch 5g?

Don't tell me to get a different ipod color, I am getting blue, the case is I-blason armor box and if you go on amazon the color shades are their but I will post them here to if you don't want to go through the trouble thank you(: colors:blue, white, green, purple and magenta

Why should I buy ipod?

If you need a good music player with a good battery back up, good storage, a good screen go for the iPod. If you have deep pockets go for the Apple or you can go for the other brands such as Sony, Philips or the others. In my option iPod are little bit costlier and they are prone to damage easily because if their unibody design and their flamboyant color so I would suggest you to go for the other brand. I say this because I have owned some of them and I came to know these after using them for awhile.

Which colour should I get the ipod classic in? black or silver? (Scratch-wise and fingerprint-wise)?

I don't want people saying "oh 'this' is way better" I just want an answer to my question. If u have an ipod classic, can u tell me if it's ok for watching short movies on it?

Can you change the main background color on a ipod nano?

i dont think so