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What Color Is The Mask That The Plague Doctor Wears

Is a plague doctor a good Halloween costume idea?

I’d say so. They were pretty darn creepy-looking, and they’re made extra creepy by the horrible period of history they’re associated with.Nothing makes for a scarier Halloween costume than a big black robe, a bird mask, a weird hat, and the bubonic plague. If you can think of anything spookier than that, let me know, because I want to be that for Halloween.

Why do people in Japan wear surgical masks??

They're sick, and don't want to spread germs. The masks are sold in drugstores, and come in a variety of colors and fashions.

Why did plague doctors wear masks?

Plague masks were designed as part of a defense against breathing in the noxious air thought to cause the bubonic plague. The beaks were packed with better smelling herbs, spices, and flowers which were thought to keep the “doctor" from breathing in the disease.Authorities on the subject believe these masks may only have been used during one specific outbreak of the disease, in the 1600s, when they were paired with long wax covered coats and hats to protect the wearer- a sort of armor.As the disease was not airborne but transmitted to humans through fleas from other infected mammals like rats, the masks probably made the air smell better but did little else-other than providing the already frightened patient with a more terrifying experience.And already a correction: the worst form of plague which can be spread person to person is as follows:“Pneumonic plagueWhen the bacteria spread to or first infect the lungs, it’s known as pneumonic plague — the most lethal form of the disease. When someone with pneumonic plague coughs, the bacteria from their lungs are expelled into the air. Other people who breathe that air can also develop this highly contagious form of plague, which can lead to an epidemic.Pneumonic plague is the only form of the plague that can be transmitted from person to person.”So maybe the plague doctors were right!Why did doctors during the Black Death wear ‘beak masks’?The Plague: Types, Causes & Symptoms

Why does Marvel's Irene Adler wear a helmet and a mask? Are they any good, and what are they made of?

I always felt Destiny’s mask and costume were all about protecting her identity. She can predict the future with 100% accuracy, something that would make her a target for ‘acquisition’ or ‘termination’ by every government and power-group on the planet. She is also blind, which would make her nearly defenceless against said attempts to acquire or terminate her. Unlike her beloved Mystique Destiny cannot change her appearance so instead she protects her identity by wearing a mask and helmet that not only totally hides her facial features but hides her hair colour and style, and every other feature that could be used to identify her.Oh, and her name ‘Irene Adler’ was taken from the Sherlock Holmes story ‘A Scandal in Bohemia’ and is probably not her real name. Even Mystique, the woman who Destiny loved and trusted more than anyone else on Earth, only knows her by a fake name.

I'm 15 and have constant circles under my eyes, please assist!

I'll be 16 in a few weeks and already my eyes are beginning to look rather weathered. I have constant black and blue bags under my eyes, and already have smile lines (like crows feet). This really distresses me because I have really naturally big, dark blue eyes that are probably my best feature. I manage these things okay with make up, but has anyone got any for-sure solutions?

I have a vaginal ulcer, please help?

I'm 13 years old, and i noticed an ulcer inside of my vagina about a month ago.
I went to my doctor, and she told me to take motrin for the pain and to wait and see if it clears up by itself.
About 2 weeks ago, I went back to to the doctors office, and my doctor said that the ulcer should've been gone by then.
My ulcer hasnt gotten any smaller since i first noticed it. It burns more now when i touch it, i've been having a lot of white-ish colored, watery discharge, and my period blood has been a lot more thinner without any clotting.
and i don't know if this means much, but my last period was only 18 days after the other one.
So, i was wondering, is there anything that can be done for it? And, should i go back to the doctor and let them know that ive had it for a little over a month now?
Please help. Thanks! (;

Should I wear a long sleeve shirt with a shirt that is long at the back and that is short in the front, with black pants?

YES! I LOVE this vibe!!Link to mask: Steampunk Punk Plague Doctor Mask Bird Beak Black Gothic Halloween LARP Cosplay BlackLink to cane: Magic Cane Folding LED Safety Walking Stick 4 Head Pivoting Trusty Base Black | eBay

How do I get rid of mini-headless pimples?

Their either mini pimples or white heads because they have no head color, but when I use a pimple extractor on them the same oil and puss comes out. I've sort of gotten rid of all my bigger pimples and scars, but these little ones you can hardly see in the bathroom never leave and their more noticeable with foundation and concealer, so how can I get rid of them?