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What Color Of Poop Can You Poop

What color of poop can you poop?

Anywhere from green to light brown lol

Wat color can poop b?

Green is often related to concentrated levels of progesterone-c12 hormone which is most commonly accrued through over consumption, for lack of a better word of ones own ****. Sorry to out you however I believe it would be in your healths best interest to cease this practice. I suggest truffled chocolate as a substitution.

The color change of poop?

First, this is NOT a juvenile question, so please, read the whole thing and refrain from reporting this!

We all know that bowel is usually brown. Well, for the last days or so, mine has been greenish. Yup… Hulk poop!

I know that what you eat can cause mild changes. I know the reason you see corn sometimes is because you didn’t chew it well enough.

(F.Y.I.: A corn kernel’s shell is almost 100% starch, which our stomachs can’t digest… so it comes out the same way it went in!)Just so you know, I have not changed my diet, or eaten anything funky.

I also know that the chemicals that they used to put into dog / cat food is what used to turn the poop white!

Does anybody out there know what would cause this change to last for three days?!

What color and shape should my poop be?

I find this question disturbing, yet every time I click on "Show me another >>" it goes right back here to this shi t question. Therefore, I answered in hopes of not having to look at this anymore. Thanks for the BS 2 points. :)

What does each color of poop mean?


Brown is the normal color of poop. There is a pigment called bilirubin that is formed when the red blood cells in the liver and bone marrow break down. This ends up (by a complicated process) in the intestines where bacteria begins to form and eat which turns the poop brown. When iron in the red blood cells combine with bilirubin, it turns brown and when the iron influenced bilirubin combines with the poop, it turns it brown. Brown poop is normal and should not cause you any concern.

I have had a lot of trouble with green poop this year. Sometimes it is even a bright shade of green. Apparently, bile is green and when the poop goes into the large intestines, that is where it turns brown. When the poop goes through the intestines too fast, it has no time to turn brown, so it comes out green. My doctor has assured me that I shouldn’t worry about this. Also, poop can be green due to eating a lot of green leafy vegetables. Iron supplements can also make your poop green. I don’t worry about this color of poop anymore. But if the smell changes or there is blood, then tell your doctor.

Dark black tarry-looking stools
Dark black or tarry-looking stool usually means that there is dried blood in your stool. This means that you have some internal bleeding somewhere along your intestinal path but is far enough away from your rectum that it has time to dry. This color is reason for concern, and you should go see your doctor.

Bright red
This is usually from a bleeding ulcer in the lower intestinal track or from hemorrhoids. This is also not a good thing and should be brought to your doctor’s attention. In general, blood is not something that you should see, and you should make sure that your doctor is aware that it is there and how much you see.

What does the color of your poop mean?

Poop that is green and diarhea (and has a really really bad smaell) can be rotovirus. If that is the case and she has alot of diarhea she would need to be checked by a doctor for dehydration.But if it is not diarhea and it is hard for her to go to the bathroom, she could be constipated, especially if she eats alot of food with iron such as spinach and takes a supplement with iron, or drinks alot of milk but not alot of water. Otherwise she might just have a little virus and it's just a coincidence that her poop is the color that it is ( or it could be the ravioli). I wouldn't worry about it unless she has a lot of diarhea or if she has other symptoms, because sometimes in little kids a stomach ache or head ache can actually be a sign of strep throat ( usually with a fever too). I have 5 kids ranging in age from 15 -3 so we have experianced all of these things listed. Hope this helps and GOOD LUCK!

Why—it is sparkly silver and glittery gold and rainbow colored, obviously!

What color is your poop supposed to be?

Brown. Feces are mostly shades of brown or yellow because they are also made up of an orange-yellow substance called bilirubin that is present throughout the body and particularly in the intestine. When iron combines with bilirubin, it gives it a brown color. The iron-influenced bilirubin then combines with the feces and turns it brown.

What color is your poop supposed to be?

Black or red is usually a sign of bleeding internally, yellowish colors are common with loose stools (possibly a virus.) Sometimes people have greenish stools, but indigo I've never heard of! Maybe shes been drinking food coloring? If you drink a large quantity of food coloring it will turn your stools that color, or will color the toilet water when you make a bowel movement (funny story I drank like half of a large bottle of food coloring - I would guess the bottle to be between 1-5 oz it was the larger bottle that you buy one single color at a time well I drank it once to see if I could turn my urine green instead I had a few green stools.)

Red or black or tar-like or stools or ones that look like coffee grinds then call a doctor.