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What Colour Scheme Wld Look Good In A Room With Darkstained Furniture

All Black furniture in living room...what should color scheme be?

you could go for a creamy beige colour matt paint, match it with curtains. black borders ie. skirting, white/cream ceiling so its not so bright, then, on a free wall, buy some canvas and get smal pots of the blue colours she likes, on white canvas, do something like this and put it up on your free wall. that way, the blue comes in, but doesn't detract from your black/beige colour scheme. its also some nice decor artwork and is a talking point for guests/ nice to look at.

imagine in your blue colours:'Magenta,_Black,_Green_on_Orange',_oil_on_canvas_painting_by_Mark_Rothko,_1947,_Museum_of_Modern_Art.jpg/300px-'Magenta,_Black,_Green_on_Orange',_oil_on_canvas_painting_by_Mark_Rothko,_1947,_Museum_of_Modern_Art.jpg

Which color would match with brown coloured furniture in a bedroom?

I think these sheets by Sans Tabù would match well with some brown wooden furniture. If the decor is classic and antique-looking, i think this would bring a wonderful contrast effect into the room. I love the artistic patterns and the colors combination.As far as the other furniture goes, i would use warm colors, but bright ones, so that the wooden elements don’t look to heavy and the room doesn’t look to full.For example, this beautiful yellow 2 seats couch by HOME SPIRIT.For light design, an original idea might be to use wood for the illumination too.You’d have to choose something very simple, like this ceiling lamp by ELSTEAD LIGHTING: minimalist and elegant.

What color walls look good with dark brown furniture?

Various shades, it really depends on what colours you like best.White is very crisp.A medium, or slate grey would be neutral, natural, and rustic. Off set with white to prevent an overly dark room.A soft shade of eggshell brown, or camel would be calming, and warm. A monochrome, and simple scheme.A sage, olive, or jade green would be elegant, natural, and a slight contrast.Very light Wedgewood, or duckegg blue would be very sophisticated, and cool. A nice contrast to the darkness too.Blush pink would be warm, soothing, and relaxing. A slight contrast, but not overly so.Rich gold would be warm, and quite bold.Very pale buttercup yellow, or cream is a nice way to keep things light, and bright without being to stark, or clinical.If you were to use purple tones, darker tones would be very dramatic, and paler tones like periwinkle or lilac would be cool, and interesting.You could use bold flame red for drama, and warmth, or a cranberry red to blend in, and compliment the wood.Apricot, or coral would be dramatic but very warm.Aqua, turquoise, or teal would be cool, but interesting, and may create a retro, or opulent feeling.Strong, deep, purple would be very bold, dramatic, and a darker, but punchy look. Lighter tones of like periwinkle, or lilac are a nice contrast to dark wood, quite a calm, soothing look.Tangerine orange would be vibrant, lively, and warm. A burnt orange, bronze, or rust colour would also work well, and create a very warm, rich appearance.Very pale orange would be warm, subtle, and light.If you wanted to use darker shades of blue, or green, I would go for slate blue, or a hunter green to blend with the darker shades of wood.If you went for bright colours like lemon yellow, lime green, fuchsia pink, azure blue, bright orange this can also work if you use them correctly. Bright colours would be very bold, fun and edgy with dark wood. You may need to offset the brightness with a few large areas of pure white.You can also use black, grey, and white together, or as a combination of two, or all three. Copper, and bronze accessories work very well with dark furniture, when combined with black, white, and, or grey.

What colour scheme wld look good in a room with darkstained furniture?

The trick to decorating a small space is to play on color and pattern.
Paint the room a soft color of your choice and then do the bedding in the same color. This will give the room the illusion of space. And, then add colorful accents in decorative pillows on the bed, candles, a throw blanket and maybe a colorful chair if there is space in the room.

The idea of having the wall and the bedding the same color is to make them blend together, rather than define them separately, causing a break in the space which makes it seem smaller.

Another way to make a room seem more open is to have the proper lighting, so experiment with different lamps and light fixtures. Because the furniture is dark, it absorbs light, so load the room with things that reflect light. Use glass and metal objects for accent items in your lamps and accessories.

Some accent ideas could be mirrored lamps or objects like a vanity tray; crystal items such as candle sticks, a bowl on the dresser for pocket items and what not.

Use sheer drapery on the windows with a blind behind them when privacy is needed, so that as much light as possible streams through the window and the window will not look like a black hole in the wall after dark.

I hope some of these ideas help. Good Luck.

Which Paint Colors Look best with Dark Cherry Vanity?

Steely Gray from Sherwin Williams is a gray/blue that makes white trim really pop, and compliments darker tones. Also, it doesn't dry too dark, so it will not close the space in.

Also, Weimaraner from Benjamin Moore is a great beige with gray undertones (so you will not get that pinky look on the walls). It again compliments other earth tones as well as dark fixtures and really makes the white trim pop.

The Benjamin Moore paint is costly though - $60/gallon. However, the paint is made so only one coat is necessary on the wall (with the exception of some touch-up here and there). We were able to cover a family room/kitchen area with one gallon. A powder room I am guessing will only take 2 quarts or so.

What color wall paint goes with wood/brown furniture..?

I like a buttery yellow with brown but if you're brave you can use a shade of cinnamon. Teals/aquas look great with browns too and is very contemporary. She needs to find accent pillows that she loves on the brown furniture first and then choose a color from those to paint and accent with. Here are some things that might help inspire her:

What colour scheme and style would suit my new living room? Something modern, clean and masculine to go with a light pine coloured floor and off-white walls for a small room.

Normally masculine style is associated with darker colours like greys, chocolates and blacks but this doesn't have to be the case. If you love light colours then you can make your space still feel warm by keeping the space clean with lots of square forms and hard materials. You can see more on this here Ways to find balance between masculinity and femininity in your interior Colour is a very personal thing. It creates the mood of your home so it would be best if you start thinking of the mood you want to create then turning that into visuals which can help inform your colours. Like this The number one question to understand your interior style although if you do this and are still struggling set a timer for 30mins and just start pulling images out of magazines, it can be fashion, interiors, travel, anything. Just pull the things that capture your heart and eye. Don't second guess just rip them out. Once you have them put them all laid out and see what colours come through, what feelings, this will give you big cues on what colours and feelings you are naturally drawn to and would enjoy in your home.

What paint color would look good next to a dark wood?

My wife and I saw some model homes with dark woods. They went with kind of a light olive green with texture, light mustard, and a light burnt orange in the various rooms. A kind of light cinnamon color works well, too.

For different rooms, you can also go with the same basic tint in different shades. We did this in a great room (foyer that flows into a living room, that flows into a large kitchen with wide archways), where we painted the walls and archways various shades of the same tint (basically a cinnamon brown to a kind of khaki or muslin). It really adds depth to the rooms and archways.

Whatever color you choose, go with pure white baseboards. The contrast is very cool. Also, consider painting the ceiling off-white with the colored walls. It's a lot of work. But, we did it with our house and the effect is very cool. And, the off-white ceiling ties the rooms of various wall colors together.

What is the best color scheme for my new bedroom?

One of my favorite tools for figuring out color schemes is this website. If you click the create link on the side it will take you to where you can choose a type of color scheme (Analogous, Complementary, ect.) So choose one, and make one of the colors the same as the color of your furniture. Then as you drag the other colors around, the program automatically keeps the colors within the scheme you choose. This could help you figure out other colors that look good with it.

Room colors with black furniture?

a friend of mine pretty much has the exact same thing. He did an accent wall in the room a really nice green color. It looks fantastic with the black furniture, would go with what you're asking for, and is a known color to be de-stressful.

the only difference I'd make for his room (especially in the case of when the entire room gets painted) would be a lighter green... He used a hunter/military green and I would've used something a bit on the lighter side to give the room a brighter and more roomy feel.

can't post pics cuz I'm on my phone so sorry but I tried to explain :)

there are so many diff shades of green, that in the end it comes to personal preference. Just remember not to go with a dark heavy color because it'll make your room seem smaller and darker, go for a bit of a lighter and brighter color to get a nice effect. :)