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What Is Your Opinion Of Arsene Wenger?

to certain supporters from all teams,it's all about silverware in the cupboard and i'm sure arsene could've won the carling & Fa cup if he really tried in the last 4 seasons but for him the bigger prize is the prem then the Cl,what i believe arsene wants to achieve for the Arsenal is a reputation of the Highest order in Europe even the world like utd,real and barca and too achieve this was stage one complete was the New stadium,second stage was a youth policy similar to Ajax and Barca which is nearly there,thirdly is too have a squad of local talents which i believe we have now ready for the future,wilshire and gibbs springs to mind,arsene Doesn't spend unnecessarily on oversea's journey man which might give him a brief spell of glory instead puts his money into the foundation of the club so that when he Retires the club will still operate at the highest order regardless who comes in,look at barca and ajax great set for future managers to come in and then look at chelsea,liverpool and no doubt when SAF retires,this is very costly and unproductive which i believe is the Legacy he will leave behind and not some too bit trophies,Aston villa won the European cup as well as Nottingham forest where are they now,Burnley,preston.derby.leeds all won the 1st diversion in their history,where are they now,Once arsene leaves the Club has to survive and continue to dominate not a short brief history But a legacy for Future generations to come..and because i believe in this theory and the blueprints are there to be seen,arsenal supporters should realise this and not worry this blip we've at this moment.

Breed discrimination in California??

There seems to be a nationwide agenda to do just that. In my city the press focuses only on pit bulls when there is a bite case and sensationalizes particularly pits.
Pit Bulls as far as legislation goes means different varieties of breeds like American Bull dog, Staffordshire Terrier and American Pit Bull Dog and any mixes that look like it even!
Now it is true that there are bad owners who let dogs roam and some who have trained dogs to be mean and some people have been mauled by Pits. I'd chalk that up to bad owners. It's not the breeds fault.
Yesterday in my city there was a report of a "Pit Bull mauling" a woman but there was no follow up report on her injuries.I hope she will be okay.
The reaction today, however was brutal. A woman called police saying two pit bulls were attacking her husband. Well, they didn't attack him, they were loose on the sts and approached but didn't scratch or bite or anything. I have no doubt she was freaking because of the news reports on Pit Bulls lately, all bad in focus. ALL.
That was irresponsible of the owners that they were on the loose but the reaction was for police to drive out to that neighborhood and shoot both of the dogs, killing them. They did not attack.
I think all this press is designed for controlling what the public can or cannot have. It is not the America I grew up in.
Fine people and put them in jail if they fight animals, breed them and sell them irresponsibly. But this focus on one breed, it won't stop with that breed.
In my city in Texas the focus has been on Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. What next? I am sure there are plenty of stories of other dogs attacking people and though it isn't a common occurence considering it's a city of over 4 million, certain breeds are being reported and people are getting in a frenzy about the breed.
It's wrong.
Shooting and killing those two dogs, right out in the neighborhood, that did no harm, was wrong. Their owners should have been fined and the dogs confiscated. But not shot dead, executed with no bite case at all.
The canine breed cleansing is wrong. There are plenty of other breeds that can do serious damage because of pressure in their bite. The woman in France who had the first transplant had her face torn off by a Labrador Retriever. Will they be somewhere down the list of banned breeds?

I used to have this problem.  As a teenager, I would stay up until 4 in the morning playing World of Warcraft, crawl into bed, and still not be able to fall asleep.  It was terrible.A bunch of doctors suggested medication and/or sleeping pills.  I was never one for that sort of "answer," so I chose insomnia instead.It wasn't until a few years ago that I started meditating, and I was finally able to fall asleep.  Now, I lie down and am asleep within 30 seconds, and I don't wake up until my alarm goes off.This is something that takes practice, but too many people mistake their busy thoughts as "themselves," and either accept insomnia or resort to sleeping pills—neither of which are very desirable, in my opinion.  We all need sleep!  To meditate, simply sit in a comfortable, upright position (I usually sit on the floor with my back against a wall.  Comfortable enough, but not so comfortable as a chair that I'll fall asleep).  Close your eyes, place your hands on your knees (palms up if you want to feel more buddha, palms down if you're still that "this shit doesn't work" phase),  and breathe deeply.  You will hear your thoughts very loudly.  Don't tell them to shut up—this will only make them louder.  Instead, just listen.  Breathe and listen.  Stay there for at least five minutes.  Shoot for ten.  Fifteen and you get a gold star.Do this every day for six months and let me know what happens.  My guess: sleep.