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What Did Islam Say About Enemies In The Battle Filed

Why did Obama say "Assault rifles belong in battlefield soldiers hands, not street criminals"?

Actually, he said, “But I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals; that they belong on the battlefield of war, not on the streets of our cities."

Perhaps you could point out where in that statement he's referring to the US military. The AK47 and its variants are used by armies around the world.

But really, that's what you've got? Not even commenting on the observation?

Imam Ali in Battlefield?

I can give a few references.

Abu Bakr is the best of men after me except a prophet should appear.” (Kanzul Ummal)

“Abu Bakr is the best of the people after me except one who may be a prophet.” (Tabrani Kabir Kamil Ibne Adi quoted in Jame Saghir by Imam Suyuti, p.5)

“Abu Bakr is the best of my followers except anyone who might be a prophet.” (Dalmy quoted by Kanzul Haqaiq of Imam Mondadi, p. 7)

“Abu Bakr holds the highest place in this Ummah except that a prophet is raised amongst them.” (Kanzul Haqaiqi Hadith Khair-el-Khalaiq by Alama Abdur Rauf, Munavi)

The Prophet (sa) loved Hazrat Ali (rz) very much, but he also made clear who was the best after him. I have no doubts Hazrat Ali (rz) felt that same love for Hazrat Abu Bakr (rz) as well.

@Asker - As I said, I have no doubts that the Prophet (sa) loved Ali (rz). But the above Hadeeth speak for themselves.

love for all, hatred for none

What does Islam say about terrorism?

To those who claim Qura'an encourage violence, read this:

*{Fight those who believe not in God nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which has been forbidden by God and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of truth, [even if they are] of the People of the Book, until they pay the jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.}* (At-Tawbah 9:29)

To truly grasp the significance of this verse, we need to understand a couple of things about the Qur’an: First, it is the collection of verses revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) in the different contexts of his life. Often, the revelation came when the Prophet actually needed divine guidance concerning a specific situation. The above verse among others, is an example of this. For this reason, knowledge of the context of revelation is absolutely necessary for the proper understanding of any verse in the Qur’an.

Surat At-Tawbah was revealed to the Prophet in a situation when the pagans were at war with the newly organized Muslim Ummah (nation); and the Muslims were fighting them for survival. One of the issues dealt with in this verse is how to treat those who break existing treaties and the Muslims, specifically, are asked to fight those who break treaties, until they were thoroughly routed or they repented and agreed to follow the conditions imposed on them, which will ultimately be for the good of all.
Islam is a very practical religion that encompasses all aspects of human life then and now. Therefore, when the Muslims were organized for the first time into a community in those lawless times, there had to be laws governing matters of social organization, and even rules for battle. We cannot imagine a situation where fighting is completely ruled out either. Let us examine the verse in question with the foregoing in mind. The immediate context of the above verse is that of a “war in progress” and not a general directive. It was an attempt to motivate Muslims to defend themselves. It was in view of the extreme danger the Muslims were facing, that they were permitted to fight in the first place.

copied from:

The Makkans wanted revenge for their defeat at Badr (itself faought because they wanted to punish the Muhajireen (Makkan Muslim refugees) for an attempted raid on their caravans, in turn because the Makkans were using property and money that had been confiscated by them from the Muhajireen, which the Muhajireen (understandably) wanted back). Did I mention the Pagans also tortured and murdered some of the converts prior to the second Hijra? The persecution started the Hijras (the first on was to Ethiopia, and only included part of the community).Part of what made Uhud much desired was that the pagans had their asses handed to them by an enemy they outnumbered and out-gunned. In addition, several pagan big-wigs were killed or captured (one remained a POW till he had taught 10 Muslims how to read).Arab revenge cycles for you: they work that way…

What does Islam say about stalking others and stealing pictures for their own desires?

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Guidelines of war in Islam?

Under God's direction, Moses' army defeats the Midianites. They kill all the adult males, but take the women and children captive as sex slaves. When Moses learns that they left some alive, he angrily says: "Have you saved all the women alive? Kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the female children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves." So they went back and did as Moses instructed, killing everyone except for the virgins. In this way they got 32,000 virgins . ---- 31:1-54

The Tannaïtic Midrash Sifre to Numbers in §157 comments on the above quoted commandment of MOSES to kill the Midianite women as well as the male children...."

"....According to the Tannaïte Rabbis, MOSES therefore had ordered the Israelites to kill all women older than three years and a day, because they were [virgins and] "suitable for having sexual relations." [138]...."

"Said Rabbi Joseph, "Come and take note: A girl three years and one day old is betrothed by intercourse....."


Yes, many. The most important were the battle of Yarmuk - 636 - and the siege of Constantinople - 717 - 718. The first they won, which gave them Jerusalem, Syria, and later Egypt. The latter they lost, showing that in the great scheme of things the Arabs did not quite have the stamina needed to roll over a major empire. Note, however, that the battles were between the Eastern Roman empire, which was about to become the Byzantine empire, and the Caliphate.Now, what you probably meant, was if the Arabs confronted the Roman empire at its classical height. Yes, they did, and although they lost every time, since they were a mere population broken down in tribes, they benefitted much from the contact with the empire. Some of their number learned the art of big time politics and alliances, founding mini-states at the border of the empire (Palmyra and Ghassanids), some of them joined the Roman military apparatus, one of them, Filip the Arab, even becoming emperor.What you probably did not mean is to say that the Muslim Arabs fought the legions of the 2nd Century emperors. That wasn’t possible, (right ?), and you should know why.The Arab Siege of Constantinople was broken down by a storm and by Byzantine attacks with “Greek Fire” - an early form of napalm

Why is Islam hated so much?

"Women covering the body is for there protection ONLY"
You act like that justifies sexism.
Why do they need protection, exactly?
"Why women cant divorce : In islam all the responsibilites are laid upon the male ..when a person marries .. he has to take care of his wife and children..when the divorce takes place and the muslim man marries again he has to take care of 2 families while the woman doesnt take care of anything and even has a new husband to support her more. And even if the women doesnt is her father and brothers responsibility to take care of her."
Again, that is all sexist. None of it is justified.
"What the terrorists do is not supported by the QURAN in any way"
None the less, they do it in the name of Islam.

How do armies tell each other apart from their enemies when on the battlefield?

Yes it was their armour. It depends what era as to the differences but throughout history the different sides of battle were wearing different clothes

In the battle of Badr, a thousand Meccan horsemen rode to Madina to put an end to the Prophet's tiny community. 300 Muslims came out, almost all on foot, to face the Meccans.When the battle ended, the Muslims had lost 14 men, the pagans lost 50 and 70 were taken captive.Both armies had come from the same gene pool, many were related to each other. With such a lop-sided victory, it is not hard to believe that there was some divine help - and the Qur'an confirms as much, "Remember you implored the assistance of your Sustainer, and He answered you : 'I will assist you with a thousand of the Angels, ranks upon ranks'"And here is the answer to your question:"Remember thy Sustainer inspired the Angels, 'I am with you : give firmness to the believers : I shall instill terror into the hearts of the kuffar (unbeliever) : smite ye their necks and smite their fingers"Historians say that the presence of Angels and their help was felt by all but only observed by a few. Two non-Muslim men from a neighboring tribe had gone on a nearby hill to watch and possibly take part in the war booty. They felt a strong noisy gust of wind/cloud that went by them, killing one of them, as reported by the one who lived to tell the story. One Muslim, with his sword raised, was headed to one of the enemy. He said that he does not think it was his blow that severed the enemy’s head.