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What Did You Think Of The Movie

What did you think of the movie Jarhead?

are we talking about the same movie with jake gyenhall? i know thats not how you spell it... the movie about the war??

that is such a boring movie... just like the actual war, long, boring, and pointless. just with less deaths.

What did you think of the movie CRASH?

It is the one movie that everyone should see no matter where they come from or where they live. Our society is so "race" based in its views that it has instilled racial tensions even through the mildest people. Communities are so often segregated into certain cultural areas and more and more rather than congregate with our neighbors we would rather lock our doors and shut out what we don't know or what is foreign to us. Society made so many divide themselves between their own cultures and yet, at the same time made us scared to be good decent human beings to those who may have appeared different to us. I watched the movie with my husband and within days purchased it as it was a movie that my children and grandchild would have to see.

I believe the prejudices unfortunately are realized in almost all of us but to think it took a movie for so many people to wake up and see how far we have come as a society in regards to racism doesn't say much considering how many have suffered trying to end this nonsense. It would be wonderful to think one day that racism will no longer exist amongst us but it would take more than a's up to society to change what it is teaching us and has in the past. Stereotypes are for characters...

What movie did you last watch? What did you think of it?

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)Oh goodness, I’ve been on the heaviest movie binge in my life and must have watched more than twenty movies in the last week.This movie is good. It’s not especially special- but it’s good. Very Neo-Woody-Allenesque, very down to earth and with a tiny bit of cinema verite. It didn’t particularly blow my mind, but the particular, overall ambience of Woody Allen movies now affirms him as one of my favourite directors ever. It’s a very beautiful and nuanced movie- definitely worth watching.(And I used to be impartial to Spanish language and culture- but after this and Narcos, I’m all for learning Spanish after Japanese. Damn, that language is beautiful.)But allow me to suggest - not a movie and not the last thing I watched- but I don’t want to do a disservice to humanity by not recommending this.Wolf Hall (2015)This is one of best fucking series I’ve ever watched.It’s slow. It’s a slow burner, with literally very little light.It’s sparing, and mellow in places.And it’s bloody fucking brilliant.I’ve read and completely enjoyed the original novels by Hillary Mantel- her writing is acquired taste- but this show just translates the novel so brilliantly and goes beyond. This is historical drama, not those Borgias or The Tudors or Reign crap.I’m transitioning into the “less drama more meaning” church in movies / TV lately, and this series (plus The Crown) completed my conversion. I’m going to evangelize this series to everyone who will listen for the next few weeks or so, it’s that good.

What did you think of the movie Match Point?

it's rare that there is a woody allen movie that i don't like in some capacity. but this one was especially good. the main character was very greedy and opportunistic and he pretty much used everyone around him. but he really appeared to be a great guy. it's a movie that makes you think and the last scene where the rest of the family raises their glasses in toast to his new baby saying something like "if anything, let him be lucky" and then the main character knows that he is the one who was very lucky. he would have been in jail for murder if the ring he threw didn't bounce off the railing and someone else picked it up and got charged for the murder. i'm babbling now.

What did you think of the movie POINT BREAK?

I like Keanu Reeves in a wet suit.

What did you think of the movie Atonement?

i was very disappointed also just because it was hyped as being one of the best love stories ever and i didnt really think it was...they didnt show enough about them to even make it be even a bland love story...the library scene was maybe the best scene but i was disappointed and kept waiting for something interesting to happen and yes the ending sucked..obviously yr asking for opinions and this is mine but in reading others it seems i am not the only one who feels this way but again...disappointing IMO

What do you think of the movie "Three Idiots"?

Good part: This suggests to follow one's passion. Now tell me how many of us do so or how many of us able to do so. This message is extraordinary. It's about breaking the trends.Bad Part: Chanchar, Raju and Farhan always stayed together, they shared every notes and same study materials, they even shared room. These 3 were always together. Now tell me if Amir became 1st , how they struck at last. Selfish Chanchar?? Or it's just happened.How could a person become 1st without studying a bit. Is it magic? I know Engineers’ life. It is very hard and without following the Chapters one can't progress, Can't even score well. If we consider that guy had something extraordinary then also a question arises, 'Did he himself prepare all thesis and theories inside the exam hall which took 100 of years of all the scientist.” . But then also you can't skip the time limit.Engineers' rarely asked the simple questions in exams like “what's a Machine?” . If it's asked then it's for 2 marks.Verdict:Movie is good, there's Emotion, Entertainment, Enjoyments, Gayn (Wisdom), Love, Win and Loss. But somehow its message is complicated - like promotion The suicidal tendency.Study for being efficient not for success (but does our system allow us to do so, If u r not studying Notes and Suggestions , U can't achieve good marks, no good marks means , no good College , no good College means, not having good job),You can't avoid competition. How can u? When the whole world is engaged to do so!I loved the movie so much and felt like it's the best movie with greatest message. But by growing up, I realized the movie was just a content of Entertainment. And I understood by time, Virus's opinion is much more feasible than Amir's when these days robotic life is concerned. If we are going to follow its message, we will be no where. In Real life everything never happened so easily , hard work is important, Sacrifice is important and sometimes we have to let go few things. But before hard work, think and before Sacrifice, fight.But yes! I still love the movie.

What did you think of the movie changeling?

it was spectacular. as much as angelina jolie annoys me, i thought she did a good job, except for the part where she was making a statement to the press in the looked as if she was reading the lines right there. i would also like to add that jason harner, the actor that played mr. northcott was PHENOMENAL. His character portrayal was very very convincing. John Malkovich was good too, but it wasn't classic john malkovich...i thought they were going to have him play northcott because he usually plays a pyscho.

I really liked the fact that the story was very accurate. i've been reading alot on the case of ms. collins and it was almost exactly the same. Even the part where Northcott was to be hanged...every line he said was actually said on the event. i don't want to spoil it for anyone... :)

overall, really good. better than most movies these days. i recommend everyone to see it.