What Do Automotive Engineers Do

How do automotive engineers dress?

If the commercials are to be believed, in white labcoats, white shirts and black slacks. But I would bet that most wear polo shirts or button up shirts when they're at their desk.

What do automotive engineers do?

They do everything in their power to make it difficult and aggravating for an owner to work on their own dang car!!!!

Seriously, they design and figure out the dynamics and load capacities of every part and fastening device (like screws and bolts) in the vehicle. Each one handles calculations for a specific system, that means there are hundreds of engineers working on a vehicle. Each engineer likely has his/her efforts confined to a certain aspect (i.e. suspension, fuel system or whatever) ALWAYS so that they become experts on it. This saves the company money in development. To understand that better, it would be like paying a kid to play only "Modern Warfare II" all the time and not allowing him to play any other game. After a while, he would be very tough to beat in that game.

What is automotive engineering?

Its what i want to do for a is basically desiging the different cars/components of the car and engineering it to work together. It involves a LOT of math and figuring out how to make evrything work the way it is supposte to. It looks like a really fun career.

To be honest it's nothing special. Im not working with BMW but a similar German brand and there are very strict processes over here which you have to adhere to.  Mostly working for an OEM does not involve too much development work as all systems are supplied by your supplier. Your work in an oem if you look at it from a V cycle point of view is mainly designing systems requirements, interfacing with your supplier and testing it for the designed requirements. Like for example engine management systems are provided by bosch, zf etc to BMW and the engineers responsible for these systems have cut out works depending on which stage of the V they are involved. BMW and other German brands place a lot of importance on automotive standards like SPICE due to which their systems are of high quality. Adhering to these standards take a lot of effort and investment. Processes have to be established at every stage of system development and efforts are made to follow them religiously which other small car makers ignore. So yes, its a special organization but the day to day work of most engineers is nothing extraordinary and far off from cutting edge

How hard is it to be an automotive engineer?

You will want to study math and science. There are many different ways to work on cars as an engineer. Some of the automotive engineers work on the frame, engine, suspension, and body... others work on the electronics and computers that make today's cars run. Others work on the software that go into the electronics. And others work on the new light wight, safe materials that are needed to build the cars. And others work on manufacturing engineering - figuring out how to make the car easy to build so they can make them fast and cheaper and better.

BUT - all of those require you to be good at math, and have a good science background. Then study engineering in college.

By the way - I worked in the advanced development area of an auto company for many years, and even the engineers get to do fun things like test drives. I've put cars into wind tunnels. I've driving road courses. And I've driven on NASCAR tracks as well.

What does an Automotive Engineer do?

I have done a little bit of research and could find little information on what they do. I heard on one website that they work mostly at a desk which is what i dont want, I also heard they travel sometimes to test things. I need to know what they exactly do and if it is mostly a desk job if you would have any other recommendations related to this job that would be great.

What does an automotive engineer do?

Hey guys. Im in school right now studying mechanical engineering because i want to design and build race cars. Thing is, the more i research my major the more it looks like i just sit behind a desk and draw stuff on a computer and i couldnt do that no matter how much i get paid. Im more of a hands on kind of person. I love working on my cars and motorcycles and getting dirt and oil in my nails. I still like the designing aspect but i want an equal amount of hands on building. Can I still do the hands on part if i become an automotive engineer? Does the occupation allow it? Or is what im describing more of a mechanic?

How to become an automotive engineer

Hey, That's great you are so into automotive engineering A path into automotive engineering can be either through a mechanical engineering degree or an automotive one. To be honest a mechanical engineering degree is less specific and therefore can land a wider range of jobs after college. However if you are positive you want to be an automotive engineer, the automotive degree might be best for you.
As for entering MIT or Stanford - those are very competitive schools. You must be well in the top of your class to even consider them. The good news is, there are so many other great mechanical and automotive engineering programs you have to choose from. Its best to pick a school that you feel most comfortable with and offers a lot of extracurricular automotive programs like Baha club. Any school will give you a good foundation of engineering - a passion for cars and an interest to learn is the most important thing to have though.
If you are interested, I created a website just for people like you to learn more about how the industry operates around the world. I know we will be able to answer all your questions about automotive engineering and how to become one.

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Automotive Engineers profile is really challenging. Its really difficult to apply the same what they have studied during theory compared to other professions.Actually first you need to know what is their job as an Automotive Engineer.DesignR&DProductionEach and every phase is really challenging and requires lot of dedication and research.Design phase is all about thinking the latest technology and checking how that can be implemented.R&D is all about the research and thinking how to get the best result and grabs the best technology.Production phase is all where the Automotive Engineer has to check with the implementation if that has been done exactly what is was expected.So, it definitely needs traveling if all these phase is done at separate offices of the same company. As, all the different phase comes in different departments so, there might be chances that some of the departments are spread out to many places.