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What Do Cute Girls Do Now Days

Guys: What are cute things girls do?

I've been acting like a dirty girl for a bit but now I want to act cute. What are some things a girl can do that just makes you smile? Think back to when you thought a girl was adorable. What was it that she did?

Please don't tell me to act myself. I am always myself, I just want to sprinkle it with cute now :)

Why are cute guys shy to talk to cute girls??

I don't know, I'm a pretty good looking above average appearance guy and I struggle HEAVILY with this, and I wish I knew the answer myself.... My (male) friend's girlfriend told me I'm very handsome and I don't think she would lie about that... Not only that but I am also decently smart (in school and otherwise, also had several other friends tell me this, otherwise I wouldn't mention it because I'm definitely not the braggy type much). The problem is I don't give these vibes off to other people, and I feel like such a freakin dork. I am six months away from being able to (legally) drink, and I've never had a girlfriend in my life, let alone kissed any or held hands with any girl. And I feel like I won't ever. The reason for this is because I am just plain shy beyond belief and no matter how depressed I get about being single (I have to admit nearly every night I think about it and it is really depressing) I still can't bring myself to talk to a girl, I don't know why... I really, really, hate it... I keep telling myself I'm going to try to talk to some random girl next day at college but I never end up doing it... Plus there is the factor that I am a born-again Christian and I don't engage in many of the things that people in my society do, so basically:

(1.) shyness
(2.) lack of confidence
and (3.) lack of similar viewpoints on life (ie religion)

basically rules me out on ever getting a girlfriend it seems.... it doesn't matter how good I look... or if I have a Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering (which I plan to do).... doesn't help you get a girlfriend it seems. I don't understand why girls go for the losers... I don't mean to sound boastful, because I'm actually very very very humble in reality, but I think I'd be a much better boyfriend than 90%+ of other guys out there.

What are cute things girls do that guys love?

What each of us guys consider cute will differ just as the attributes of each girl or woman that are cute will differ. One might have a really cute sneeze while another might have a cute giggle or snort when she laughs. All are unique and have their own way of being cute. This is not universal though some traits might be. I’m guessing that is what you are looking for.Regarding my wife:Thrumbling. When she is so excited about something she just jitters in anticipation. It reminds me of teens in an Anime. Very cute.Taking my things. I pretend to be annoyed. She pretends to be bashful. It’s a game. When she steals my cloths to sleep in, takes over my pillow when I leave in the morning, that sort of thing. It expresses that deep down she wants to be close to me even when I’m not around.Try to raise one eyebrow…. the OTHER one that she doesn’t know how to do yet. The expressions on her face as she concentrates to will her eyebrow to move…. Nope, can’t relate the cuteness of that one!Giggle or squeak when we horse around. We’re both in our late 40s. I have to say, that is adorable.When she wears huge bear claw slippers around the house even when she is still dressed from work. And when she starts dancing in the kitchen dressed like that… Words can not express the cuteness! She knows it too, she will get a silly grin on her face and stare at me. The way I feel seeing her unashamedly, happily dancing away fills me with joy. Even though it is just the kitchen, at those moments there is no place else in the world I would rather be. Not sure if you realize how endearing these things, these little moments can be to a man. Sorry for rolling on a tangent. Writing these things down put a huge smile on my face and a tear in my eye. I so very much love my wife and my life with her.

What do girls want from guys nowdays ?

nowdays wer i am girls only sex and money dey dont car about love i hav experience. wat to do i wonder if i will even get married what do u girls want nowdays wat if i was poor shagged dress girls say i am cute
i dont hav a car nothing to offer but i can tell u i can b faithful dont care about sex dont care if u dont to hav sex the only problem i hav is that i lik to kiss a lot. kissing i luv i still a virgin most girls in my school hav lost ther virginity would u favor me

What do guys “never” tell girls?

We also get upset sometimes (not too often) and most of time we are just like “koi ni chohd” but sometimes we really want you to say at least a sorry.We are emotional too but our tolerance level is much higher.Don’t try to check our whatsApp photos, It will always contain so many non-veg pictures.Unlike you, we can’t share so many things about you with our friends. Because we know that they will use those things to make fun of us.Too much make up can be a turn off thing (it applies for me). Your soft lips especially with light shades lipstick can be too much seducing.We respect your individuality and freedom. But If you give someone more attention especially in front of us. Then really it makes us angry a bit.Please don’t ruin our match. We love sports.Don’t say veg biryani a biryani. I hate to say it biryani without meat. You must say it just pulao or rice.We have so many problems to look after, So we expect you to not make it more difficult with senseless arguments and fights.Never assume anything, Please ask us, We will tell you honestly.Yes we stalk your profile regularly on social networking sites.We even save some pictures of you for forever. Even we makes double back up in case of any data lost.You can’t even imagine our loyalty.We even ignore some hot girls around us in front of you. Too avoid jealousy.If we say we care about you. Then we means it. Otherwise we hate to agree on everything.We loves to be sorted in our life and sometimes (not too much) expect the same from you.Yes we do watch porn.We don’t promise everything but we always care about your happiness.I would like to share one thing on the behalf of my friend. His girlfriend broke with him after 10 months by just saying “I don’t feel that way now”. So be sure before committing to us.Don’t hurt us to the extent at which we don’t even want to see your face. Yes of course, we can be so rude.Last One: It can be easy for you to move on. But for me It would be the most difficult thing because I can’t even share my pain with anyone. But If you really want to move on then please let me know. I promise you that I will never see your face again.

There are no cute girls in my classes. What should I do?


By the time you get half way through college you will find a fundamental change in the "girls" in your class.

It will be worth the wait.


Do girls stare at boys?

We do stare at boys. We don't care whether you are rich or poor. Whether you have an Audi or Nano. If you are handsome or attractive, we will definitely check you out. But you know what, most of the girls don't make it obvious. We will definitely know which guy has got the better eyes, a better lips, a better biceps, a better ass, a better body, an attitude, smile, and everything possible. All we need is just a stare, a single stare is more than enough to know all this.The big difference when guys check out the girls is that, the girl will come to know the next second. We just don't react. We act like we don't see it but on the other side we do enjoy it. And you guys will never come to know when we start checking you out. We make sure you don't see it, and poor people just dont notices it because you are in your own world.Women check out all the other beautiful women too. Yes everyone. We see all the tiniest details within seconds. So just think about when we are checking out the guys. We need only seconds to scan you from top to bottom. It's that easy.When we start liking the guy, we check him out everyday. We even search for him. But you guys always miss to see it.A little advice to boys: YES, there's always someone or the other who's checking you out. The problem is that, you are not aware of it. Stop being in your own world. Look around, you will find her. If you caught her checking you out, just smile. Who knows what will happen next ;) You can thank me later :p

Why are girls so freaking beautiful these days?

I think its about the same... but girls are wearing more makeup which is both good and bad. I saw this absolutely beautiful girl with a sh*tload of makeup on and she was still beautiful but.... I feel like she would be much more gorgeous with less or even no makeup at all. I wish girls would have more natural days and not cover their faces with makeup every day. I'm a bit of a hypocrite since I do wear makeup every day but I need to draw on my eyebrows and I do have days where my eyebrows and a tiny bit of mascara are all I wear, compared to the colorful eyeshadows and perfectly shaped liners I usually wear. lol