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What Do I Need To Know If I

What do I need to know before I start learning calculus?

It’s easy if you’re persistent.It’s rewarding if you’re patient.It’s messy in terms of proofs.It lacks the elegance of algebra or the visual intuition of geometry.It makes children cry in bed and turns students into alcoholics.It leaves your fridge open and swoons you single mom.It makes your friends abandon you.It makes you (seem) smarter.It’s a great tool.It’ll make you into a tool.It’ll reward you with more mathematical maturity.It will give you a basis for other math fields.Overcoming it is the first step in becoming good in math.It’s a great start towards scientific reasoning and logical thought. You will see that eventually. And never regret it.

How do i know if i have diabetes?

I had ceral, popcorn, carrots, burgers and fries, fruit snacks (3) and a brownie with small ice cream. While im typing this, i have minor mussle spasms and the arm and rectum. Im worried for my health. I need to know.

Going to Utah for 6 months and need to know if I can buy, insure and drive a car there with my U.K. license?

Going to Utah for 6 months and need to know if I can buy, insure and drive a car there with my U.K. license.?
Im going to work the winter 08/09 season at canyons resort Utah and wondered about the driving regulations there. Can I buy, register, insure and drive in utah with my U.K. license or do I need a specific license upgrade? Also while I'm in america I'm wanting to visit a few other states on like a 2 week long road trip, will this require different license?

Any info on the above would be great, and any info on the prices and tips on how to save cash registering, insuring, buying a car and changing my license would be great.

also if there is anything else you think I should know then that would also be helpful.

Thanks people,
Martin C.

I need to know if i can fix my fiberglass fly fishing rod...?

I've done it, though not with a fly rod. I used a long nail (with the head cut off) as the insert, and epoxied it back together (the break was about six inches from the tip). It held up for a few trips and a dozen or so fish, but broke again at the bottom of the insert, at which point I gave up.

(You can't just melt or glue or fuse the fiberglass together, because the strength of fiberglass comes from the fibers, a few inches long, and once these are broken you can't reconnect them.)

The other possibility (if the break is up near the tip) is to get a new tip guide. As a kid I broke a brand new 8 ft. spinning rod, put a new tip on it and fished for 5 years with it as a 7 1/2 footer.

However, either of these wouldn't work too well for a fly rod, where the action and balance of the rod matters a lot more than for spinning or casting rods. So your best bet is to get your brother to shell out for a new rod for you.