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What Do Msnbc Mean When They Say Lean Forward

Anyone else offended by MSNBCs slogan "Lean Foward"?

Wow.. I bet you see terrorists on every corner. No, it is not obviously a spin off.

Actually, I thought it meant lean forward, not left, not right, but forward. We get nowhere leaning left or right and its about time we started going forward.

What does it mean to be a "lean cuisine"?

A girl said "i think he's cute because he's a lean cuisine...."
What does that mean? Just that you are skinny? The person she was saying it about had muscles though.

What does "bend over backwards" mean to you all????

To go out of my way to do something for someone when I really don't have to or didn't have intentions to. In other words, I try to make a miracle happen.

What does "Grab and go" mean when geocaching?

I just now joined geocaching for my first time and the cache near my house says that it is a "Grab and go" one.
Here is the exact quote from the placer of this particular cache;

"While out caching on Saturday I noticed there were no caches in this new park. so as we drove down it I placed a few caches all are grab and go."

What does this mean? ",,,all are grab and go"?
I dont think it would mean that you can grab it and take the cache. Others
have found it and left their name in the log and one even replaced the broken cannister. So why is it called a "grab and go" cache? What does this mean? You are not supposed to take them away without leaving something, Even I as a newbie know this.

Are "bend down/over" and "lean down/over" interchangeable?

bend: to move your body so that it is not straight
lean: to rest or cause to rest against a support, incline

What does a "bent boy" mean?

A *rent* boy is someone who collects money for gay sex.

A *bent* boy is a homosexual guy.

What does "bend it like Beckham" mean?

I have been hearing this a lot lately. I know Beckham is a soccer player and that he moved here to the US recently so I guess that's why I've been hearing this so often. But my question is -- what exactly does "bend it like Beckham" mean?

What's the meaning of "grab the spoon"?

this is not a common American reference. it probably was a reference to something earlier in the show or earlier in the season. I'm an american born and raised and the ONLY thing I can think of as a referance would be a card game called spoons. in this game there are say 6 people but only 5 spoons when the first person reaches the objective they grab a spoon once they grab one EVERYONE tries to get one. the person that doesn't get a spoon is out. remove 1 spoon and continue til there is one winner. but without seeing how it was used in context... thats just my guess. I would say it seems to mean something like get it before its too late.

Why are the Washington Post, MSNBC, and CNN trying so obviously hard to publish only negative stories about Donald Trump?

Maybe because the only newsworthy things coming out of the White House are negative and embarrassing. These news outlets don’t have to try to find anything. Rump is serving up the negative stories for their consumption by being an ignorant, corrupt, undisciplined asshole every day he is occupying the Oval.How about this? Let me give you some ideas on how you can change the coverage your Dear Leader is getting (hint: taking personal responsibility is essential).Instead of bitching and moaning about the coverage he’s getting, how about conservatives demand that:Rump shape up his public behavior. Stop the stupid tweeting, and try to learn something about the job he is supposed to be doing so that his own people don’t leak to the press about all the dumb and embarrassing stuff that is going on in the Oval. And quit delivering embarrassing speeches that sound like he is off his meds.Conservatives could also pound the hell out of their Congressional leaders to put a check on Rump’s inappropriate behavior and actions.Encourage that all crooked and criminal behavior cease and desist, and be ready to act on it when it comes forward instead of doing stuff like acting as Rump’s water boy like Nunes was doing.And the next time a morally/ethically challenged candidate for office like Rump comes forward to run for office, listen to one of your own past icons of the party, and Just Say No. Don’t vote for them.Do those things, and just maybe life will be a little more pleasant for you.