What Do Paramedics Do For Helping A Person Having A Panic Attack Or Nervous Breakdown

One time I smoked weed and had a massive panic attack to where my veins hurt in my body. I’m still feeling the effects today with major anxiety but I feel like it’s more even though I’ve had heart tests done. How can I be 100% sure I’m okay?

Most likely it was more than weed- or was contaminated.While some strains (types) of Marijuana CAN cause panic attacks in some people- it would only last about an hour or so- and would NOT cause they symptoms you are talking about.UNLESS:#1- You have an undiagnosed lung/oxygen problem that was made worse by smoking . “Weed” expands your lungs, improving lung capacity over time— but for someone with an asthma-like condition, would cause issues.#2- Someone put drugs other than just Marijuana in what you smoked. Meth, Cocaine, Ice whatever— people are stupid and think it’s ok or even funny to get someone to smoke that crap without knowing about it. Bloodtests would show if you were having some sort of adverse chemical reaction.#3-whoever grew it treated it with pesticides/fungicides or other chemicals…they remain toxic after harvesting and when smoked- make people sick… Again- doctors should do blood-work!$4- (MOST likely) You have undiagnosed Panic disorder- the Weed just triggered your first major attack. It can last for DAYS even weeks… it will come in waves… you can feel like you are having a heart attack or going to pass out… and panic disorder can make you convinced that you are dying… it’s terrible…Been there done that..have it myself and so do others in my family.Get the right doctor and counselor- and meds if necessary..Hang in there- it gets better! <3

Nausea, shaking, diarrhea, headache, faint?

The past few days I have felt sick to my stomach and my hands have been shaking. on top of it all today i have had some horrible diarrhea, but i have been making sure i am drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated...before i went to work i didn't feel too bad but was still shaking. I am a bartender and when I got off work, i felt horrible, i got in my car and felt like i was going to vomit the whole way home. I got home and drank a lot of water and then almost fainted on my kitchen floor. I then went to my room to lay down and when i laid down i once again almost fainted. This is not the only day this has happened to me after work. i don't know whats wrong with my body. I have also been coming across this nausea randomly though-out my days, as well as random bad headaches. I used to have a pretty bad thyroid problem and had half of it removed...does anyone think this could have something to do with my thyroid being out of wack again? or possibly just a mix of exhaustion and maybe dehydration?

Breathing heavy when drunk?

Here is the answer:

Several things happen when you are drinking, one is the alcohol is a CNS depressant, which dulls the senses and can cause your respirations to become slowed (as well as your heart rate.) the next thing is while you are consuming the alcohol, your body is very busy trying to get rid of it. (alcohol is still a poison to the body) Now the body will try to get rid of it all several ways: Urination, your kidneys can filter etoh from your body through peeing, but it is not very effective. (your liver does more to metabolize and break down ETOH than any other method.) Respiration will take small amount of ETOH out of the body (which is why they do a breathalyzer test on you if one gets busted for DUI) and sweating. This is why most really bad drunks smell the way they do, it is their body sweating out all the ETOH out through their sweat glands.

So when you drink, the ETOH in your alcoholic beverage will depress your central nervous system and can cause your respirations to slow, and the actions of your body to get rid of the ETOH can cause your respirations to become labored (deep and hard). This is also a good sign that maybe you should watch how much you drink, because if your breathing becomes heavy and labored like you say it does this could be a danger sign. Many people have died from respiratory arrest because of heavy drinking.

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