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What Do People Think About Sandra Cisnero

What do you think of Sandra Bernhard?

Personally, I find her to be extremely annoying. I have listened to some clips of her shows, the so called funny ones, and did not even crack a smile or giggle. She is certainly 'in your face,' but not in a good way. Also, when someone comments that she is ugly, there is always another individual who proclaims, "Well, at least she does not look like anyone else in Hollywood. It's interesting to have someone who looks like her." Sure, if she was exotic and good looking. While I do not particularly like the plasticine look of Hollywooders, I do not think she is pretty. Quite the contrary. However, she really likes to spout her political views (which I do not want to hear from an entertainer liberal or conservative) and act like she is bringing a good message. Last but not least, she had a relationship with... Madonna *shudders*.

What do you think of the girl's name Sandra?

I think it's a really cute name! I actually prefer pronouncing the name SAHN-druh, rather than SAN-druh. Another alternative as a full name is Alessandra (ah-les-SAHN-druh), the Italian variant of Alexandra.

Either way, Sandra is very underused as a first name today. People may say its common, but in actuality, it was ranked 442 last year. I would consider it familiar, but not popular right now, which can sometimes be very ideal. I can picture all kinds of personalities working with the name Sandra, from a blonde cheerleader to a studious brunette.

Why do people think Sandra Bland was murdered?

Nobody should go to jail and not make it out a live over a traffic signal. That should warrant a warning if anything. People do it everyday all day. Another thing is the booked jail pic is controversial. Many people aren't sure if she was alive in the pic. can you tell? Not just that, who goes to jail for nonsense and is changed into a jail orange jump suit? Why wasn't the booking pic taken in her street clothes? Why did the cop continue to have a scuffle away from her car where potentially the entire altercation would have been taped? But what we do hear is Ms. Bland saying that the cop was hitting her head. There is too many unanswered questions. I don't believe she killed herself with a job to look forward too and being apparently a part of the Black Lives Matter movement, don't you think she would have added her story to the movement? May God rest her soul and may the truth set us all free. May justice be given to those that are owed. Good help the world to be a better place that is safe and more fair for everyone. We exist together. We need eachother and its time to value ad support one another. It is time.

What do you think of Sandra Bullock?

I love her, she is a great actress, I am not sure about what she has done to help the community I do not live in California, but I love what she does for me and she makes me laugh and laughter is the best medicine.

Who else thinks Sandra Oh is ugly?

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no you're not. i happen to think she's pretty. i respect her because she's not the type who feels the need to cover her entire face with ten pounds of makeup. she's just naturally beautiful. those types are rare to find among celebrities these days since the media loves to expose stick thin, slutty looking, drug using famous people. besides... who thinks she's ugly?!?!?!?!??!!! beauty isnt always skin deep either.

Do you think Sandra Bullock is a good role model?

Sandra Bullock is the last person I would pick as a bad role model. She's currently trying to get her stepchild away from an abusive and unstable mother. She picks movie roles that are usually send a good message.

What do you think of Sandra Bullock?

I like her. When I was little (about ten) I used to get her confused with Julia Roberts! Then I realized that Sandra is the down-to-earth one, and she seems like the kind of person you could actually spend time with. I get the feeling that spending a day with Julia Roberts wouldn't be that fun--she'd probably just be full of herself. Although I must admit that Miss Congeniality 2 was a flop. The first one was a lot better, and her other movies even better than that.

What do you think about Sandra Bullock being upset with the backlash towards the Ghostbusters 2016 reboot?

It was a terrible movie. But that had a lot more to do with the writing and directing than the actresses chosen. Her comments make it sound as though she didn't watch the movie herself. If you're going to reboot a beloved classic, you have to do something great just for it to be considered good. They decided to go in the opposite direction and do something awful.

Kate McKinnon is a funny woman, she did what she could with what she was given. But the writing and directing made her scenes uneven and inconsistent, she was a different character from scene to scene. Kristen Wiig almost always delivers, and she did so here. But her character isn't meant to be on-the-nose funny, she's the straight foil to Melissa McCarthy. Leslie Jones is usually great, but her character feels a bit token, jammed into the story just to have a black Ghost Buster. These women are good, solid comedic actresses.

Melissa McCarthy isn't very funny. The only place she fits is mad-cap, slap-stick comedy - which is why everything she's involved in looks like a poorly written Saturday Night Live sketch.

It was just a badly written movie. If it had been an all male cast, it would have still turned out just as terrible. The shining bright spot of the entire film was Chris Hemsworth, who's lately been proving himself to be very capable when it comes to comedic roles. Not sure how a side character got the best dialogue writing in the film, but that's what happened.

I hope Oceans 8 is good, I hope it can live up to the original (I'll admit I've only seen the first film, it seemed gimicky to make sequels to that story). It has a much stronger cast than Ghost Busters.

What kind of people make you feel better about you?

The kind that see only good in you, and love you not despite your flaws, but because of them.We want people to see our physical flaws and not be disgusted or want them changed or removed. And people who love us look at these imperfections and find them unique to us and wouldn’t want to change a thing.So then in the same way, if I ever make a mistake, or if there’s a flaw in my personality, I just want people to see it in the same way as a loved one sees a physical imperfection.And surprisingly, most people can’t do this for me (I did find one who can tho).I know everyone has a different criteria, but those are the kind that make me feel better about myself.They do it not by criticizing you or trying to improve you, but by understanding why you do what you do.In a world where everyone’s a critic, it’s great to find someone who just wants to be with you in the simplest way possible, where you forget about your problems and your perfectionism and the rest of the worlds issues.Yeah if I wanted to improve myself further I’d read a book and I’d figure it out. Thank you very much (although if it’s really critical that you tell me this info, I don’t take offence to well intentioned information). But it doesn’t make me feel better, it’s just necessary that I hear it.But someone who goes out of their way to make life feel like:It’s not meant to be taken seriously!Life is messy and that’s what makes it beautiful!It’s not a big deal when we fail!We don’t need to do things ‘Better’ all the time, in fact…we can mess up!It’s difficult but still worth living!Those are the types I yearn to be around.