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What Do You Do After Striking Up A Conversation With A Stranger

How can you start up a conversation with stranger?

Boy, this is some rain we're having, wouldn't you say? I hope you live on high ground...

How easy is it to strike up conversations with strangers where you live?

Where I live, mid Wales, you absolutely wouldn't do this with a stranger, but almost every one knows someone through a friend or family member. So I'll often be walking in town, and someone strikes up a conversation because they know my mum or something.True story: I was walking back from the local shop last week and an elderly man asked me how my dad was. I truthfully told him he'd been in the hospital, not knowing who this man was, and the guy told me he knew, his lads worked with my dad and he was hoping to bring them good news. So I explained how my dad was doing much better and we had a great chat.I guess that in a rural area, there's not such a thing as strangers.We also get a lot of English tourists, who always seem nervous to even ask directions, and the locals tend to be even warier until any words have been said. I think here, strangers are seen as a danger, but as soon as one speaks up, they're not a stranger any more, are they?I once saw two middle eastern immigrants (apparenty a couple) smiling at strangers on the bus, and doing their best not to seem worrying, and everyone just pointedly looked away. But the woman said “hi!” to the elderly woman behind her, and they instantly struck up a chat.

What are some tips for striking up a conversation with total strangers?

One Hack that has greatly changed my conversation game with strangers is adopting 80/20 rule.In the first 5–10 min of conversation with a new person, spend only 20% of the time speaking, focusing on asking questions out of genuine curiosity about the person, and 80% of the time listening.Here is the exact script you can use that would do wonders in building rapport.It will even get you coffee meet-ups with influential people, like actors, influencers, and CEOs.Hi, Nice to meet you!What brought you here?What do you do?I was thinking to myself that it’s not an easy thing to do day-in and day-out that you are doing, I’m amazed how you still keep the energy high.[Wait for the response][Comment on the response] It’s admittedly tough! How many years since you’ve been doing it now?[Wait for the response][Comment] Incredible! I’m just so happy that I bumped into you. These days I’m working on an XYZ project / working at an XYZ firm, but my favourite activity really is listening to stories of people doing uncommon things / creating an impact.I was wondering if after this session/event/party/meeting, you’ve got 30 minutes to catch up for a quick coffee? If not, we can always do it later this week, when your schedule allows. I’d absolutely love to hear your stories. It will not just make my day, it will make my year.[Exchange Facebook, Email, Number, or LinkedIn].On my blog (30 Day Experiment), I share tools, tactics, routines, and word-to-word scripts covering wide ranging fields, including Social Skills, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Productivity, Learning Skills, and Life Hacks.

Is it weird to start a conversation with strangers?

no its just bein friendly i would say

What are some great places to strike up conversations with strangers?

Good placesstanding in lines..esp. if experiencing a delay of some sortelevatorsat a bus stoprestaurants (sometimes - one can dip in a conversation, assuming it's not too personal. You can pretend you are new to the area/never been there - and ask about what's good.)coffee shops (again, stay out of personal or flammable topics)playgrounds (assuming you are there with kids)debate clubs/Toastmaster meetingsNot-so-good placeswhile using a toiletwhile standing in front of a urinalpublic restrooms/bathrooms in general (even with a concierge at a fancy restaurant) doctors offices (people generally like to be left alone or will bombard you with too much info)playgrounds (assuming you are there WITHOUT kids)bingo parlors (even whispering will get you a beating)libraries (unless you are in a separate room, meeting with a group)in the middle of church services

How do you strike up a conversation with someone sitting next to you on the bus?

1) Look at their clothing, notice and comment on something about it which interests you. Preferably a compliment followed by a question, e.g. ''That's a very original shirt, where did you buy it?''. Or comment on text written on their clothing, e.g. ''Minneapolis college, I've heard they have some brilliant professors, what did you study there?''2) Situational conversation - comment on anything about what you see or hear on the bus or outside, e.g. ''The bus driver is very friendly, isn't he?'', ''Have you seen that new department store being built there before? I hear many people are annoyed about it.''3) Just make a random statement: ''Today is world xxx awareness day, what do you think about xxx?''. Or ask a random question about the news: ''Have you heard the news about the gov. shutdown?''4) Talk about the weather but be sure to have an idea of what to follow that conversation up with, there is only so much to say about the weather and it doesn't lead to many interesting topics.5) Ask their opinion on something: ''Could I get your opinion on something? My sister is getting married and I'm undecided between buying her xxx present and xxx present''. Women especially are always happy to give their opinion so starting with asking for their opinion is always a great way to get their attention and interest.