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What Do You Do When Someone Keeps Eating Your Food

How to say "no" when someone asks to share food?

I eat lunch with the same group of people nearly every day, but there's this one girl seems to ask for a lot of things... and it puts people in an awkward position because they have to say "no" in a polite way.

She always seems to be curious about what others are eating and she always stares at them while they eat, like she wants their food. One day, I spent $5 on a packet of beef jerky and as soon as I sat down at the table, she stares at the bag as if she wants it. Feeling uncomfortable and actually in the mood to share, I open the bag and say that people can eat some. She ends up eating half of the bag.

And today, I brought my own strawberries for lunch, and yet again, she stares at them with a longing stare. I taste one and it's more sour than I thought and I eventually end up saying, "Oh well... I have to eat them all. It's my lunch." And she goes, "I can help you finish them."
Now that leaves me in an extremely awkward situation. I had to imply that I didn't want to share without directly saying it, explaining that the strawberries were my fuel for the next 6 hours (which was true) and that she can have some, just don't deprive me of my lunch. She ended up saying, "Nah, it's OK" in this quiet voice.

Sorry for the long story, but it's extremely frustrating to eat around her since she always seems like she wants whatever any one is eating (seriously, she asks, "What did you get? What's in there?" ALL the time). And the stares she gives when she looks at food... gah.

So how do I politely say no without seeming too offensive? She's also on the bigger side so I don't want to say anything that will insult her weight.

Roommate keeps eating my food, HELP!?!?

Put a rat trap in a bag of chips.

How can you get someone to stop eating your food?

Go out and buy a container of nightcrawler earthworms from a fishing store. Put them in a deep cereal bowl and cover them tightly with aluminum foil (they will survive because the love the cool environment of a refridgerator).

Put a sticky note on the aluminum that says something like:
Do Not Eat or
My Dessert

Leave it there and go out while your sister is home.

When you get home check on the bowl to see if the aluminum has been tampered with.

If it has just ask your sister if she liked the treat you left her to teach her to stay the hell away from your food?

That ought to work.

What happens if someone who keeps kosher eats a non-kosher food?

Nothing physically.  It's mostly a spiritual transgression.  Jews don't believe they would go to hell for breaking Kosher.  They will, however be very upset they did so, as it is breaking a commandment of God directly.  Generally this happens by accident - as in they were not aware that what they were eating was not Kosher.  Generally someone would be very upset and feel very guilty.  They might decide to go through a cleansing process or discuss the matter with a Rabbi, or they might just accept they made a mistake and be more careful next time.  Kashrut is a way of life for some people (mostly Orthodox Jews).  It's important to them.  They are proud and comfortable following the strict requirements. On a side, historical note of interest : Kashrut saved lives.  During the Dark Ages, a lot of people pointed fingers at the Jews during the times of the plagues because they were not getting sick.  The rules required to prepare food and keep certain foods away from each other were what were keeping them from the plague.

Can you get sick from eating food that was sneezed on?

As per Mythbusters -- sneezes release far-reaching projectiles, and while the bulk of it is directional, I'd say there's a decent chance that something might have made it to your sandwich.

I wouldn't care about getting sick, but I wouldn't have been able to eat there, at all, had I watched the person preparing my food sneeze anywhere near the food while he / she was doing it. Forget about requesting a new sandwich -- I would have went somewhere else to eat.

I don't think that you're being paranoid, but as far as getting sick from it, that would only happen if the preparer was sick and not sneezing for some other reason.

I cry whenever people eat my food. Why and how do I stop it?

Because you feel violated. Do you mark your food? If not, mark foods as yours if they're important to you (and you purchased them with your money or they were purchased especially for YOU)

Sharing a house with others (family or not) doesn't give you a lot of personal privacy or personal security if the others also share the same spaces as you, or if they come at their own will into your spaces.

I think the food thing is partly territorial on your part, part safety, and them getting into your food you see as disrespectful and violating. You're probably crying in frustration, as this type of thing probably happens all the time no matter what you've done or said in the past.

You really need to talk to your mom and sister to work this out. If you can't get it worked out by yourselves, then getting professional help would be advisable.

How do I get my parents to stop eating my food?

Here's a solution, grab a permanent marker or sticky labels and put your name on your food, number it and create two lists stick one on the front of the fridge or in plain sight. Show the list to your parents every time you get new items and don't stop until they verbally recognise the validity of your statement/ownership.If they are in fact that thick faced then for every item they take then you visibly remove one of their items explain why you have taken what you have in clear language and threaten nicely to bin it in front of them. If they yell then quote the value of the item they had taken from you as evidenced and walk away.If they do this again then buy a mini-fridge for your room and a lock on your door. Violation of trust and active thievery, parents or not is inexcusable.You want to move out and your parents are wasting your money preventing you from doing so, a serious conversation is necessary to clear the air.Don't shout and keep asking them for a logical answer, do not deviate from the point.I say all this only with the knowledge of the question you have asked.

What happens if you throw up food right after eating?

If it happens just once, nothing. It's a sign you are sick or ate something you are allergic to.If it happens regularly, it causes s great deal of harm. The acid in the vomit damages your teeth, and leads to discolouration and decay. Your dentist will be able to see that you are vomiting regularly and may confront you about this behaviour.Regular vomiting damages the lining of your oesophagus - your food tube - and the valve that keeps food and digestive juices in your stomach. You may experience painful acid reflux - a burning sensation. You will need medication to help with this. It will be clear to your doctor that you are vomiting regularly and they will offer you help to stop the behaviour.Regular vomiting causes swollen glands in the face and neck. Your face may begin to appear swollen. This will be another obvious sign to medical professionals that you are indulging in unhealthy behaviour. Your friends and family might just think you are getting fat, but someone familiar with eating disorders would be able to see what is really going on with you.One thing that will not necessarily happen if you vomit after eating is weight loss. Many people who habitually vomit after food are a normal weight, or overweight. Self induced vomiting only removes part of the food you ate. It is not an effective way to empty your stomach.If you are considering vomiting after eating, don't. It is harmful and does not help weight loss. If you already started to vomit food, stop if you can. If it is difficult to stop, get help from your doctor. The longer it goes on, the more damage will be done.

If u just ate spicy food and u kiss someone, will they be affected by the spiciness or not?