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What Do You Do When There Is Nobody To Sit With At Lunch

I have no one to sit with at lunch?

Well, I remember being this way too when I was in school. It's hard finding a group to hang out with. I switched high schools a lot, but I remember I usually had lunch in a remote spot where it wasn't so noticeable that I was eating alone. My senior year (only one semester of it because I graduated early), I didn't bother to mix up at all. In fact I sat at a table in the lunch room totally by myself and just read my book or did homework early so I would be done for the day. Surprisingly other kids were drawn to the fact that I was so secure with myself to sit confidently alone like that. Unfortunately they were what I call dorks and underclassmen, since I was too cool, I moved outside where only the closeted smokers and theatre arts people were. Truth is you just have to put yourself out there. Confidence is a big part of it! If you act casual but friendly you can drift in and out of new tables until you are okay with the cliques. For me, I never hung out with any one group but most of my friends were "skittles" aka extra special artistic, wear black, read poetry, hold above avg grades but don't show off, and some were gay. But that was a longgggg time ago. LOL Still I hope this advice helps you. Just remember the key to your social situation lies within your self-confidence and over all attitude. Don't worry about being popular or unpopular and just be who you are even if you spend the whole year reading a book alone until you find someone decent to hang out with...

What to do when I have nobody to sit with at lunch?

Act as if you are not shy and this is not awkward. Walk into the cafeteria, smile, and know that everything is going to be ok. You will eventually meet some lunch time friends. Go sit with the kids you've been sitting with. Or find another kid who doesn't seem to have anyone either. You could even go up to someone who seems like a nice kid and tell them that you need someone to sit with because none of your usual lunch friends are here, and is it okay if you sit with her. Don't say it in a shy, mousy way. If you sound shy and mousy, it is like you are leading people to reject you. Do you understand what a leading question is? Well, being shy and mousy is like a leading attitude. I have learned much by being a shy person who became a salesperson. I had to let go of my shyness. When you approach people with confidence, and out going friendliness, you are far more likely to get what you want. I know this to be a fact. So try your best to break out of your shyness. No more barely whispering, and being all nervous. Just pretend like you are one of those really confident, really together people, and you eventually will be.

I don't have anybody to sit with at lunch?

On mondays Wednesday's and Fridays I have a different lunch than on Tuesday's and Thursdays
And on Mon. Wed. Fri. I have nobody to sit with I have friends and I'm not a loner I just don't have any friends in that lunch schools been going for a month now and I can't really tell people I no place to sit cuz they might think I'm a loser I usually wait in line till it gets short then go and sit in the bathroom till the end of lunch but you can't here the bell from in there so I'm always late and I'm always scared when a lot of people come in that they will wonder why there is always somebody in that one stall what do I do I'm scared to sit by myself cuz I don't want to loom like a loser I have friends and I'm not a loser so what do I do? Plz help my whole day is ruined because of lunch I even broke down and told my dad and he didn't help at all plz plz help

I have no one to sit with at!?

A fear like I have.

First of all, any friend that gets mad over a small thing is not a friend.

Second of all, I am sure there is more than one person you trust and are friends with, or at least talk to a little.

And to prevent embarrasment, try talking about it when it's not lunch time. Call a few friends and ask to sit with them. Try and contact others that are open with a seat. Make new friends.
To make new friends without having to move someone out of the table, make friends with those who are in a similar situation. As people say, if you too have something in common, it's a lot easier to talk. and so, sitting with someone that is also alone will help. Why am i saying to not make friends and at the same time have to make someone go out? You've just been in the same situation, you know how it feels, so, why would you - yourself want others too feel the same - i am left out..?

I think that it really matters to have someone to sit with.
and so, i dont agree with miss out spoken. When you have no friends to talk to or sit with, you know how bad it can get? It can devople into depression. If one doesn't have anyone to share feelings with, it's like trapping yourself in a small 4 sided room with nothing but plain white. Anyone would go crazy.
Thus, i think you need to think about that a bit. Just sit and read? i think your opinion is actually going to harm her...


No one to sit with at lunch?

I've gone through this myself, and I know exactly how you feel. I know it's hard to just go to someone and try to know them, because you don't want to stab into their little social circle, or they just don't look right for you. But the more you put yourself out there, the more likely people will approach you, and talk to you. If on group projects, try to talk to them, and befriend them.

Try to find the people in your lunch period in your class(es) to sit with you. Or do what I do; grab a good book to read or study so that you won't look like a complete loser. Or hide some place; library, deserted restroom, teacher's classroom. :p

Sitting alone is brutal! But be sure to observe, you never know if you'll find another 'you', just waiting to be "discovered"!

Where do I sit at lunch when I have no friends in high school?

I have friends. I just avoid them.In my freshman year, I used to stay in the classroom with my English teacher because our lunch break was halfway through class. It was more his idea than mine. I think he wanted to make sure I was eating.In my sophomore year, I ate in the special ed classroom that I was forced to be in for one semester, or I just didn’t eat. Usually didn’t bother going down to the cafeteria at all.Last year, I sat with my friends, but I napped for the whole lunch period.This year, I’ve taken to bringing my lunch outside and sitting underneath a tree or in the street somewhere. There’s quite a lot of space outside, so I can be by myself, as far away from everyone else as I want to be.I like being alone, so this is fine with me.However, most people aren’t like me, and I’d say your best bet is to find someone you get along with in class and ask if they have a free spot at your lunch table. You can give them any reason you want to, or none at all. There’s bound to be someone with a free spot. And chances are, once you sit with them at lunch for a while, you’ll become friends with them and the other people there.

Nobody I know is in my Highschool Lunch?

It's the Third day of HighSchool (I'm a Freshman) the first day it was only freshmen so we all sat by each other for lunch, so I was with my friends. But now I have no one and for the past 2 days I just wait in the bathroom for the period to end. (I know, i know, sad and pathetic) But I can't wait in the bathroom everyday for a whole school year. I have no one I talk to or know in my lunch period . I always feel very Awkward and I have Social Anxiety. So its kinda hard for me to go up to people and just talk to them and it I feel like everyone would judge me if they saw me sitting alone. I want to ask to chnge my lunch period but that means changing nmy other classes that I'm already very comfortable with and like. I just don't know what to do. Should I give sitting alone a try ?

What should I do if I sit alone at lunch?

What do you mean by “what should I do”? Are you talking about how to change the situation, or literally about what you can do when you're alone at lunch?In the first case:Sit with someone else. Might seem stupidly simple, but it is. Just ask. I very often eat alone, but that's generally simply because I like to eat alone and because I'm not feeling talking with other people. When I do, I just try to spot someone I know, and ask them if I can eat there. That's it. People don't often say “no”, and if they do, that's either because they're just not afraid to tell you, or because the place is taken.Go eat where there are people. Again, it might seem stupid, but it's true. I know people who are often going to eat where there isn't a lot of people, and I myself often happen to eat in my car, simply because I generally make myself sandwiches and keep my lunch in my car, so it's faster to eat in my car than go get my lunch, go back to try to find a table, eat in three minutes and having to go back to my car to put my lunchbox there. I'm that lazy.In the second case:Get yourself a book and read it while you're eating;Do stuff you have to get done while you're eating;Or just enjoy your food and focus on it, and do other stuff when you're done eating.Solutions are not difficult to find.