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What Do You Expect From The New Star Wars Trilogy

Why did the stormtroopers in the "Star Wars" trilogy have "011" on the back of their armour?

I don't believe it is supposed to be a '011', on their back is a 20-minute oxygen tank for use in emergency. I'm assuming that is the cause for the shapes in the armor.

Wouldn't the new Star Wars trilogy have been a bigger hit if they brought Sidious back in Episode 7 instead of creating a new villain? That would make more sense, considering Legends.

These movies were already the top box office draws of their respective years; how much bigger of a hit do you need them to be?Besides, what you propose wouldn't be an improvement. Sideous' death at Vader's hands was the due and proper culmination of the original trilogy, and undoing that would unnecessarily detract from the impact of Vader's redemptive sacrifice. A new villain is the proper narrative choice here. A new villain is also pretty much what you should expect to get when you've vanquished the old one, both in serialized film franchises and also in real life.The resurrected Emperor plotline was one of the worst things to come out of Legends, frankly, if you want my honest opinion. I like a fresh new villain with their own background and story. Like Thrawn, if we want to go back to Legends. Or like Kylo Ren.

Wouldn't you say that the prequel trilogy of Star Wars was a LOT better than the original movies?

I'm tired of all these Star Wars fans from the PAST talking about the original films. They weren't that good. The special effects looked like puppet shows. in fact when I made puppet shows as a kid, I made ones that looked better than Star Wars. So if a kid could outdo star wars than what makes you think prequels with wayyy better special effects can'ts?

My logic is undeniable on this. You cannot go against it. The prequels were better.

What Star Wars era do you hope Rian Johnson's trilogy takes on?

I don’t hope anything. I don’t care what the next movie is as long as it doesn’t waste my time and it’s both focused and entertaining. As it is there’s very little I expect anyone’s going to do with Star Wars that can actually surprise me, so until a preview is sitting in front of me I’ve got nothing to be interested in.What I want above all else is to get to know new characters — and I mean for the producers to really invest in them, quit pussy-footing around with this “we want new, but we also want to be risk-averse” crap and pull the trigger on some genuine new blood. I don’t want new characters on the leash of old ones, I want new characters in a new conflict. That goes for the Jedi and the Sith as concepts as well. Show me that Star Wars has something to it other than repeating this one plot that Lucasfilm has been regurgitating at us since Episode I.

Does the new trilogy ruin the story behind the first 6 Star Wars movies? Does it debunk the whole prophecy thing?

What do we know of the prophecy?That the Chosen One would be created by the midichlorians. He would bring balance to the Force. The Chosen One would destroy the Sith.Anakin Skywalker fulfilled every qualifier of the prophecy.Luke even says in the TLJ that, “There was indeed balance for a time” and it was broken when Ben turned to darkness. So no, there was no permanency to the balance, nor was that ever stated in the prophecy.Take a look at the Mortis Trilogy. The Father had maintained the balance for eons, but he was about to die. He tells Anakin that he needs to be replaced because the Force must be kept in balance. Too much light or dark would destroy life as it was known. But the Force could not permenantly be kept in balance if the choices of people took it out of balance.So no, the ST does not destroy the prophecy, similar with how midichlorins did not ruin the mystic nature of the Force.

What are your thoughts on the new Star Wars trilogy announcement (November 2017)?

Disney/Iger is REALLY high on The Last Jedi. That is a huge vote of confidence to give a director whose movie isn’t even in theaters yet.Tentatively interesting. Assuming they are not tiptoeing the line on being honest and REALLY mean it’s completely new characters (not “Snoke’s cousin’s roommate and that admiral chick from the Aftermath books, who are not in the movies and therefore are TECHNICALLY new” or “We’ve never had an entire movie JUST about the Mandalorians or seen their planet live-action, so it’s new”) this could be something really exciting.

How often in the original Star Wars trilogy did Han called Luke by his name and not Kid as he frequently did?

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