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What Do You Most Find Annoying

What do you find annoying?

People that go to a restaurant and sit at a table for hours talking, visiting, or playing on their phones/laptops/tablets.

People that go into a busy restaurant that is on a wait and then complain that they had to wait. Makes no sense. Nobody makes these people wait. These people choose to sit and wait for a table and then turn around and act like they aren't accountable for their decision to wait.

Do you find it annoying when...?

i hate it!!!
the ones who joke around are so annoying too!
in the locker room all of the guys are humping and tea bagging eachother!!! (literally)
and im just sitting there saying "and im the gay one?"

and i hate all of those straight emo guys who think its cool to be gay

Do you find your mom annoying?

Ah, my mum can be annoying but not as annoying as my dad. My mum is like your mum, always saying, "What?" like she hasn't heard me the first time and I have to repeat it like five times before she answers (there's nothing wrong with her either, she just has a short attention span lol).
Now, you wish your mum was loud? Well, my dad is heaps loud and it is so annoying. He also has kind of a rough voice so whenever he asks of something it always sounds like a harsh demand. I hate it when he wakes me up in the morning because he is very down to the point, like: "Get up. C'mon, wake up."
But eventhough my mum frantic and silly, my dad loud and irritaing - I still love them both dearly. My parents had my brother at twenty and they were living together at the time (weren't married yet though). They both finished high school, I think, but they didn't go to college or anything.
Plus, it's not like I live with my cousins in the same house. Most of my relatives live two or more hours away.

So, I'm not sure what exactly is your question or do you just want our stories? Persistance is always the key. What is your mother interested in? Maybe you could talk to her about that and she'll open up more, hmm? I haven't a clue what your life must be like because I have two parents and two annoying siblings so I'm never lonely or anything.
You say your mum just says at home and you think it is very boring? Do you have to stay home with her, or do you think it is boring for her? You must know some little way to get her talking since you've known her for sixteen years. If she's bored, she'll tell you. Does she always stay at home or does she have friends? Maybe you could introduce her to your friend's parents?

Well, hopefully I helped. ^-^

Do you find this annoying?

Yes. Develop a disgusting hucking sound & gross cough just before they sit down along with a maniac scowl and knee jerking and leaning toward the seat they are about to occupy. Speak in tongues or gibberish to no-one in particular or to your imaginary friend in that seat. Take a barbie doll, put it on the seat & say Ken is coming back. Spill your beverage on the seat next to you so it will be too damp to occupy. You will become so unattractive that even your friends will ignore you and the magnet attach itself to someone else

Do you find most people annoying?

Not all but most of them are annoying because they do things which are not pleasing.

What girls do you find annoying?

What girls annoy you?
For me its girls who...Do nothing but go to the mall, text, go on facebook every 5 minutes, have annoying liberal opinions which they aren't at all prepared to back up with actual action and which they will only endorse if the rest of the general populace are already accustomed to it, wear flip flops (even in the rain), wear ugg boots (even in the summer), have fake tans, try to act smart and talk down to people but when faced with actual intellect simply slink away, like having gay friends, say the word "like" every other word, try way to hard to act dominant and assertive (only to slink away when someone with real aggression and dominance steps into the fray), have obviously fake personalities, make situations into drama, wear those HUGE BUG EYE sunglasses, drive SUVs, white girls who listen to rap, spoiled bratty girls who's rich parents take them on extravagant vacations EVERY year, girls who dye their hair blond, sketchy chicks who act like they get freaked out by every little thing, who can't differentiate between your/you're and their/there, who think anything they do is considered HOT just because they are a girl, that start fights with other people then run to their boyfriends, who love Lady Gaga, Kesha, Rhianna, Kanye West, American Idol, the Real Life and Jersey Shore, Girls who talk idly without anything important to discuss, girls who are overly sociable to the point of annoyance and are just attention seekers and girls who are insanely loud out in public just to grab people's attention...ANNOYING.

What chicks annoy you? Please, no butt-hurt replies from girls who meet the descriptions above and who try to call me a virgin or gay because they feel slighted by my opinions. I don't need to agree with girls in order to date them. And also, no comments from guys who make the rest of us dudes look bad by enabling these girls just because they are insanely pussy whipped.

Also, what's with white girls and their obsession with metro-sexual ****** too? The closer the guy looks to a girl, the more comfortable they seem to be with "him"/it. Its getting idiotic. I guess deep down all white girls are actually lesbian.

What do you find most annoying about SJWs?

the only thing I find annoying about the sjw is that they are now a scapegoat, any time theres a black man or a Latino in a video game people blame them, even though they basically have zero power at all.they say propaganda makes the enemy or the scapegoat look evil, this person probley wasn't even an sjw, and she probley looks pretty, but she's not in the right pose for it.

What do you find most annoying about school?

Cutting the queueMy school has over 3000 students, and every time around 10–11am, hundreds of students would run to the canteen to buy something to eat. So unsurprisingly, every stall would have around 30–40 students all queuing up to buy something.And almost everytime people would just cut the damn queue.I'm not talking about 1 or 2 people cutting the queue, I'm talking about 10–15 people all squeezing between others, not regarding at all that those behind them have been waiting for almost half-an hour just to have those morons cutting in front of them.Imagine this, but with 10 of those blue guys.And here’s what really pisses me off:Prefects and student leaders would often cut the queue and ignore you whenever you told them to queue at the back.Teachers don’t give a shit about this issue whenever you bring it up to them and don't bother reprimanding those who cut in line.Students would often pay their friends who are queuing to “reserve a spot behind them”, while they go do their own things, so when they come, there's 10 people rushing in front of you claiming they arrived there before you did.Instead of queuing up for around 10–15 minutes, you end up queuing almost half-an hour thanks to them.P.S: This is all based off my own experienceIronically, one of my school values that they try their best to uphold is empathy.They're clearly doing a good job.

What do men find most annoying about women?

As the old saying goes "When i married her she looked like Loni Anderson, Ten years later she looks like Louie Anderson".

Married men can attest. When you were in the dating phase, your wife always looked perfect. Her hair and make up were done just right. Her clothes were cleaned and pressed. She always smelled good. She had impeccable table manners. She watched what she ate and always kept her figure intact. And she always seemed happy and in a good mood.

But once you marry her and she's no longer trying to impress you, she gains a ton of weight, chops off all her hair, never wears make up unless you're going out, belches and farts around the house, and is always crabby and nagging.

What do you find most annoying about YouTube?

Other than the toxic cesspool of ignorance and narcissism that is the comments section??Sometimes I find it annoying that YouTubers are forced to modulate their content to please their viewers rather than doing what they actually want. The Call of Duty commentator Drift0r used to do a lot of philosophical vlogs in addition to his game reviews and analysis, but found that his sometimes controversial opinions would lead to a loss of subscribers. Now he pretty much strictly talks about video games. I think that’s a shame because I liked listening to his thoughts about other subjects.I understand that if you make it your profession, there is some obligation to be more of a crowd pleaser, but it still bugs me.