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What Do You Think About Bali Island

What do you think about Bali?

Hi there,

Great choice in picking Bali! I have been to Bali several times and at each trip, I have learnt/seen something new, so you will have a great experience!

Bali is a vast island that is different from the rest of Indonesia. It is largely Hindu and is steeped in religion and ceremonies, which you will witness no matter what time of the year you are there! Bali has also got some amazing coastlines, flora and fauna because of its volcanoes.

There are plenty of things to do/visit in Bali:

- Padang Bai: Island paradise, largely untouched it is off the beaten track with lots of diving and snorkeling sites.
- Ubud: the cultural centre of Bali. Great for cheap shopping and experience the arts and crafts of Bali (stone/wood carvings and paintings).
- Uluwatu: witness the traditional Kecak Dance and Ramayana story atop the cliffs whilst the sun sets in the evening. Can be pricey and touristy but it is a great experience!
- Babi Guling: Check out this traditional Balinese cuisine in Ubud. Restaurant name: Ibu Okra
- Ku De Ta: The ultra chic place to have dinner/drinks in Bali. Highly recommended for its plush surroundings
- Traditional Massage: Check yourself into a spa to experience the traditional body massage.
- Temples: Bali is not short of old historical temples to visit, check out some not so famous ones or the regular Tanah Lot!

Good luck and have fun!

Do you know about Bali island?

Yeah Bali is a perfect island for every one. There is so much to do that one is often grasping for more. I went to Bali for 8 days & loved every bit of it. Here is all you need to know about Bali from a travelers point of view.Bali

What do you think of the volcanic eruption on Bali Island?

I think it will don’t have big trouble. In 1963, Bali once had a volcanic eruption which caused more than 1000 people death. But now, they have more perfect and cash equipment. i think what we should focus is the efficiency of China. As we all know China have sent many Chinese who in Bali to China. I am a Chinese and I am pride of my country. If you wan to know more about China and the volcanic eruption in Bali Island, you can focus on page 你好!China in facebook. There are many interesting videos and things about China!

What do you think about Bali? Have you been there?

I’m not a fan of Bali. I’ve been to Bali a lot because my mom’s a huge fan of the island. She occasionally mentions that moving there would be her dream. She would build her dream home, live her dream life by shopping, relaxing, having fun, and not worry about a thing. Bali is indeed a great place for all of this - relaxation and fun times, but I don’t like any of that.I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia so this is probably why. I’m more of a city person- I like big malls with stores of different varieties, I like the busy, city life, and so I sort of view Bali as a smaller and more relaxed version of Jakarta with less buildings and different food. My favourite past time is to go out to bookstores, but Bali doesn’t have a huge variety of non-food stores (aside from clothes) to begin with.Bali is generally a great place to explore for tourists - their food are very well known, delicious, and you can find them almost everywhere, the people are unique and friendly and diverse, and there are so many places you can visit like temples, beaches, cool bars, etc. All in all, you have so much to do in Bali, but I don’t take an interest in any of these activities. So much dedication, interaction, and planning are needed for all of this, and I don’t like that. It seems to me that the first thing(s) people think about when Bali is mentioned is beaches, relaxation, or paradise. I think of them too, which is why I don’t think Bali and I click. I don’t like beaches, nor do I like relaxing outside. I just don’t like doing these things but somehow I still associate these aspects with Bali.When these aspects are so highly associated, people would expect you to do these things when in Bali. They would expect you to come back with pictures of you skydiving, eating babi guling, playing and/or relaxing at the beach, being presented with a lei as soon as you step out of the cab to the hotel entrance, but this is all just a lot of anxiety for me to take in.The thing is, being a reserved person limits me from enjoying Bali to the fullest because so many things require cultural curiosity, enthusiasm, a thirst for new discoveries and interesting activities. I don’t have any of these; I just want to stay at home.

What do you think about Bali transport?

I think—— There are daily buses that link the tourist stops, with stops along the way. These buses can also be caught from Kuta, Ubud or Sanur to Bedegul, Nusa Lembongan and Kintamani. Taxis are mostly available in the Kuta and Seminyak region. The most popular taxi company is the Bali Taxi.

Where to visit on in Bali, Indonesia?


Wonder if you do know that Gili islands is located off Lombok, it is not off Bali. You would need to a transport to Padang Bai for a ferry to Lembar, Lombok. Once in Lombok, another ferry to Gili..

If you are interested in beautiful beaches, mountains & just sights.. There is plenty of places for you to visit in both Bali & Lombok..
For beautiful beaches in Bali,
1- Kuta (its a little too crowded, but beautiful sunset & fine soft sands)
2- Lovina (secluded black sand beach, option to go for a morning dolphin sighting with the locals.)
3- Dreamland (a beach off the south of Bali, get directions from a local on how to get there.)
In Lombok,
1- Senggigi (a quiet beach near the captial Mataram, not possible to surf here.)
2- Kuta (surf beach, almost like Bali- Kuta. But quiet & unspoilt.)

If looking to climb some mountains in both Bali & Lombok,
1- Mt Batur (day trek, it real beautiful & cold when you do the sunrise trek)
2- Mt Agung (day trek)
3- Mt Rinjani (3days/2nights trek, for ease of arrangments. Try engaging the services of Lombok Network for the trek.)
For both Mt Batur & Mt Agung sunrise trek, a lot of 'tour-booth' in Bali would be able to provide that. Just remember to bargain over the price.. if you are interested, let me know.. Would be able to ask a friend to provide discounts..

You are looking for nice mid-range places in Kuta or other places?
If in Kuta/ Legian, would recommend couple of nice locations;
1- Bamboo Bed & Breakfast Legian.
2- Puri Tanah Lot Hotel

In Ubud, or maybe other places like Candidasa think it would be better if you could search online.. Not too familar with those areas for hotels < 40AUD$.. Sorry.. :)

For these two beautiful islands, if not enjoying the surf.. Maybe you like to try diving.. Plenty of great dive sites @ theses two islands, especially Gili..

What do Indian Hindus think about Balinese Hinduism?

Balinese Hinduism is in a suppressed condition yet free. In fact Balinese people say that they were once forced out of main land (Sumatra Island)Indonesia. Bali is also a considerably very big island in Indonesia. Hinduism was introduced to Bali aborigines by the Tamil Kings who conquered Bali a thousand years ago. They believe in Karma . (They believe, what we do to others return to us .) The Balinese alphabet is based on Tamil letters. They also know how Hinduism came in to existence in Bali. Though they have the Indonesian main land affiliation in their way of living they are typical Hindus in the way they live. Phenomenally they revere Rama and believe in Ramayana! Even Mahabharata is very much their mythology. This relates approximately 1900 years. Nearly 18000000 Hindus were there in Indonesia. Unlike Indians Balinese do not worship multiple Gods. Though lot many are from Tamil origin they do not speak Tamil. Though there are words similar to Tamil words they have their own ethnic language. They are colorful people . They enjoy dance, music and drama. Though they have varna system there is no discrimination. Any one can change his caste and profession and marry anyone. There is no untouchable in their society. Wow! They are really following Hindu Dharma . It is not corrupted.

What do people think about Lombok island in Indonesia?

A beautiful, laid-back island. Not swamped with tourists like nearby Bali (although Lombok has recently been discovered by the hipster crowds, and has a name among hikers/mountaineers such as yours truly: if you want to get the Edelweiss of Asia, you need to climb Mount Rinjani).Due to the fact that it’s much poorer than Java, it reminds me a bit of Java a couple of decades back. Lovely nature, nice people. Will visit again (especially because I still need to climb Mount Rinjani, last time we had to turn around halfway due to the weather).

What makes some people think that Indonesia is part of Bali?

Bali is famous destination of Indonesia. Many of tourism have been there at few times, because there is beutiful views and strong culture.They only know that Bali is the famous destination in their country. So, they sometimes think about Indonesia is part of Bali, but actually Bali is part of Indonesia.Bali is one of island in Indonesia, so make another island in Indonesia famous like Bali. Make another culture in every island in Indonesia famous in another country.

Why do many people think Bali as a stand-alone country instead of a part of Indonesia?

37 years ago, I made the same mistake. I was assigned to a job in Jakarta. I was not sure where it was and looked at the map and found it: It’s in Bali! Then I saw “Indonesia” and thought that must be a province of Bali!Very easy mistake (at that time, at least): Bali is very famous vacation island, Indonesia much less. Jakarta is even less well-known because very few tourists pass there. Not much to visit in the capital, except extraordinary traffic jams.After spending many years in Indonesia, I came to enjoy Java, the main island, even more than Bali. So many places to see…