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What Do You Think About Christian Priests Converting To Islam After Studying Islam To Convert

How is life for a Christian who converted to Islam?

From a one hour long informative video (reference given), some points picked: A Jamaican lady said= she left party going life, came to sober life after conversion, peace with self and focused to God, peace, and truth…(American lady’s Jewish parents converted in 1960s = closer to God, person’s own responsibility, found something useful for humanity)UK lady said = people who come to Islam, find truth and satisfaction, converts come after long comparative studies, she narrated when a lady became muslim her paraent were unkind she told them, ‘no i have not rejected what you gave me, i have accpeted what you gave me and i have more on that (as Islam encompasses all previous religions)UK lady from catholic background said= she heard different things by a nun and found different things in her strict Catholic home, life changed enormously in thinking and behavior…a lady said = study of Islam gave her spiritual feeling and internal comfort,a lady said = removed misconceptions,==Ref : search words =( converts and their journey to Islam, real talk ladies alislam org )

How can I convert from Islam to Christianity in India?

Why do you want to? What benefit would you derive from this conversion? You're moving from one minority status to another. The how of your question comes after the why. Why do you want to do this?Edit - I say your answer to my question, and the best answer that I can give you is to go with your girlfriend's family to meet her parish priest. There are certain formalities that you will have to go through and he will tell you everything. This is of course taking into consideration the fact that your girlfriend's family wants to be involved in the process.If not, choose any church of your choice and meet the parish priest.The process is neither time consuming nor is it problematic. At the most, the parish priest will try to stick you for some money for his church, and if you can afford it, pay it.In a nutshell, you'll be informed that you will have to be baptized, and become eligible for communion. All of this will be done in one day. There is another process called confirmation that has to be done by the bishop, but it is not mandatory and can be left to a later date. Even change of name is not mandatory and is a matter of choice.

Ramadan: How would you convince an Atheist to convert to Islam instead of Catholic Christianity?

That's a beautiful passage.

Why do you think Christianity is dying? Why are there a lot of people converted to Islam?

Father created heavens and earths, then offspring son sent prophets and revealed scriptures, then took human flesh form, crucified and died again for people’s sins, coming again for salvation; these all inconsistencies just don’t make any sense.Christians priests are paying a lot of money to convert people all around but falsehood won’t stay around for very long. Truth eventually comes out.And say, "Truth has come, and falsehood has departed. Indeed is falsehood, [by nature], ever bound to depart." (The Holy Qur’an 17:81)Prophet Jesus (PBUH) honestly prayed for his people (now Christians) and by the grace of Almighty Allah his prayers won’t go unanswered. All wise Christians those who think deeply will become Muslims one day.But when Jesus felt [persistence in] disbelief from them, he said, "Who are my supporters for [the cause of] Allah ?" The disciples said," We are supporters for Allah . We have believed in Allah and testify that we are Muslims. (The Holy Qur’an 3:52)

Have you considered converting to Islam? Why?

I always believed in God and did all I could to get closer to Him. I was going to church, in pilgrimages, even considered becoming a nun, as crazy as it sounds ...even a bible scholar but something felt wrong, there was something very important that was missing. All that being said, I could never agree with many concepts Christianity supports.I spent nights and nights praying and crying for help. Even my dreams were about what was concerning me during the day. No day passed without me asking God for guidance. I did read all the books on Christianity that I could put my hand on , spend a lot of time following around all the priests I found, I spoke even to monks and did all I could to understand , but my heart never accepted it. I had the best intentions in the world for any religion that came to me, but the one and only that stuck in my heart was Islam.The thought that God has a religion and I might not be following the right one was killing me inside. All I wanted was to not disappoint my Lord. I felt as if He wanted me to find Him. What is the point of this life without worshiping the one and only God ?After reading al-Fatiha for the first time, I felt this incredible wave of love surrounding me and all the weight from my shoulders was lifted off . This inexplicable emotion hit me and I started crying uncontrollably. But it was… A cry of happiness, of ease.Do you know that feeling when you are in love but your lover is away ? And you feel incomplete ? - that is exactly how embracing Islam felt for me. It felt as if I redescovered the love of my life , but this love was so much more powerful than any kind of feelings anyone could develop for another human being. This love was greater than my existence and anything else around me. - I just knew. This is the love of God. Infinite, incomparable, overwhelming but yet so gentle.In short, my priest ended up giving me his Qur’an, I found a group of amazing people who assisted me while reciting the shahada , taught me, guided me and supported me throughout my journey , and here I am , after years, still a muslim.Many things happened over the years… I lost many people , many friends , but I gained others who will forever walk with me towards Allah. Never doubted my decision, never looked back.

I believe in Islam, and want to convert?

Assalam aley'kum!

I'm 17. have been researching Islam since I was about 14.

I've been on a journey, trying to find the right faith. I converted to Russian Orthodox Christianity about 2 years ago, after going to various Christian churches and researching Judaism.

I received a box of wonderful books from, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I have been reading Qur'an, and I find it so very beautiful! When I read the Bible and compare it to Qur'an, it doesn't compare! The Bible seems more harsh with everything, where Qur'an stresses Allah's (SWT) epectations, but then stresses his LOVE AND FORGIVENESS! It also stresses brotherhood of all people under the one and only God.

This is the most beautiful book I've ever read.

My delema is this. I was very active in my old Church. The priest and people call me when I don't go to services. But when I go, it doesn't feel right. I feel like we're worshipping a false god (Jesus, pbuh).

I believe Jesus (pbuh) was a prophet. I don't know why I didn't see it before, but it makes perfect sense.

I do truly believe that there is no god but Allah, and Mohammed (pbuh) is His messenger.

My problem is that I'm tied down to my old Church. My family also hates Islam. I actually cried at school the other day, because another student said that all Muslims should be bombed. Islam is so beautiful, and most Muslims and wonderful people.

I want to be a Muslim, but I wouldn't be able to practice Islam until I get my own home in a few years.

What should I do in the mean time? Convert in secret?

LDS Mormon Converts to Islam?

Never heard of any Mormons converting to Islam. In So. Cali. the Mormons are getting along nicely with the local Islam communities because the Mormons respect them and their history, and have sought to reach out and understand Islam, rather than many Christian groups which condemn Islam.
However, I think it would difficult for a believing Mormon to convert to Islam because of the huge differences in beliefs. Islam will not accept the Mormon belief in modern prophets because they believe Muhammad was the greatest and final prophet. Also, Muslims reject such beliefs in Jesus Christ as the son of God or the Redeemer of mankind. If a Mormon has any belief in these at all, I think it would be hard to reject them for Islam.